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Moves and Changes

Happy Wednesday! Last August was kind of a big month for me. We moved into a new house and I took a different direction with this blog. This week marks a year since I started posting more consistently and writing faith-based stuff on here. On the first Wednesday of last August I wrote a whole post about starting something new . It felt fitting considering I felt like I was starting a new season and since then, God has used this blog in different ways to encourage others and to encourage me as well. This feels kind of like a milestone, so I wanted to take a minute to think back to last August.  Last Summer we spent a lot of time looking for a new house in the same area we’ve been in for the past ten years and since I didn’t have to do any of the technical stuff, it was actually a lot of fun. I remember getting to go see fancy model homes and drive by already built homes, imagining what life would be like in each of them. Would this be our new home? Would this be our new neighborhood?
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July Monthly Wrap Up

 Happy Wednesday!  How did your July go? I feel like this was the longest month of the year. It just seemed to drag on for me, which I am Ok with cus I feel like Summer is already flying by as is. It's crazy to think about where I was and where a lot of us were last July compared to this July. I was talking to a friend about last year and we were talking about how we had conversations last year where we were like I don't know if this will ever end. Will things ever get better again? By July last year we were pretty discouraged and it felt like there was no end in sight. And now here we are. Things have gotten better. There's still a lot of issues and stuff, things to be concerned about, but I feel like life has gotten back to semi-normal. It's just... nice. It's nice to reflect back and see where I was last year and see where I am now and see how far I've come in a lot of different ways.  Writing:   This month has been a rough writing month. I started out the mo

On Burn Out and Rest

 Happy Wednesday!  I think I've talked about burn out and writer's block before... probably because I experience periods of them quite a bit haha But here I am, talking about them yet again with some (hopefully) new and helpful tips on how to get through them both!  I've been having a bit of writer's block lately. Ok... a lot of writer's block. It's been a bit of a rough writing patch all the way around and I think I've been feeling a little burnt out. I started to put a lot of pressure and expectations on my writing and forcing myself to write even when I'm tired and drained. I realized on Monday while writing with a friend that writing has started to feel like a waste of time. It's a joyless kind of writing that feels like a chore. And if you're a writer, you know how awful that feels because writing is something that we do out of love and passion and it brings us so much joy and fulfilment. I honestly haven't felt that (for any extended pe

Golden Touch Release

 Happy Thursday everyone!  Today is the release day for Golden Touch!!  I wrote this book in December 2019. This book has a huge part of my heart and encapsulates the many things I was feeling before and during 2019 in so many ways. It feels really vulnerable to say this, but part of the reason - a big part of the reason - that this book holds a piece of my heart is because I wrote it with my best friend of nine years in mind. I see him in Amaya a lot. He was selfless and kind and compassionate and sweet. Amaya is a little bit of me, but she's mostly a whole lot of him. Her friendship and relationship with Darren was inspired by my friendship with him and some of the things I felt when I was with him. Let's just say... I channeled a whole lot feelings into Amaya, Darren and their friendship/relationship that I was experiencing during that time. Whenever I think of Amaya, I think of him and I don't think I'll ever be able to read that book and not think of him.  It's

Monthly Wrap Up: June

 Happy Thursday! I don't know what happened yesterday, but I totally forgot to put this up! So here it is, a day late haha  I went for a walk today and it was almost a 100 degrees. I think I'm nearing my threshold for summer weather... I'm ready for it to cool down now haha Plus allergies? Not fun at all. I had no idea what some of you go through with seasonal allergies, but I can now fully appreciate how much they suck. There were at least two days this month where I didn't get out of bed for a full day. I slept the day away because my allergies were so bad and it is only because of these all natural allergy things my mom found for me that I am able to once more function. That and Clairitin. Anyways... I'm pretty sure you didn't come here to hear me complain about my allergies haha Onto more fun stuff!  Writing: I told my mom the other day, if I ever complain about how I don't do anything and am not productive (which I do at least once a month or so haha) j

Building Back Up

 Happy Wednesday!  I know I mentioned this in my last blog post... but this past winter was a rough one. All of 2020 was rough, but winter felt never ending and draining. I came out of it feeling like I had lost a lot. I left behind so much in 2020. A Bible study group I was in for years. A ten year long best friendship. The house I spent all of my teens in. The church we were going to. I feel like God refined me completely and stripped everything away and is now building me back up. Slowly. Very, very slowly. I saw this TikTok the other day of this person being like "realizing you're in a new season with a new setting, new plot, supporting characters and character arc" and I felt that so much haha  It sounds very Christian and holy to say God is refining me... but turns out, it's actually not a lot of fun to go through. Is it worth it at the end when you see what God was doing all along? Absolutely. But in the moment... it just feels really hard. I can look back now

Summer of Yes

 Happy Wednesday!  For the past year (actually for the past two years or so) I've been subscribed to Grace Anne's Tuesday letters. Every Tuesday I get an encouraging letter from her sent to my email. All of last year, I read them religiously every Tuesday. They were super encouraging, inspiring and just overall uplifting. But somewhere around the end of last year and the start of this year... I sort of fell off them. I fell off Hannah Brencher's Monday Club letters too. I stopped being excited to get them in my inbox every Monday and Tuesday. But last night, I was feeling kind of down and discouraged and in desperate need of uplifting. So I searched Grace Anne's email in my email inbox and all the Tuesday Letters I had missed popped up. And the first one that caught my eye was one titled The Summer of Yes. The reason it caught my eye is because for the past week that phrase has been going through my head. I read somewhere that apparently we're naming our summer this