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Let the mad dash to 50,000 words begin! This is my first year doing nano so at the moment I don't have any special tips and tricks to get through the month of November but I will posting how I'm doing and my progress and all I've learned as I go through the writing month of November.    Happy writing! And Happy Halloween!


So, I know I said I would have a blog series, but I've recently become sort of busy and also I'm having some story difficulties. On the spur of the moment a few months ago I added a few chapters of my book Truest on Wattpad, but then there were a lot of stressful events going on and I promptly forgot to add anymore. To be honest, I didn't have the nerve, but today I decided to take the plunge. (Cover by my talented mom) I added chapters four and five on Wattpad for you to read! Here's a blurb of my book: Jack is in hiding. To his friends he is known as a thief and works for a crooked boss but when he meets Kari everything changes. He knows that she is the only one that can stop Shado, the man that has taken over Seasons and is destroying everything. It's up to him and Kari to save his home. Kari is a normal girl... if you consider living in a group home with a bunch of broken kids normal. She's always wondered about her parents, about magic, and about

No Post Yesterday: Pumpkin Fun Today

Hey everyone! So, next week will be about revision but I totally forgot that this weekend I was going to my grandma's so I forgot a post for yesterday. But, I want to share the awesome time we had at the pumpkin farm. It was a real blast. :)  There was a pumpkin Noah's Ark.  And a beautiful Children's Garden.  Plus Peacocks!  Overall, it was a great day spent with great people. :) Can't wait to get my revision post up next week!  Have a great weekend everyone!