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Title and Synopsis Reveal!

So, I've been working on a short story collection for a few months now and I almost done! I'm just polishing them up, reading through them a few more times and formatting it. The cover is also in the works and a release date is coming soon! The collection is called Of Magic and Mayhem and here's the synopsis! I hope you guys love it! Of Magic and Mayhem is a collection of nine short stories. These stories have everything from vampires, to magic, to goblins, to ghosts. All of them tales of magic and love and danger and even a little darkness. This collection will take you from the colorful, vibrant world of Avalon in Magic and Mayhem to a contemporary city where magic and mythic creature are the norm in Infinity, The Invisible Thief , and Knox . You get to know the undying love of two brothers in Of Moonlight and Tombstones , learn that sometimes love can be dangerous in the Pool of the Lost , and that love isn't always peaceful in Peace at Last . The Rain Boy

Friday in Review: Finishing a First Draft (Golden!)

GUYS! I just finished the first draft of Golden and it feels amazing!!  I know this isn't normally what I talk about on Friday's but honestly I didn't have a post planned and I'm feeling not so great today so this post will be short and sweet. The first draft of Golden has been finished at 73,005 words and 249 pages and like twenty-five chapters give or take (yeah the chapters in this book are excruciatingly long... revising is going to be hard...). I've never felt this passionate or excited about something I've written before... like ever. Weapon Icean was definitely exciting and fun to write but I didn't connect with Delphi nearly as much as I have with Renee and my smaller cast of individuals in Golden. I started writing Golden when my anxiety was starting to come back and was right in the middle of writing it when my anxiety got really bad for the first time in a while. Renee really took the brunt of that anxiety. I talked about that last week so I

What to do When You've Fallen Out of Love With Your Story

Sooo I have quite a lot of experience with this topic. I've fallen out of love with my stories more than I've fallen in love with them (I've come to view it as just part of my writing process). But I've realized that there are other writers who go through the same thing. You're on a roll, the story is fantastic, you think wow... I am such a genius, how did I even come up with this?? You love your characters and resonate with them and it's all going fine and good and then it hits you so hard and sudden that you it leaves you reeling. Suddenly you sit down at the keyboard and you realize you're forcing yourself to write something you don't want to write. The story has turned sort of meh and blah and stale. It doesn't bring joy when you sit and write, it doesn't spark your imagination or feed your passion. The characters feel cardboard and the plot feels like its sinking fast into the muddy middle. (For me beginnings are my favorites and so I get th

Friday in Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

I've been meaning to write a review on Guardians Vol. 2 since I saw it and I really don't have any other ideas (except for a review of 12 Monkeys but I think that can wait until next week). So just to be clear there will be SPOILERS AHEAD so if you haven't seen the movie and don't like SPOILERS then please don't read ahead. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First of all, I have to say BABY GROOT! Most adorable thing ever! And I know everyone says that but that's because it's so true. He was adorable and perfect and I loved it! I especially loved how the team acted with him. He's just so adorable! (Even when he's mad!)   Like they all just took turns babying him and I think he had a special connection to Gamora because before she left with Ego and Drax and Peter he looked all sad and she was like don't worry I'll be back in a few days. It was honestly adorable. And then near the end t