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Heart of Xion Release Day!

 Happy Tuesday everyone!  Heart of Xion releases today! I'm so excited to finally get to share this book with the world!  This release has been a bit more lowkey than my others. I've been so busy the past few months that I feel like I haven't poured into sharing about Heart of Xion and spreading the word about it as much as I should have. But, nonetheless, its out now! Like Desert Flower, this book means a lot to me. I channeled a lot of my own experiences into it. I wanted a book that talked about broken friendship, unrequited love and the fact that your first love/crush doesn't always end up being "the one." We don't see that enough in stories. We see friends to lovers and couples falling head over heels for each other, even in a slow burn there's always that undertone that that person is "the one." There's not enough stories about heartbreak and getting over someone you were deeply invested in. I wanted a story that reminded me that th
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Intro to My WIPs

 Happy Wednesday!  Wow look at that, an actual blog post that isn't a monthly wrap up! It's a miracle haha I know I keep saying this, but I really do hope to get more regular on posting on here even if its only twice a month instead of just once a month. Its just been such a struggle to find words to write on here, hence the reason I'm starting out easy with a writing update!  I've been working on a lot of different projects this year. I've had a hand in a little bit of everything and thought it would be fun (and helpful) to do an intro and share a little about each of them on here along with my plans for them in the future.  The Archive Series Books 3-5:  Book 3: Scarlet Phoenix  Book 4: Black Rose  Book 5: Indigo Star  Scarlet Phoenix Aesthetic Scarlet Phoenix has gone to my alpha reader and has gone through all the edits and has been mostly polished and is pretty much ready to be published. I'll probably go over it one more time, and of course, there's fo

July Wrap Up

 Happy Wednesday!  Another month has gone by without putting up weekly posts. I guess my inspiration will come back when its ready. For now, though, I don't know who cares to read another monthly wrap up, but here's how my July went!  July Writing: Writing has been a bit of a bummer this month. I think I've written myself out over the past few months. My word bank is depleted, so I've been taking a break from drafting to focus on edits instead. I edited drafts of IWWP and Immortal Circus earlier this month and am now wholly focusing on The Archive Series. I'm doing polishing and minor edits on both Scarlet Phoenix and Black Rose and once I'm done with those, I'll be jumping into the fifth and final book in the series: Indigo Star.  Other than that, I tried getting some words into two different projects this month and it was just such a struggle I decided to not force it. Both projects are too important to me to not put forth my best effort and skimp on word

June Monthly Wrap Up!

 Happy Wednesday!  How did your June go? Did you do anything fun this past month?  We are finishing out June by moving into our new house and my final class started on Monday too. Its felt a little hectic and busy, but it'll be so nice once we're all moved in. More on that later in the post. For now, here's a writing update!  June Writing: I got quite a bit done this month. Since I knew July was going to be busy I wanted to knock out as much as I could. I finished editing and formatting Heart of Xion (it's all ready to be published)! I then buckled down and worked on the rest of the Archive Series. Scarlet Phoenix is now with an alpha reader and when I went to look over Black Rose and Indigo Star, I realized how much I loved those two books. Emerald Phantom and Scarlet Phoenix were rough ones to get through, but reading Black Rose and Indigo Star reminded me of why I love the Archive series so much and how important it is and the characters are to me. I only had to do s

Kicking Off Summer

 Happy Wednesday!  So, I wrote this at the beginning of June and forgot to post it, so here are some random thoughts on having fun haha  I've realized in the past few months that I'm not very good at having casual fun. I'm not very good at casual in general. Everything about me tends to be drawn to the intense. I'm all in or all nothing. The dial has to be cranked to ten or it'll be at zero. There is no in-between. It's been like that for years. All my best friendships I've had since I was a kid have been intense, especially one in particular that I had throughout my teen years. It was always deep conversations and meaningful questions, the dial cranked up to the max all the time.  And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Some people crave intensity, while others love the casual. Neither of those things are bad. They're preferences and that's fine. I feel the fullest and the most satisfied when I get to hang out with a friend who I can have deep,

Heart of Xion Cover Reveal!

 Happy Thursday!  Today is the cover reveal for Heart of Xion! Heart of Xion is the clean NA fantasy (a little upper YA too) standalone set in the Triadic Kingdoms that will be coming out August 9! This cover was one of the hardest ones my mom and I have ever done. It took a while and lots of experimenting with different ideas to find the right concept that fit the vibe of the story. I am so happy with how it turned out!  Here it is!!  Isn't it so amazing?? My mom blows me away every time with how amazing each cover she does is. They're all truly works of art and I just love it so much! I can't wait to get to hold it in my hands!  About Heart of Xion:  The plan is simple: marry the king, kill him on their wedding night, and take back the kingdom that was stolen from her family years ago. Laurel Aurelius won’t let herself be hurt again. After the pain of a ruined friendship and crushed unrequited love, Laurel is determined to have a heart of steel as she agrees to marry King

June Thoughts

 Happy Wednesday and happy June first!  I'm writing an actual post for the first time in months! If you've been following this blog at all (first of all, thank you! I appreciate you and your dedication!) then you know that I've hit a bit of a dry spell recently. My depression has been pretty bad these past few months and while I've been flourishing at my creative writing, my blog writing hit a dead end. I know what it is. My words on here felt meaningless and pointless. I think that's the depression talking, convincing me that there's no point in me being on here even though for the past few years I've loved writing on this blog even back when only one or two people read it. In 2020 I started writing more about faith stuff on here, which was great and I hope I touched people through those posts, but over the past few months (even in 2021) I've been struggling with my faith a little. I'm in a better place now, but it was shaken at the end of 2020 and