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October Monthly Wrap Up

Happy Halloween everyone! We're having a soggy, cloudy, cold Halloween this year... It's supposed to snow later today! 😱 It'll last maybe through night because tomorrow is supposed to be sunny so any snow we get will melt away. But still... that's just a little too early to even be mentioning snow. I'm honestly kind of sad October's gone by so quickly... Once November hits, it feels like we're way too close to Christmas and then the end of the year which I'm not sure I'm ready for. I'm excited for Thanksgiving and for Christmas of course but also.. I don't want November to go by as quickly as October has. I want to slow down and not worry so much and just enjoy the Fall weather before it gives way to snowy coldness. Anywho, onto the monthly wrap up! October Writing: October has been a pretty good writing month. I sort of felt lacking in the writing-department near the end, but then I remembered I can start working on St. Croix Falls 3

Sterling Silver is Out Now!

Hello everyone!! Sterling Silver is officially live on Amazon now!! I can't believe this book is out... it's the best feeling ever. Honestly, I was pretty nervous and anxious about this one just because it means so much to me and I've been working on it for so long. I want it to be perfect... and I hope it is. I hope people enjoy it and love Tabitha and her story as much as I do. This book went from first draft, to a bit of a messy story on Wattpad to being all cleaned up and polished and published. It's an amazing feeling. :) If you're interested here's the cover and blurb again along with a link to where you can find it. At the moment, Sterling Silver is only on there as an ebook and on Kindle Unlimited. The paperback cover is still being finished and hopefully will be up soon. :) Tabitha Sterling has always wanted nothing more than to fill her late father's role as the next vampire hunter to represent her family in the Moirai, a secret organization

Sterling Silver Cover Reveal!

Happy Saturday everyone!! So! The cover for Sterling Silver is finished and ready to share with everyone! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * There it is! Isn't it amazing?? I love it so much! 😍 Tabitha looks amazing on the cover and it just captures the whole vibe of the story so perfectly.  Here's the blurb:  Tabitha Sterling has always wanted nothing more than to fill her late father's role as the next vampire hunter to represent her family in the Moirai, a secret organization of vampire hunters. She lives for the hunt and the kill and is determined to be ready for when she turns eighteen and goes through the trials to prove she's worthy of being a part of the Moirai. Tabitha has always thought she's had it all figured out. She's the fastest and strongest hunter around. She doesn't need help from anyone. That is, until she meets Sebastian. During a regular night of hunting, Tabitha bumps into a tall, dark a

Mid-Month Check In

Hi everyone! *dusts cobwebs off the blog* Wow... I've been ridiculously inactive on here and I feel really bad about it... Class work, life stuff and writing has taken up all my spare time. Since I haven't been on here in so long I thought I'd do a mid-month check in and just an update type of thing to share what I've been up to lately. First of all, I am loving the weather! October is my second favorite month of the year (second only to March which is my birthday month). I love the cool weather, the warm drinks, getting to wear jeans and jackets and seeing the beautiful colorful leaves and of course, Halloween. We've been going out to parks and just enjoying the sunny, beautiful weather. Most of all though, my writing schedule has gotten kind of crazy (in a good way). I've been super busy planning out books, writing and editing and revising pretty much nonstop in all my spare time. Wayward was an amazing launch and it's been super encouraging and motiv