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Put Suspense and Stakes Back in Books!

Hey everyone! So just a warning up front this post is going to be a rant. A rant about books that I've been thinking about a lot lately. This post may just end up being me figuring out my train of thought about the whole thing so bare with me. I have been in a bit of a reading slump lately. The last book I actually finished (and probably shouldn't have) was The Real Peter Pan about J.M. Barry. Totally messed up and crazy and disturbing and gave me anxiety for days after I finished reading it. So, if you can't handle child abuse or disturbing true stories in general don't read it. Anyways, my mom, little brothers and I have gotten into the habit of going to the library every Sunday while my brothers are at ultimate Frisbee practice. I love this new "tradition" because I love the library so much. I could live there. Over the past few weeks I've found several new, popular books. I bought the Architect of Song by A. G. Howard (who I love!), I rente

Eight Reasons Why I Love Fall

So I am a huge, huge fan of Fall! I love Fall or Autumn so much! I know some people that love winter, others love summer but I love Fall. So as the first day of Fall was last week I want to give a list of all the reasons Autumn is awesome but first I need to tell you guys something even cooler than Autumn. I am so, so excited! I finished edits for Weapon Icean! Now I just have to go through and check the few scenes (and entire chapter I added!) for grammar, read through it one more time to make sure everything is all good and then I am done! Explanation points all around!!! I can't wait to share Weapon Icean with all of you and I really hope you enjoy it when it comes out! Keep checking back for more updates because they are coming. Also I am still working on Tales of the Lonely. I've hit a bit of a snag but I do still plan on publishing that also so stay tuned for updates on my short story collection as well. And now here are eight reasons why Fall is the best s

Benefits of Writing a Short Story

Hi everyone! So this is another short story post. Loosely connected to the post I did last week. Since last week a lot of exciting things have happened! First I wrote three in a half short stories (I'm working on the third) and I'm thinking about sharing them on here like what Mariella Hunt does on her blog. I really enjoy reading her short stories on there and I want to try doing that too. You can find her blog  Here . Also, another very exciting development is that I have all of Weapon Icean back from the editor! All of it! So I'm going through and accepting all the changes she's done through Track Changes (Track Changes is amazing and I love word for having that program). Then I have to go back through and read through the many comments (because I guess there are sort of a lot of plot holes I didn't notice before...) and then implement those comments. After that I plan to go through again and read through it just to make sure everything's all good and

Cracking the Short Story Code

Hey everyone! So I finally got logged back into my blog... it only took me forever but now I'm back and I am going to try my hardest to be more consistent. Writing related blog posts every Wednesday and a book review on Fridays. Or even some TV shows and movie reviews on Fridays too if my reading is going to slow. I just have to give a quick update. Weapon Icean is taking longer than expected to get edited. I'm getting great feedback but... it's still with the editor so while she's busy with Weapon Icean I've been keeping busy with some other projects. My Tales of the Lonely short story collection is going great. Since I suck at grammar I'm going to print it out and have my mom (who's an expert at grammar) check over it. Get a cover and put it on Amazon. In that order but with more details. I also finished my vampire hunter book called Sterling Silver and am working on the second one. I'm really on fire and in love with this project. The world of va