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Happy Halloween! (And October Monthly Wrap-Up)

Happy Halloween!!! I love Halloween! I love dressing up and candy and it's especially fun having little brothers still who go trick or treating and dress up as Stitch and Darth Vador. Having little brothers makes every holiday more fun. So, October has been a busy month and I posted like... three times. Which is pretty awful of me and I feel bad, mostly because I really wanted to keep at it with this blog. But life happens and things go undone and get pushed back to the bottom of the To Do list. But here's my October in review and hopefully it'll give you a glimpse of what I've been up to. October Writing : At the beginning of October I finished the first draft of Silver! The sequel to Golden. It was harder than Golden and took longer, but I had the best time writing it and there's still so much to do with it. Not to mention the third book, a short story/novella and maybe... another one? I'm going to have a really hard time letting go of Renee and her frie

Five Must Haves for a Nanowrimo Pantster

So, this is kind of a cheat post (again). I'm going easy on myself, but I really wanted to post something since I've barely posted all October. It's been... quite a busy month. Lots of work and classwork and going places and all that. I haven't been sick in almost five-six weeks and I think that's a record. But I have caught another cold. I joke about jinxing myself, but I am seriously reconsidering shouting to the world that I haven't been sick for five weeks because a few days ago I was telling my aunt that and she said don't jinx yourself! Well guess what? The next day I got a cold. It's not a ridiculously horrible one, but it's still not fun... Before I get into the post I just wanted to say, I finished Silver!! After two months, I finally finished the sequel to Golden and I am not only so proud of myself for sticking with it and loving it the whole time, but also super excited to dive back in and get revising. But I'm going to wait till af

Friday in Review: A Goodbye to Teen Wolf

Ahh Teen Wolf... it's been a wild ride. This hurts me almost as much when TVD ended because just like TVD, Teen Wolf, Scott and Stiles, helped me through a pretty not great time in my life. I was suffering from severe anxiety and depression when I started Teen Wolf. TVD gave me hope and a world to escape from. It gave me Stefan and Elena and Damon, three people who have been through hell and back and gave me hope and a release. But Teen Wolf gave me more than TVD ever could. Their theme sequence puts a smile on my face every time! The writers crafted characters that were so human. Living in a house with two asthmatics I warmed up and related to Scott when he pulled out that inhaler as he ran through the woods, saying how it wasn't a good idea to drag a severe asthmatic out into the woods for a run. I could be completely wrong and this is just my own personal interpretation, but I feel like, as the show went on they dealt with a lot abstract mental illnesses, not unlike Le

September Monthly Wrap-Up

Hey! So it's finally October! I am so happy... even though its sort of still warm out. This whole week is going to be in the 70's and 80's but next week it's supposed to go back to the 60's and hopefully, stay that way. I can't wait for it to stay cold and for all the leaves to fall and for Fall to really come. I'm also so excited for Halloween! Anyways, so September has felt sort of busy. There's been quite a few things that's happened that has made September memorable. September Writing : I am still writing Silver. I think the reason this book is taking so long is because classes and work have really slowed me down. That or I'm tired and my brain is too tired to write. Also, I've gone down several different plot rabbit holes with this book. I've written more than a few chapters that I've cut and redone because the plot just wasn't working. Now I think that since I'm finally past the hard part, the big mid-point scene whe