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Genres: High Fantasy

 First of all I am so sorry that this is late! Now when I wake up I instantly go to work and then I just completely forget about posts and I really need to work on that, so again sorry that this is late on the blog. :) For the next few weeks I'll be doing posts on different genres and I've decided to start with high fantasy because I wrote a trilogy that I would consider a little high fantasy. High Fantasy books: The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling The Narnia Chronicles by C.S. Lewis The Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkien  Eragon by Christopher Paulini Those four are the most widely known fantasy series. Now writing for writing high fantasy there are usually some different things that you need to do then if you were writing, say, YA romance. There may be magic and if there is it would be a good idea to make some rules for that magic. For Harry Potter having a wand helps channel his magic and in that series they use spell words to use magic. What c

Project Inspired and Galations 6:15

This week I found a new great Christian blog for Christian girls and guys. It's founded by the former model Nicole Weider and her website has so much great advice for Christian teen. She even has a page for modest fashion and forums where you can talk to other Christian girls. If you sign up to her website you can do live chats with her and others as well which I think is pretty awesome though I haven't tried any of the chatting... yet. Anyways I hope you check out her website because it is really great and helpful and encouraging. Project Inspired Website We are not told to walk in the flesh, to be like the world or like others. As said in this verse we are to walk in the spirit and to be like Jesus Christ who was not of this world. If we follow the flesh, our own sinful desires and a heart then we will stray. There is a great Anthem Lights song called Follow Your Heart that talks about not following your heart but His heart. It really made me think and realize that all

5 Tips for College Student Writers

Hey! I just started two college classes last week and even though I know that most people do like four a semester I'm tired just with two! It feels like the work never ends and that I don't have a limitless amount of time to write and that can be overwhelming. So, I have decided to share some things that I have learned about getting writing done in the past week today.  1. Time Management: This one is huge! Last week I had a mental breakdown because I felt like I had so much work and I hadn't written anything during the morning which is when I get my creative fix that allows me to stay sane for the rest of the day. Anyways I learned that this week and the rest of the semester I'm going to be managing my time and that includes time to write. I need that time. You can't tell an author to stop writing and focus on school. That would drive me nuts! So, this week I have a better plan of doing work but also getting plenty of writing time. 2. Be Flexible: Now this ca

Attributes of a Proverb 31 Woman

The Proverbs 31 Woman has been on my mind a lot lately mostly because I've had a lot of conversations about those verses and many others. I was talking to a friend of mine and I said something like women are the warriors of the home and I think that's a great way of saying it honestly. God's provided a special place for women in the house. Us girls are to be the nurturers, comforters. We should lift up our husbands and help them in anyway we can and to raise our children to be mighty and godly. Anyways here are 10 virtues of a Proverbs 31 Woman. She is the ideal woman and I believe that every girl should strive to be more like her. Of course we all have our flaws but we should still try. 1. Faith: We girls should serve God with all our heart, mind, and soul. Faith is more than serving though. We should have fTo serve him with joy and gladness in our hearts. But that can be very hard. When your mom says go clean your room or can you help me with this, this, and this

That was Love: A sort of Flash Fiction

  This is something that I just randomly came up with.   They were two different people. Polar opposites. But everyone's different. The thing is some people are just too opposite. And others are the right kind of opposite. The kind that could attract two totally different people and bring them together. Like having a blue puzzle piece and a black one that fit together just right. To everyone around them they didn't fit. But to them? They were complete in each other. That was love.   Have a great weekend and sorry this is so late!

Fill Your Pages

  Sorry this post is late! I've been busy starting to college!  This weekend fill your pages with the breathings of your heart. That and great plot!  I know that I haven't posted a whole lot on plot but I will try to get some better posts going.  Anyways, this quote is so beautiful and so true. Especially for romance novels. Words come from your mind but the emotions, thoughts, and actions of your characters come from your heart.  What do you think of this quote? 

Proverbs 3:6

This verse has really spoken to me today. Just seek God's wisdom and will and He will guide you. Sometimes it doesn't feel like He's there or that He is even guiding you but that's not true. He is always there and He has had a plan for you since before you were even born. God knows what He wants for you. He wants happiness and a happily ever after. There will always be hard times but as long as you seek Him always and ask for His guidance and counsel He will always answer you and give you those things.  Listen for Him and He will lead you down the right path.  Seek God's will and have a great week!  

Flash Fiction Friday: Vacation from the Vacation

Here's my Flash Fiction Friday: Vacation from the Vacation: "Tanya get back here!" mother shouted after her. Tanya scowled and whipped around, towel under one arm, bag of magazines and books in the other. "What?" Mother folded her arms, lips forming a disapproving line. "Tanya I do not like that tone of voice. Where do you think you're going?" Tanya hefted a long sigh. Mother had no idea. This vacation was ruined and Tanya needed a break from the none stop problems. "I need some alone time. I'm just gonna be down the beach mom." Mom glanced at the beach behind their vacation home and finally nodded. "Fine, but be back by dinner time. And don't worry. We'll have everything fixed by the time you get back." Tanya forced a smile. She seriously doubted that but she still had to pretend that she was enjoying herself. "Ok, mom. See you then." Mom nodded and Tanya turned and walked away, back toward the beac

Plot is...

    I thought this would be a good quote to go with this post. So, about the lack of a post yesterday I was so tired and have been having a hard time getting to sleep at night.  Plus next week I'll be starting two college classes which isn't that much but its still enough that I'm going to be super busy. Along with helping out a friend and critiquing her work, doing my own writing and revising I'm going to have a lot on my plate. So I've decided to do posts on Monday's, Thursday's, and Friday's. Book reviews will still be on Tuesday's though so I'll make sure to add on Monday's posts if there will be a book review on Tuesday.  Does that sound to complicated? I hope not. Anyways let's get on with this post already. I've decided to talk about writing a sequel because at the moment I am revising the sequel to my first book and it has its own pros and cons.  By the second book the first book-hopefully-would have set up the stor