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Goodreads Giveaway!!

Hey guys!! So today I'm giving away a free, signed copy of Of Magic and Mayhem on Goodreads!! The giveaway is open from today (September 28) to October 13th! You can enter to win HERE Of Magic and Mayhem is a collection of ten short stories. These stories have everything from vampires, to magic, to goblins, to ghosts. All of them tales of magic and love and danger and even a little darkness. This collection will take you from the colorful, vibrant world of Avalon in Magic and Mayhem to a contemporary city where magic and mythic creature are the norm in Infinity, The Invisible Thief , and Knox . You get to know the undying love of two brothers in Of Moonlight and Tombstones , learn that sometimes love can be dangerous in the Pool of the Lost , and that love isn't always peaceful in Peace at Last . The Rain Boy and Sky-Crossed Lovers will break your heart and make you soar above the clouds with tales of grief, and monsters, and thunderstorms. Enter a valley of magic a

Growing as a Writer and an Update

First of all, sorry for no gifs or graphics of any kind. Our wifi is being very sketchy and I'm surprised it's even allowed me to be on Blogger. It won't let me on Google or my email or even my own pictures to pull gifs or anything from there, so I hope you still enjoy this post... even if it doesn't have any gifs or anything in it. So, it's nearing the end of September and I've barely written anything on this blog! The Teen Wolf season finale was on Sunday night and I was honestly kind of worried that it wouldn't end well, but it surpassed my expectations. It was really amazing and ended perfectly. There were some pretty epic scenes. Some heart-wrenching scenes and plenty of laughs. It was a breath of fresh air compared to the last two seasons that have progressed from dark to pitch black. There will be a Goodbye Teen Wolf post on Friday... it'll be a bit rushed, but I hope it conveys how much Teen Wolf means to me and how much I'll miss it. A f

Being Tired and My Five Favorite Supernatural Shows

So, this post is kind of slacking... I'm ridiculously tired. I got up at 6 and started my first job at Grace Church from 8:30-almost 12. So... I am really tired and I didn't write a post last weekend or yesterday or Monday, but I'm still determined to not let this blog slide off my List of Things To Do. Just like I refuse to let my writing slip off that list too. Just today I was texting an artist friend, Alyssa or better known as Dove from The Deducing Dove, who now has her own store and you should totally check it out HERE . She just started college classes and was saying how she was looking for a job, but also doesn't want to stop drawing and creating just because she was busy. I was like amen to that! Other people don't understand what it's like to be an artist. You're expected to do every-day, mundane life stuff like college classes that you aren't passionate about and that eats up time you could be using to create or going to a mind-numbing job. No

Chapter Three: The Forest Prince

Hey everyone! So, there was no post on Wednesday. It's been a busy week with classes and I'm trying a new Bible study/class at my church on Tuesday nights, which is usually when I wrote my blog posts or am finishing them up so I'm going to have to figure out a new day and time to write my posts. I did guest post on Kara Swanson's blog this week and you can find it Here, about self-care for writers so go check that out! Anyways, here's the final installment of The Lost Wildling. I had so much fun writing this short story and have had the characters of Robin and Naomi in my head for quite some time, but never got around to writing them down. I hope you've enjoyed their little story as much as I have!     ***   Naomi Sky first veered off the beaten path of the forest when she was eight. She had been a tiny slip of a thing with a bushel of brown hair and curious blue eyes and a wild, manic personality. Her parents could never get her to sit still.

Self-Care is Important (Yes, Even for Writers)

Hey everyone!! So I guest posted on a new writer friend's blog, Kara Swanson! The post is about Self-Care for writers and you should definitely check it out. Also, while you're there make sure to check out Kara's book The Girl Who Could See! You can find my post and her blog HERE. So excited! Make sure to check it out! :D

Chapter Two: Dangerous Magic

Dangerous Magic Naomi Sky saw the forest as one big patchwork quilt, stitched together by magic, and she knew for a fact that there were a lot more creatures in there than the townspeople of Hylan Hills knew or wanted to know. There were gentle, kind-hearted creatures, beautiful and graceful and there were dangerous, ugly creatures that slashed and bit and kicked. And then there were the in-between creatures. The ones who weren’t ugly, but also weren’t exactly kind-hearted. The Forest Prince was one of those creatures. He looked a lot like a Wildling… only he wasn’t one of them. The Forest Prince was something else entirely and something far more wild than the fair creatures who visited on the first day of Fall in their masks. He was a creature of the woods through and through with orange skin and brown eyebrows and a brown nose. Whenever Naomi ran into him, he always wore a giant crown woven from twigs and branches and leaves and berries. And he never, ever wore a mask. He sai

10 Reasons Why Animated Shows Inspire Me as a Writer

So I started writing this post a few weeks ago when I was feeling uninspired and I realized something about myself as a writer. Usually, when I'm out of inspiration or my muse isn't talking to me or I just don't feel motivated to write in the least bit, I turn to a form of entertainment to refill my creative cup. Sometimes its books, but most of the time it's TV shows.  And a lot of the time it's what would be considered "kids" shows. Though I've learned that there's this weird in-between genre when it comes to animated shows. Shows that are meant for upper age kids, like eleven, twelve, thirteen year olds. There's The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Max Steel, Danny Phantom, X-Men Evolution, Trollhunters, amongst others. They all fit into this gray area of the tween age. When tweens are transitioning from littler, more simplistic shows and into deeper and more complex TV shows. I find those to be the most inspiring. Why? Well here's a

Friday in Review: August Monthly Wrap-Up

So, it's September first!! Yay! And it's chilly and I'm wearing a sweater and feeling wonderfully cold. It's also a little cloudy and looks a bit yucky out, I wouldn't mind chilly and sunny, but I guess cloudy is alright. Anyways, here's my August wrap-up! August Writing: So, this August I published my first short story collection. I'm insanely proud of the short stories I wrote throughout the beginning of this year and I think their some of my best writing so far. I published the e-book addition on Kindle of Of Magic and Mayhem on August 22 and there were some complications with the paperback, but it's now out this week on Amazon! I love that KDP lets you choose your own price cause Createspace made me put Weapon Icean up there for 12 dollars! So with KDP I could put the price way lower, since I know I don't like to pay tons of money for a book (by tons of money I mean ten dollars or higher and twelve dollars? That's just a bit crazy). You