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Eight Reasons Why I Love Fall

So I am a huge, huge fan of Fall! I love Fall or Autumn so much! I know some people that love winter, others love summer but I love Fall. So as the first day of Fall was last week I want to give a list of all the reasons Autumn is awesome but first I need to tell you guys something even cooler than Autumn.

I am so, so excited! I finished edits for Weapon Icean! Now I just have to go through and check the few scenes (and entire chapter I added!) for grammar, read through it one more time to make sure everything is all good and then I am done! Explanation points all around!!! I can't wait to share Weapon Icean with all of you and I really hope you enjoy it when it comes out! Keep checking back for more updates because they are coming.

Also I am still working on Tales of the Lonely. I've hit a bit of a snag but I do still plan on publishing that also so stay tuned for updates on my short story collection as well.

And now here are eight reasons why Fall is the best season of them all (I couldn't think of two other things to make it to ten haha):

  1. The Pumpkin Spice: Yes I know. Everyone gets so excited about the pumpkin spice coffee when the first day of Fall comes around. I don't like coffee. What I do like is the pumpkin spice Life cereal. The pumpkin/apple donuts at Connor Prairie (a really cool place you should check out if you ever come to Indiana).
  2. The Fall/Halloween Decorated Desserts: You know what I'm talking about. The orange frosting cookies with brown leaf sprinkles. Those seasonal Dunkin Donut donuts. Pretty much anything with orange or brown frosting on it.
  3. The Cool Weather: I despise hot weather. It is the bane of my existence. I jokingly say I'm moving to Antarctica to live with the penguins almost every day during the summer when I have to go outside in the sun and heat. So when Fall comes I jump for joy. Cool weather! Jeans! New jackets! Comfy hoodies and an excuse to where comfy, fuzzy pants inside the house. People will stop looking at me weird when I come to the door in the middle of 90 degree weather in pajama pants and a hoodie.
  4. The Colors and Nature Walks: Nature walks in the summer are okay. They have their own appeal but Autumn nature walks? Those are the best. The fallen leaves crunching under your feet, a cool breeze ruffling your hair, all the bright trees everything that takes your breath away? It's gorgeous and pure heaven to me. I can sit out in the front yard and read and write without sweating to death or turning to ash.
  5. All the Shows!: I think I'm addicted. To TV shows. All summer I feel so sad and empty inside. I can't find new shows to watch. I have nothing to look forward to every day. And then  September and October hits and my happiness is restored. Once Upon a Time! The Vampire Diaries! Teen Wolf! The Flash and Arrow and Supergirl and my hundreds of other TV shows that I love. I wait eagerly for Autumn every time Spring a Summer rolls around just for the next season of my shows.
  6. Halloween: Yes I am Christian but I really, really love Halloween. Mostly because I can be an eighteen year old and dress up and no one will give me weird looks. And the candy. Halloween is pretty much the Day of Candy to me. That's all that matters and thank goodness I still have little brothers who can get candy from neighbors and bring it back for me I mean them to eat.
  7. Jeans, Hoodies, Jackets, Boots: I think every girl knows what I'm talking about. You finally can look stylish again. In the summer I care about one thing. Staying as cool as possible. I throw on shorts, a shirt and flip flops. My hair is up in a ponytail twenty/four-seven. But in the Fall I can actually wear jackets and long sleeves and hoodies and jeans and boots and wear my untamable mane of hair down. It's great and I love my boots and jackets so much. And my Vans. I love my Vans a lot.  
  8. Pumpkin Picking and Leaf Piles: Pumpkin picking is awesome! And I love carving pumpkins and getting all the goo out. Leaf piles are pretty rad too. I like racking leaves and letting my little brothers jump in.
So those are the eight reasons why I love Fall and an update on Weapon Icean. I have a blog post already written for Friday so I'll be back on Friday!

What's your favorite season and why is it your favorite? 


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