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Nanowrimo Update and A Cover Reveal!

Guys!! I am so, so excited to present the cover for Weapon Icean. The edits and everything are finished. My book is done and it all feels so surreal! It's been a long and sometimes grueling process, especially for someone who can become a bit impatient like me . And then BAM it was just... ready. The cover is amazing and I am so excited to share it with you guys! Just a few more days now and Weapon Icean will be ready for sale! I'll post the day it comes out to let you guys know when it's ready! So without further ado and a lot of overly excited rambling from me, here is the cover for Weapon Icean: Ahhh there it is and it's amazing!!! There's Delphi and she looks awesome! A huge shout out to my amazing mom who did the cover design. It took her two days! She did an amazing job! (And you can find her on Instagram under Personette Photography). I'm overly excited and a little nervous to publish but my excitement definitely outweighs the nerves. I don'

Nanowrimo Week 1 Update

Hey everyone! So it's been a while... I've been pretty busy and stressed out about classes and stuff but I'm back! And I read Lodestar, the next Keeper of the Lost Cities book that came out and it was great and sad and I loved it! (I really hope I'll have time to put a review up on Friday because I have a lot to say about it). Now I'm reading Heartless by Marissa Meyer which I have a feeling will have a bittersweet ending seeing how it's about the Queen of Hearts... Anyways! I'm super excited cuz it's nanowrimo time! Last year I had finished my 50,000 word count by the middle of the month but I have a feeling this year is going to go a bit slower. Why? I'm not sure... Maybe I'm just busier than I was last year. Or maybe sequels are just really hard. For nanowrimo I'm working on the sequel to Weapon Icean, which at the moment I'm calling Project Khione. The title may or may not stick. I just needed something to call it for nanowrimo. (J