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Being Tired and My Five Favorite Supernatural Shows

So, this post is kind of slacking... I'm ridiculously tired. I got up at 6 and started my first job at Grace Church from 8:30-almost 12. So... I am really tired and I didn't write a post last weekend or yesterday or Monday, but I'm still determined to not let this blog slide off my List of Things To Do. Just like I refuse to let my writing slip off that list too. Just today I was texting an artist friend, Alyssa or better known as Dove from The Deducing Dove, who now has her own store and you should totally check it out HERE. She just started college classes and was saying how she was looking for a job, but also doesn't want to stop drawing and creating just because she was busy. I was like amen to that! Other people don't understand what it's like to be an artist. You're expected to do every-day, mundane life stuff like college classes that you aren't passionate about and that eats up time you could be using to create or going to a mind-numbing job. Not to mention attempting to make time for friends and God and sleep and take some down-time to rest.

Now, I only work two days a week and in the mornings. It's extremely part time, but still... it's work and it's still time, even though once I get my first pay check I'm sure I will be a very happy person for having this job. But still, for you artists and creators who are beyond amazing and much more talented than I am at doing life by having a full time job and doing full time college, that has to be so hard! How do you find time to create and do art? Not to mention build a career for yourself as an artist, get yourself out there, make contacts and other creator friends and build a platform for yourself? I don't know... maybe it's easy for others, but it is very hard for me because I'm easily overwhelmed. I have two classes (that I feel like I'm drowning in, because again, I am easily overwhelmed) a two mornings a week job, papers to do and quizzes and discussion boards and exams to study for and have time to workout for a good 65 minutes like I have been for the past while... Which is something I feel bad about. The past few weeks I've really been slacking on my working out. There's this frustrating cycle that I go through. I'll have several months of really awesome, hardcore, full 4 mile workout on the Elliptical and I'll feel really good about myself, and then something will happen and it'll go significantly down. Usually my body rebels against me. I get my foggy brain again, my body feels exhausted the instant I step foot on the Elliptical and I can barely push myself to three miles at the lowest resistance setting. To some of you, that might be like a wow, oh my gosh I really wish I could do that! Three miles is a lot! But to me, it doesn't feel like it. Not after several months of steady progress of higher resistance and four miles and being able to workout without feeling like crap.

Plus, two books out now that I would really like to try and get out there more... Nanowrimo is also coming up and I feel so overwhelmingly unprepared! I still have a month, but it still doesn't feel like enough time. Maybe by then I'll have more of my act together, but right now I feel like I don't. Or maybe it's just because I'm writing this post while being exhausted for being up since 6 in the morning and not going to bed earlier (and if I'm being completely honest, will not go to bed any earlier tonight because I like to torture myself) and when you're really tired and have just experienced something for the first time there's a learning curb and you're brain is just mush.

But I haven't written in... well, all week so far. It's grating on me. I don't know if anyone else has this or feels like this, but when I don't write I get anxious and agitated. Writing is the thing that makes me feel better and lets me collect myself and just take a break from the world. Also, unlike some, I can't write when I'm tired or when my head is muddled and foggy or when I feel overwhelmed. The writing part of my brain is very picky about the conditions my mental and physical health must be to write which is so annoying! But, so, I haven't written anything besides class papers and it's just seriously bugging me and I'm just trying to get to Friday or more likely Saturday so I can have some free time to write. Also, I don't think it helps that the job came up kind of unexpectedly. My employer emailed me on Tuesday evening saying that I start today and that I should be there early and, my brain takes time to process things. I like to be prepared and be able to prepare a few days in advance, not just schedule-wise but mentally-wise, so that came as sort of a shock of trying to mentally rearrange the classwork and just stuff I had planned on those specific days so that I can still have a free weekend to write.

Anyways! This post got way off track! I will probably re-do this whole post or something or just write an entire post about Being Human (which I finished a few weeks ago) at some point when things are less busy. But for now I decided to cheat and, but also give you guys some really good advice and tell you to watch these five shows!! Because they are amazing!! So go watch them and enjoy the awesomeness!!

  1. The Vampire Diaries: Well, duh, of course it's on the top of my list. TVD will forever be at the top of all of my lists. Stefan... Damon... Elena... Jeremy, Bonnie, Caroline, Tyler, Matt, the entire Original family. All of them. They are my absolute favorites of everything and anything! They mean so much to me and are truly amazing and this TV show is really something special. It's a masterpiece.
    Elena is wonderful!
  2. The Originals: The spin-off of TVD about the Original family (obviously). Featuring our favorite murderous hybrid Klaus. There's Elijah and Hailey and Rebecca and Kohl ๐Ÿ˜. My favorites!! The Originals is a bit darker than TVD. A bit more mature with more magical elements in it, but who can resist a whole show surrounding Klaus and the drama of his crazy family?
    Epic-est family ever!
  3. Teen Wolf: Teen Wolf ends this Sunday!! I am crying!! :'( I'll miss my pack, Scott and Stiles and Malia and Lydia and all of them and I'm really hoping that the show ends well. That the writers can give us the ending that we and the characters deserve. But, honestly, this show is fantastic. Hilarious and epic and dark in places (several places actually) and did I mention hilarious? Derrick and Peter and Stiles make (and made) this show! Without them I don't think I would have stuck to it. Plus... werewolves and high school. Would could be better?
    They are the heart and soul of this show
  4. Being Human: This is a recent watch for me. I just finished it a week or so ago. This is also one of my dad's favorite shows and he's been telling me to watch it for a long time. This summer I finally caved and I am so glad I did! Aidan...? Josh...? They are so wonderful! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I really loved their characters. I thought Aidan was the perfect type of vampire. He had so many different sides to himself. The angsty vampire with self-hatred and blood addiction issues. But often times he was honestly so funny. He really surprised me because I was expecting a Stefan or Edward Cullen vampire. But instead I got Aidan, who is much smoother and better with the ladies than Josh, but is also sort of awkward and oblivious in an adorably awkward kind of way. He also had this comical, funny, awkward side that I just loved, especially in the last season. Josh is just adorably awkward. There's no other way to explain him. He's the bestest werewolf I've seen and that's saying something. And Sally? At first I thought she was kind of whiny, but I turned out to really like her. Together, they are just adorable and awkward and a wonderful supernatural family just trying to be human.
    Aww they're perfect together!
  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: How could I not put these on the list? Angel... *sigh* and Buffy. So good. I have to say, it's not my favorite. It's on the bottom of my list for a reason, but it's iconic and a cult classic and I really do love Buffy and Angel and Spike and Willow and Xandar and everyone else on that show. Despite having some major issues keeping couples together and keeping them alive, Joss Whedon is a very genius writer and he did a fantastic job on this show.

    I love Buffy and her violent ways lol
So, yeah, there you go. Me venting about today mostly because of my tired brain and my five favorite shows in my favoritest genre ever! The supernatural (AKA vampires, werewolves, hybrids, witches, dopplegangers *yeah I know how to spell that word, I'm just that cool* and of course, epic love amongst said creatures and humans). Now I'm so going to make a post about the vampires and the formula of how to make a truly epic love interest male vampire character (it will probably, most likely be making fun of their leather jackets and brooding and hero-hair).

Thanks for sticking around and reading to the end of this post. You're fantastic!


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