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Christian Writers and Clean Content in Books

In today's culture, there isn't a lot of space for clean content. There isn't a lot of space for Christian content and there isn't a lot of space for good, well done PG art that people can enjoy and love and rave over. Last year, one of the biggest movies to release (that wasn't a Marvel movie) was The Greatest Showman. Do you know what it was rated? PG. It was child friendly and I really appreciate that because I can watch it with my little brothers without having to worry about skipping certain scenes! That movie was good, wholesome entertainment. Beautifully done with a sweet theme of acceptance and creativity and following your dreams. Another movie that came out that is so underrated it hurts, is The Man Who Invented Christmas. Again. PG. Again, it was wholesome, good entertainment. Maybe a little too mature for children with a few scary scenes for more sensitive children, but really, there was nothing bad in it. No violence, no gore, no swearing. It was just

A Change of Plans: Indie Publishing

Hey! So I know I haven't been on here much. It's been a busy month... March always is for some reason. But there are a few things on my mind. I won't share them all in this one blog post but I hope I can get up the courage to write about a few subjects that I have become really passionate about. My blog post on homeschooling seemed to be pretty popular which is awesome, so I'm thinking I might write something about anxiety and depression... mental illness being a subject that I am very passionate and strong about. But for now, I don't really have a Friday in Review of anything right now, but I do have a few changes in plans. Mostly concerning Project Hellion. So, I've published two books so far. It's a real rush and sort of addicting. To me anyways it is. I'm not a very patient person so I do like instant gratification and self-publishing, it takes a little while, but it is much faster than traditional publication. I can work at my own pace which mea

Project Hellion Synopsis!

Hi! So I released the synopsis for Project Hellion! The cover will be coming soon. Right now, I sent Project Hellion to the beta readers, so I'm waiting for them to get back to me. I'm excited to see what they all have to say and get back to revising! The past two days I plotted out this whole series of novelettes, which are longer than short stories but shorter than a novella. I wrote out the first one and I'm not sure if it'll go anywhere, I was more just messing around and clearing my head of Project Hellion for a little while, but it was fun to write. Anyways! Here's Project Hellion's synopsis: Delphi is ready to fight back. Two months have passed since Delphi acquired her icy abilities and the Shadows have kidnapped her and revealed her to the world. She’s fallen into the rhythm of a semi-normal life of friends, school, and training. But after a mission where something goes terribly wrong, her cousin and Boy Wonder, leader of the Young Protectors

Friday in Review: Authors Who Have Inspired Me

Hi! So it's my birthday today!!  I'm officially no longer a teenager. I'm twenty! Which is just crazy and time goes by too fast. I've loved being a teenager... Especially 16-19. A lot's happened in the past seven years of being a teenager. We've lived in Indiana almost the whole time. I graduated high school and started college and published two books. I got my first job and soon I'll be graduating with my associates this Fall. I've met a lot of amazing people and had a lot of great experiences. We've gone to Disney twice. I've made some really close friends and been to three different churches! A lot of struggles and difficult times has happened to... I've struggled with panic attacks and anxiety and depression since I was like 16, and it's really encouraging to see how much I've grown in the past few years. My anxiety is still very real and most days its still a struggle, but I've learned to better manage it and have had

Why 4's Are the Chosen Ones

Ok, so we're not the Chosen Ones, but I'm pretty sure a lot of us wish we were. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, the 4 is a number from the Enneagram. We're the Romantics, the Individualists. In other words, we think we're pretty special. And what's more special than the Chosen One? I've always loved the Chosen One trope. I know a lot of people, readers and writers alike, think that it's run out, a cliche, over used, but I can never get enough of the Chosen One trope. That special someone who has special powers and a special destiny.  Think Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Sophie Foster, even the Sisters Grimm. They usually have something that makes them standout from the crowd, and even a supernatural destiny. For Harry Potter he was the boy destined to kill Voldemort, Percy Jackson (in the first and second book anyways) was the only known child of the Big Three (Poseidon, Zeus and Hades) and throughout the entire series and second series

Friday in Review: Star Wars Rebels

So, I've been a fan of Star Wars for like ever. In my family, you just kind of grow up knowing how Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are. My little brothers watched the original trilogy when they were like five and six! I also watched Disney's TV show, The Clone Wars and have been watching Star Wars Rebels since it first came on. But now, Star Wars Rebels is coming to a close which is so sad cuz I think Disney does a fantastic job broadening the Star Wars universe in their shows. I feel like I know so much more about the world and the characters from those shows, than I ever did from the movies. They have so much more creative licence and it's also cool how everything that is introduced in the shows is totally cannon. It effects what they do in the movies. Anyways, in honor of Star Wars Rebels ending in just like a week or so, I think I would share some of my favorite, and in my opinion, best characters in the Star Wars universe. Just so you know, I am a fan of the prequels.

The Hardworking Creative Blog Launch!

Hey! So, I was asked if I could share the launch of this awesome new blog on here, so here it is! It's a blog for hardworking creatives, like writers, dancers, singers, painters, any sort of creative artist to gather inspiration, motivation and tips on how to become a successful creative. It launched today and you should definitely check it out! Click  HERE  to check it out! This site was built to create community between creatives, and a fun fact, I think it's pretty cool that this idea was inspired by The Greatest Showman. So, definitely go check it out and visit the site often for updates and new blog posts!