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A Writer's Journal

Hey everyone! So I am still trying to figure out how to get back into my blog using my computer so this is being written on my phone.  A week or so ago I posted a picture of my new writing journal on my Instagram and someone asked what I do with a writing journal. What it is and what it's used for. I thought it was a great question because some people, including new writers, have no idea of the benefits of having a journal devoted to writing related things.  I've always had a writing journals to a certain degree. I didn't start writing in a journal until about a year ago when one of my friends gave me this adorable journal. It was big enough for me to fit lots on the pages but small enough to fit in my purse. I carried that thing everywhere and wrote everything in there .   But before that I awesome journal I scribbled ideas and plot structures and character developments onto whatever I could find. Let's just say I lost quite a few notes that way. So now I have one jour

Blogger Down! And a Quick Update

Hey everyone! So I planned on writing a post this morning since I got my laptop back! Yay! It had tons of viruses on it and needed to be fixed so it was at Best Buy for a few days.  But now that I have it back I can't seem to log into my Blogger account. And... I may have forgotten the email I used (I have like three emails). I will figure it out though. For now I'm writing this using the Blogger app on my phone that somehow works...  As you can tell I'm not very techy. ;)  So for lack of a better topic and my laptop here is a small writing update:  My editor is amazing and I am beyond excited that she's gotten through so much of Weapon Icean. Today I'm going through several chapters to fix the changes she suggested. She says she'll be done with it by the end of September so yay for that!  I'm on my fourth draft of the vampire hunter/love story book I'm writing and I came up with a name for it! It may not be the official name but I'm really loving it