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July Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! So I wanted to do a wrap-up and I hope it'll become a monthly thing. July has been busy and surprising and sort of stressful, but there have also been some really great parts. Also, I think the cover for Of Magic and Mayhem will be finished by tonight or tomorrow night so get ready for an awesome cover reveal some time this week! July Writing: First of all, July felt like the longest month ever! It just went on and on. At the beginning of July, I did sign up for Camp Nanowrimo and I think I stayed on track for about a week or two before another project caught my eye and I just sort of... stopped updating my Camp Nano page. I have no idea why but this always happens to me! During November I can always stick to Nanowrimo. I always stay updated and keep my progress going but Camp Nano? Maybe I'm just way busier in July most years then I am in November. But, even though I didn't participate in Camp Nano, I did get a lot of writing down. Mostly sporadic and amo

Female Characters in Books and TV Shows

Hi everyone!! It's been a little while but I finally finished this blog post and I hope you guys like it!! During Comic Con weekend that was last week, I was seriously peeved about two things. Supergirl, and the new female Doctor Who and it got me thinking about female/male characters in not only books but in TV shows (and movies). So here is my rant about Supergirl and female characters and Doctor Who that may or may not be messy and impossible to understand and without a real main point where also praise the Wonder Woman movie just a little too much ;) I Hope you like it! I can understand there being a lot of female protagonists in YA/MG books. From my standpoint there are a lot more female writers then there are male. Or if I'm wrong then the ratio is at least equal. As a girl myself I've written a few male POV's, but to be honest I prefer to write from a female's POV because I know how a girl thinks because I am a girl. I think a lot of other writers are t

Life Update and the Art of Revising

Hi! So my Spanish class is almost done. I only have a few days left and I finally have time to think about the blog and write something for it so here goes. I've decided to be more spontaneous when posting blog posts. I've decided to post what I write the day I write it though I'm still going to keep Friday in Review cuz I really love having a day of the week just for my geekiness about TV shows and movies and books. The last few weeks, all of July pretty much, has been pretty busy and crazy. We had family over for a day and then we went out of town for a weekend to visit family and then this Spanish class has been swamping me and amongst all of that the air quality and weather around where I live has been pretty awful. The heat is stifling and the air has really gotten to me and the asthmatics in my family and is just making me feel not great all the time. So with all of that stress and non-stop go, go, go and the weather my brain has been drowning in too many things t

Friday in Review: What TVD Taught Me About Writing Romance

So, I was super active in May and a little in June but I've kind of disappeared throughout the rest of June and now mostly through July. Life's just been busy. This Spanish class is taking up a lot of time and when I'm not working on Spanish then I'm working on writing and doing other things like going out and hanging out with people and church and all that but I felt the strong urge to do a post today so here goes. I'm not feeling in a very rant-y mood, but there was one realization that I have come to this week that I've thought about writing about. I've been rewatching The Vampire Diaries because I miss it so much and now I can watch the entire series from beginning to end without interruption which is awesome but also sad cuz there's no more new TVD! And I realized something that can be applied to pretty much any writer's project. (SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!!! DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILER

Short Story: The Wolf's Blessing

So this week has been super busy. Fourth of July was great! I had an awesome time with friends and family. I've been working super hard to get all my Spanish done for the week because we're going out of town for a long weekend tomorrow. But I've been looking through some of my old short stories and remembered this one that I wrote last year. I think I wrote it around Halloween and I decided to revise it and fix it up and put it on here just to share it and see what people think. I hope you enjoy it! *** Quincy gasped, his breath coming out in short puffs of smoke. He clutched the strap of his backpack and glanced over his shoulder. Police sirens rang in the distance. If he didn’t find a way off this street, they would catch him. He glanced around wildly and his eyes landed on an old graveyard. That would do. Run through there, hop the fence and hopefully it would lead to a different street… far enough away so the cops wouldn’t find him. Good enough. Grinning, he

Blogger Break and Update

Hey everyone! So I told myself that even though my own class started I would still be consistent on this blog. And then class started and the blog and writing and everything got sidelined. Let's just say I am not gifted in the area of learning new languages. At all. So this Spanish class is kind of killer. June slipped away from me but I am going to try my hardest to post at least once a week on this thing, maybe twice if I try really hard. But I have a lot of Of Magic and Mayhem stuff to do and revising Project Khione and really, really wanting to get back into Golden and revise that cuz I love my Renee and Jax and Zayde so much. This post is going to be pretty small but here's a quick update to start off July. Writing-wise I finished Golden about a month ago and can't stop thinking about it. My fingers are itching to write the sequel. I also narrowed down the short stories I'm putting into Of Magic and Mayhem, have been revising and editing those things to death.