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Cress by Marissa Meyer

  And here it is! The third book in the Lunar Chronicles. Cress by Marissa Meyer. Here's the summary for this awesome book: In this third book Cinder and Thorne are wanted fugitives with Scarlet and Wolf in tow. Their hope lies in Cress, who has been trapped in a satellite since she was a child with only screens for company. She has grown up trained to be a hacker and the tech wiz for Luna. She has just received orders to track down Cinder and her handsome partner. When a rescue goes wrong, Cress gets her freedom with a price while the rest of the team is split up. Meanwhile, Kai is struggling to find some way around a marriage alliance with Queen Levana, though he knows it will be inevitable. So this book is pretty awesome. I have to say though I loved Scarlet (the book) better. When I was first getting to know Cress I found myself just trying to get through her chapters to the ones about Cinder and the team. I found it very clever that Marissa Meyer had Cress have a little

The Cloak Society: Villains Rising by Jeramey Kraatz

Here is the summary for the second installment of the Cloak Society by Jeramey Kraatz (just in case you missed the title of the post): The Cloak Society has finally taken down their greatest enemies: The Rangers of Justice leaving half the Betas and the Junior Rangers to band together and try to device a plan to defeat the Cloak Society. Working together is easier said than done when the Junior Rangers aren't sure that the Betas days as super villains are done. Small summary, I know, but if you read the first book I'm pretty sure that's all the information you need before you rush from the computer straight to the library or store to grab it. I am sure that some of you have already read it, but I got a sample from my Kindle when it first came out gave it a try and was for some reason disinterested. So now, just yesterday, I got it and I devoured it. I'm pretty sure it was the fastest book I have ever finished, since I just closed it about an hour ago. Anyway, here