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November Wrap Up

 Happy Wednesday and early Thanksgiving!  I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving tomorrow! We're heading to my grandparents' today and plan to celebrate together tomorrow. We usually drive up there on Thanksgiving so we always miss the parade, so I'm glad we'll be able to watch it tomorrow morning and not miss any of it. I can't quite believe we're so close to December. We're so close to this year being over. It feels surreal. This whole year has felt surreal to me honestly. Where I was last November and where I am now has struck me a lot lately. I've stopped several times over the past few weeks and had a moment of... is this really where I am? Is this my life now? In a good way haha I have so much to be thankful for and I'm so happy with where I am right now.  November Writing:   I won Nanowrimo this year and it went ten times better than last year. Maybe 2020 really was just cursed cus last year's Nanowrimo was not fun and did not go well for
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Meet Desert Flower

 Happy Wednesday!  It's been almost a month since I wrote this book and I still can't stop thinking about it and wanting to share about it so here we go! Project Xion has gotten a lot of interest and hype, but before I can publish that one... Desert Flower has to come first, so I thought I'd share a little more about it.  Title: Desert Flower  Genre: YA Fantasy  Rough Blurb: After her coming of age ceremony, Rayla believes she is cursed by the gods and runs away from her small village where she will never be able to fit in. She stumbles across desert pirates and hides out with them as she tries to accept the truth of what was told to her during her ceremony.  Length: 71,652  Days to Complete: 20 days  Favorite Songs on the Playlist: Welcome to Wherever You are by Bon Jovi, Runaway by AURORA, Trying My Best by Anson Seabra, I'm Not Okay by Citizen Soldier, Road Less Traveled by Lauren Alaina, Journey (Ready to Fly) by Natasha Blume, Gotta Be a Reason by Alec Benjami

Nanowrimo WIP Announcement: Project Xion

Happy Wednesday!  I was planning to post this last week, but it didn't happen, so here it is this week! I hope Nanowrimo is going well for everyone participating this year! :b I woke up November first and was genuinely happy and excited for this month, which I honestly haven't felt in a while and part of that comes from knowing that Nanowrimo is this month.   Anyways! Onto my WIP! Here's an intro to Project Xion!  Title: Undecided. At the moment, I'm calling it Project Xion (pronounced z-iy-on) Genre: YA Fantasy  Rough Blurb: Kadin, king of South Xion must marry the daughter of the insurgent who killed his parents and tried to take over his kingdom when he was a child in order to unite the jungle and save it from decaying and completely falling apart.  Laurel's father, the man who killed the king and queen of South Xion has tasked her with marrying King Kadin and using an ancient djinn powered weapon to kill him and take over the kingdom that was rightfully theirs.

October Monthly Wrap Up

 Happy Wednesday!  I can't believe October is almost over! This month feels like it flew by, though I am excited for Halloween to be coming up so quickly. I'm so excited for the pirate costume I made! Honestly though, I wish October hadn't gone by so fast and I could have enjoyed it a little more.  October Writing:  So, something surprising came up. I ended up writing the first draft of a new book this month! :o The idea came to me at the very end of September and I started writing it September 30th. I had originally planned for it to be a novella but then I wrote... and kept writing and didn't stop writing until I hit 67,000 words and typed out The End on my first ever standalone. This book came out of nowhere. I had planned to give myself a drafting break in October since Nanowrimo is coming up. I wanted to recharge my creative batteries to be ready and yet here I am, having written an entire first draft of a new book right before Nanowrimo. Right now, I don't rea

Emerald Phantom Cover Reveal

 Happy Friday!  Today is the Emerald Phantom cover reveal!! This cover was so hard to put together, but in the end it was worth all the wait and stress because it turned out gorgeously! If you don't know, Emerald Phantom is book two in my five book Archive Series and is the sequel to Golden Touch. It will be out January 6, 2022 and is up for pre-order now. :b  And now without further ado, here is the gorgeous cover!!  * * * * * * * * * * Isn't it so amazing?? It matches the Golden Touch cover so perfectly while also being it's own thing. What I love most about this cover is all the details. The little hands in the emerald (that you will understand if you read it haha), the Aztec type triangles in the corners and then the tiny little triangles behind the emerald. It just is so incredible and I can't wait to hold it in my hands and put it side by side with Golden Touch!  Here's the blurb (be warned that it does have spoilers for book one in it!):  Two weeks after her

Old Testament Reflections

 Happy Wednesday!  Last Saturday I finished reading through the entire Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi! It took me a long to do, almost two years I think, but I have officially reached the New Testament. In my 21 years of life, I had never read the entire Bible all the way through and in the summer of 2019 I was inspired by Nate Buzz and all of his posts on his Instagram about the importance of being in the Word to try and read the whole Bible. I didn't want to put a time constraint on myself, like having to read the Bible in a year. I wanted to take my time and go slow. I realized during my reading of the Old Testament that I have my whole life to know Jesus and the Word better. As a follower of Christ, my main pursuit in life is and should be to become more like Jesus and know Him better every day. That gave me comfort as I took the reading of the Bible slowly knowing that God willing I would have my whole life to dig deeper into the Word. Reading from front to back cover i

Intentionality and October

Happy Wednesday! I was honestly going to skip this week because I didn't really have anything to say... I go through these ups and downs with this blog. These high seasons where the well is full and low seasons where there's a drought and I feel like I have nothing to say. But that's not true. Even when we're in a slow season, there are still words to be written even if they seem inconsequential or not enough for a whole blog post. Really, I just didn't want to miss a week. It bothers me when I don't put a blog post up every week even if I have good reason for it haha October is here and I couldn't be happier. The weather didn't really get the memo, though. The last few days have been in the high seventies and creeping up toward the eighties sneakily as if it doesn't think anyone will notice. Well, I have. I have noticed and I am not amused. Warm Falls always annoy me. By September I'm done wearing shorts and t-shirts and flip flops. I'm done