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Looking Forward to 2023

Happy last day of 2022!!  Unlike in years past, I'm very excited for the new year. I graduated college and will be working more and getting more time to work on my books. I feel like there's so much in store for me and I can see so many good things happening next year. It's all in God's hands, which makes me even more excited to see what He has planned for me.  In past years I think I held myself a bit by staying in my comfort zone too much. Nothing big or new ever really happened because I never put myself out there or jumped into new situations. I stayed in my comfort zone for too long, and because of that, the years started to feel a little stagnant. I'm thankful that everything that happened between 2020 and 2022, good and bad, really pushed me out of that comfort zone. In 2022 God did so many amazing things, and some of it is because I stepped out and put myself in uncomfortable situations. I'm so glad I did. Because of that I have an amazing new church, am
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2022 Wrap Up!

 Happy Wednesday!  2022 is three days from being over. We made it guys! Another year checked off the list. This year has been packed full of so much. So much to be thankful for and so much to learn from. It's always a good year when you can look back and realize you're finishing the year better than the way you started. I've already written a post about all the big life stuff that happened this year, so for now, let's talk books!  Favorite Books of 2022:  A Ballad of Never After by Stephanie Garber  Definitely one of my favorites of 2022! I love all of Stephanie Garber's books so much, but her Once Upon a Broken Heart series has to be my favorite so far. I relate to Evangeline so much and I love Jacks so, so much. I can't wait to see what happens in book 3!  Stellarlune by Shannon Messenger  Stellarlune!! My absolute love! Another top favorite book of the year! This book gave me everything I could have wanted. The Great Foster Oblivion is quite possibly over and

2022 Reflections

 Happy Wednesday!  I've been trying to think of the perfect thing to post on my Instagram to encapsulate 2022. When I look back I realized how much happened this year. I started this year in a very different place than I'm ending it. I used to think nothing ever changed or happened in the year. Before 2020, a lot of my years looked the same. And then 2020 happened, and 2021 and now 2022 which has just been packed full of life events.  I don't even know where to start than to say that God has filled this year with so many blessings and answered prayers. A part of me just wants to write out a giant list of all the good things because it feels like there's so much.  But I guess I'll start with what really was and is a true answer to prayer and what feels like a miracle to me. I started out this year really struggling with my anxiety and depression. Both felt out of control and messy. I got to the point in the summer where I just couldn't do it anymore. Something ha

College Finals Thoughts

Happy Friday!  What? A post that isn't a monthly wrap or book related? It's a miracle! Maybe in the new year I'll hav more time to update this blog and actually do something with it. It's been sitting here collecting dust for most of 2022 and that makes me sad. I used to love to post on here, and I still do. I just have to find my blog rhythm again. I lost it somewhere between 2021 and 2022. Here's hoping 2023 is the year where I get it back.  I am back here today to celebrate a very special occasion: I finished college! That's right. Not just the 2022 Fall semester or the 2022 college year. Nope! I finished the entire thing. My college career. I finished my final exam yesterday on a cloudy, rainy day with a small cold that made me feel a little tired and fuzzy. I'm currently writing this post on that Thursday, a few hours after finishing that final exam. It's hard to find the right words. What do I say? Do I need to even say anything at all? I guess not

November Wrap Up

 Happy Wednesday!  How did your November go? It's crazy we only have one month left of the year! We're officially in Christmas season and I'm ready for it!  I also just want to say thanks for anyone who still checks up on this blog. I know I have been super inconsistent. Pretty much the only thing I've been posting is wrap ups this year, so thanks to anyone who reads them. I mostly make them for myself. I love having a digital archive of the things I did each month, but I hope others enjoy them too haha  November Writing:  This month has been a lot of jumping around. I got about 40k into my WIPNO story before it lost steam and died out. It felt like a chore to work on it and was draining, so I decided to take a break from it. I still want to write that story one day, I just don't think it was the right time. The idea needs some more time to sit and that's Ok.  I ended up getting my last 10k in for WIPNO through rewriting and editing my pirate story IWWP. I'm