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A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd

 A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd Hey there! Here's the synopsis for A Snicker of Magic (I adore that name by the way):  O When twelve year old Felicity Pickle with her little sister and mother land themselves in Midnight Gulch Felicity knows there used to be magic there. It used to be a place where people could sing up thunderstorms and dance up sunflowers. She knows all about that kind of magic. After all Felicity can see words where other people can't and her mother is cursed with a wandering heart. When she get there though and meets "the beedle" a mysterious do-gooder she thinks that her luck has changed. Midnight Gulch is the first place that she can see the word home and the more and more they stay the more and more Felicity realizes that they can't leave. Her life and the town is unraveling for better or for worse and Felicity is right in the middle of it all.   Now the cover is fantastic and the name is amazing. I love it. But those aren'

My Posts

Hey! I am so sorry that I haven't been on schedule and that this post is all whacky. But I promise that there will be a review on A Snicker Magic by later today. :):) And if you're looking for some awesome writing help while your waiting check out the Go Teen Writers blog. :)

My Reading List

Sorry that I haven't been posting. It's been a busy few weeks. And I know it's not Tuesday but I wanted to get something out here this week so here are the books that I plan to read when they come out or when I have time: Atlantia by Ally Condie  It comes out October 28, 2014 The Young Elites  by Marie Lu  This one comes out October 7, 2014  The Inquisitor's Mark  by Dianne K. Salerni  It comes out January 27, 2015. This is actually a sequel to The Eighth Day which was a great book too. Summer's Winter  by Robin John Grant This book is already out so I'm gonna have to find it at the library.  Snow Like Ashes  by Sara Raasch  Comes out October 14, 2014.  The Blood of Olympus  by Rick Riordan  I am eagerly awaiting this one. Mark your calendars for October 7, 2014. The Revenge of Seven  by Pittacus Lore  I just found out it comes out August 26, 2014. I am very excited for it. :)  And last but certainly not least:  E