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Writing the First Draft: Pantster Style

Today I am starting a blog series about my process from the first draft to the last draft. I've been going through this process for the last few months and so its all very fresh in my mind. Step 1: The Spark of an Idea   That moment of perfection when you come up with the most brilliant idea of all time and you are just so hyped about the whole thing. I start a pinterest board, spend hours pinning to the board, still having no clue of the plot, and coming up with character names and settings.   Step 2: THE BEGINNING At the beginning I manage to stay focused and rush through the first few chapters like a madwoman, my fingers flying, my heart pounding, and characters having a blast. There's the inciting incident, my character starts to get into a few small problems, I get to introduce my other lovely secondary characters. My most favorite part of the beginning is usually when I get to introduce the love interest and if I'm lucky I get to write a scene with the p

A Discorded Kitsune: Includes Excerpt of Chapter Two!

Due to the fact that I've been at a funeral for the past... three days I believe? this post is a bit late but that's OK! Because I'm writing it right now and because I kinda... am writing it the day its going to be posted its going to be a bit about my book Discord. Next week, will be a more scheduled post. Anywho, I'd like to share a little bit about Discord though I don't exactly have a very good synopsis for it yet. (Pictures from Pinterest. Not mine. Collage for Discord) To start I want to share a little about where Discord is at in the writing process. I have a beta reader or two reading it right now and giving me feedback which is amazingly helpful and its on Draft Five. I am very excited about Draft Five since the last four drafts have been crazy busy and tedious and long a little exhausting but so worth it. Here's a few facts on kitsunes and nogistunes and white wolves that I found very interesting and helpful in the process of writing this story