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Characters! Five Sidekicks that Kick Butt

Yesterday I talked about Sidekicks or supporting characters and now today I'm going to share my top five favorite supporting characters. So, here they are: Dex from Keeper of the Lost Cities: Dex is a great supporting character. He's there for Sophie from the very beginning (besides Fitz) and I feel like Dex was Sophie's first real friend that made her comfortable in the elven world that she is whisked away to. He's quirky and funny and super smart. Unlike the other characters I would categorize him as a bit of a nerd/geek but a spunky nerd/geek who's loyal and kind and fun. He's always there for Sophie when she needs to talk or just needs a hug. Puck from The Sisters Grimm: The Sisters Grimm series and I go way back. I can't even remember when I started reading the series but I know that I loved and still do love it. One of the most important supporting characters that is in every book from the beginning is Puck -- king of all criminals and pra

Blog Update: TV Show Reviews (AKA Rants from a Fangirl)

Late this August I will be starting three college classes and I have a feeling that I will have a hard time keeping up with the blog while keeping up with my classes and so starting late this August I will be going back to writing once a week instead of twice. And since I am a TV addict I will be doing reviews on TV shows every week that include (but are not limited to): Arrow The Flash Dark Matter Atlantis Teen Wolf The 100 Switched at Birth Heartland Once Upon a Time (and) Scorpion I haven't decided if I'll do a review for one episode or a review for the whole season or whole series. I guess that'll be a surprise! Anyways, I hope you will join me on the next stage of this blog because I think it'll be really fun! (And of course there will be more writing posts scattered here and there whenever I can get it in). P.S. I'm hoping that Discord (my paranormal baby) will be all shiny and ready for publication around September and November so make sure

Characters! Sidekicks!

This week I'll be talking about sidekicks that come in all shapes and sizes and personalities. I think that some of the most well known sidekicks are the ones that star in Disney princess movies. There's Pascal from Tangled, Flounder from The Little Mermaid, Raja from Aladdin (and Abu) and let's not forget the latest two sidekicks to show up in a princess movie, Olaf the snowman, and Sven the reindeer. But what makes such a great sidekick? The fact that they have their own unique personality. A sidekick is supposed to be there to support the protagonist during her hardest and happiest moments and the only way for that character to stand out and be there for main character is to be different and special in her/his unique way. They also have to have their own goal and motivation because at the end of the day their the heroes of their own stories, not just a supporting character for someone else's life. What I want to get into though isn't the perfect formula for

Sick Day plus An Update on Discord!

So, if you haven't noticed I didn't do a post yesterday and the reason is because a cold is passing through my family right now. If you have more than one sibling you know what I mean. Once one gets a cold its only a matter of time before everyone gets sick. So, I am taking a sick day since I'm still trying to feel better but don't worry! There will be a post next week! I promise! And it will be about sidekicks. :b Before, I leave though I have an update for you all: I finished my first draft of Discord and am starting the revising which means that I will be trapped in the cave of revision and editing for awhile. I'll be sure to keep you all posted on how that's going. :):) Have a great weekend everyone!

Characters! My Favorite Five "Nice" Male Characters!

Yesterday, I talked about Dark, Dangerous, and Brooding Male Characters and now today I will be share my top five favorite male characters so here they are: Wolf from Scarlet: Sure Wolf may be one of those dark, dangerous, and brooding sort but when you read about him he doesn't seem like that type. He's quiet and sensitive and curious and beyond sweet to Scarlet. So, why is he such a nice guy? Because of the fact that he's one of the few male characters that are shy and don't talk much and because of how polite he can be. He's probably my ultimate favorite bookish dude and I have the biggest fictional crush on him. Keefe from Keeper of the Lost Cities: Keefe is the cool kid that everyone wants to be friends with middle school and that all the girls have crushes on. He's adorably immature and funny and cute. What makes him such a nice guy? Well the fact that he sticks by Sophie no matter what and is always there to cheer her up with a joke. He's will

Characters! The Dark, Dangerous, and Brooding Male Character

Sorry this is so late! I was at my grandparents all weekend and thought I would have time to put this up on Thursday... Guess I was wrong. So! Here it is now! This is the second weak of my A Month of Characters. You can check out my post on Characters! Independent Female Characters  from last week. This week I'm going to ramble a little bit on The Dark, Dangerous, and Brooding Male Character that is usually the love interest for the feisty heroine. Now to be honest I do fall in love the bad boy in any story... Something about them is so alluring which is probably why the female character falls for them too at some point. But that doesn't excuse the huge cliché that they've become. Sure some of the dark, dangerous, and brooding male characters can have nice traits like being sensitive or kind like Edward but they still all follow pretty much the same formula. To prove that I did my homework by checking out my library of books on my shelf and Kindle and what I came

Characters! 5 Female Characters I Love!

 Yesterday (Thursday) I talked about Independent and Strong Female Characters and now today I am going to share with you my favorite female characters that I think are awesome! Bella Swan from Twilight: I'm sure that by now everyone knows who Bella Swan is. Either from the book or the horrible movie that ruined the book. Either way the original Bella Swan is someone I relate to greatly. She's awkward, clumsy, and agonized over decisions. Like me she also has a small obsession with vampires... All of those things to me is what makes her completely awesome! Not the fact that she fell in love with a vampire but the fact that she's quirky and that she survived so much vampire drama and devastations that was thrown at her. Some people may say she's weak because she's the damsel in distress, always having Edward or Jacob save her but honestly I wouldn't mind having a few amazing looking vampires and werewolves come to my rescue.  Scarlet from Scarlet: 

Characters! Independent Female Characters

Hey! Now, I know I am such a horrible blogger... my posts are so rare these days and I am trying to fix that so here goes. Over the next few weeks I'm gonna talk about characters from the strong, independent women to the dark, dangerous, and brooding hero. I've decided to kick off Character Month by talking about Independent Female Characters since Independence Day is on Saturday. For a few years now strong and independent female characters have taken many genres by storm but I think most of them are all clustered in the Young Adult genre. To me there are two different ways to classify the strong female character. There's the cliché way and the realistic way. The cliché way is for the strong female character to not want or need anyone's help. She can fight off murderous teenagers and volunteer to go into an arena of death all the while keeping up the pretense that she's ok with all of it! A strong female character is a girl that doesn't need no man to pr