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The Pen and Paper

I'm back! The last few weeks I've been busy with essays and classes and studying for an exam but now I'm finished and will be getting back into the habit of posting every week again. I'm very excited to share with you the new concept of longhand creative writing. I have recently come across this new idea that I haven't ever taken a serious consideration to. Writing your first draft longhand. That concept made me excited because of the fact that I decided to start messing around and writing in a notebook a story that came to me. I've found that writing longhand is fun and enjoyable and I've had more success on this book than any other I've written in months. Now yes you may have to then have to type it all out but that's where editing comes in. I feel so much more free when I write on a piece paper. Like I don't have to limit myself to anything in particular.  I was introduced to this idea in a subtle way a while back when I watched t