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April Monthly Wrap Up

Happy Wednesday everyone! I disappeared from the blog for a while there... April was a bit of a rough month. I struggled with a lot of anxiety and depression this month. The world is a crazy place right now, my classes have been stressful and I haven't had a lot of motivation or inspiration to write anything. I still have my off days, but I'm getting day by day. Just working on the small stuff and enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. April Writing: Writing wasn't great this month... I started working on St. Croix Falls 3 and then hit a rut and then lost all motivation, inspiration and passion for writing in general. I feel like I've barely touched it all month. I hit the part of Emerald Phantom I've been super excited about, and then again, lost all drive to keep writing the story. Last Monday I didn't write at all. On Tuesday I felt kind of miserable honestly and I knew if I didn't write something, even if it was just a paragraph of a story I didn&

How to Write a Sequel

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! April is here at last and I'm so glad for it. As I hit published on Cursed and decided to use this week to focus on Emerald Phantom, I realized that I've been drowning in sequels all March. Revising a sequel and writing one. Yesterday I published my second sequel. Let me just tell you something, not to be a discouragement, but sequels are hard. I don't know about you, but I have a rough time with them. And though Emerald Phantom is going way smoother than Cursed did... it's still a trickier one to write than Golden Touch. The thing is... I'm good at beginnings. I'm good at writing the beginnings of books and I fly through the beginning of a series, in other words, the first book in the series. But middles? Those are super hard for me, like they are for many writers. So writing the middle of a series A.K.A. the sequel? That's just as hard, if not harder because its not just the beginning of a book - it's a whole boo