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Nanowrimo Week 1 Update

Hey everyone! So it's been a while... I've been pretty busy and stressed out about classes and stuff but I'm back! And I read Lodestar, the next Keeper of the Lost Cities book that came out and it was great and sad and I loved it! (I really hope I'll have time to put a review up on Friday because I have a lot to say about it). Now I'm reading Heartless by Marissa Meyer which I have a feeling will have a bittersweet ending seeing how it's about the Queen of Hearts...

Anyways! I'm super excited cuz it's nanowrimo time! Last year I had finished my 50,000 word count by the middle of the month but I have a feeling this year is going to go a bit slower. Why? I'm not sure... Maybe I'm just busier than I was last year. Or maybe sequels are just really hard. For nanowrimo I'm working on the sequel to Weapon Icean, which at the moment I'm calling Project Khione. The title may or may not stick. I just needed something to call it for nanowrimo. (Just so you know this post will be mostly me being excited about Weapon Icean and Project Khione mostly because I've never gotten this far in the editing process with any other book or successfully when super psyched for a sequel and actually really really wanted to finish it!)

Oh and I am not writing this blog post to procrastinate writing at all by the way...

The whole editing process for Weapon Icean has taken longer than I thought it would. But this is my first time going through a professional editor and then going through and fixing all the problems and then re-editing and it's all a very involved and looong process. But a worth it process. I hope to have plenty of time over Thanksgiving break (two weeks away thank goodness!) to finish the edits and then... it'll be shiny and done. I'm not going to say perfect because to me, the perfectionist and writer who is always striving for bigger and better, none of my books will ever be perfect in my eyes but they'll always be satisfying and close enough.

The next few weeks of November I'll be doing weekly nanowrimo updates because I have a feeling I'm going to be too busy to put together real blog posts so there's that.

But anyways on to the nanowrimo update for Project Khione. I have 17,610 words right now. I'm really hoping to get to at least 19,000 today and by the time I get to 19,000 I might as well just push through to 20,000. Am I an overachiever or expect too much of myself? Yes I do. It's 65 pages which feels really good. Word count is great but I always love seeing how many pages I've written in a day, mostly because those go up way faster than word count does. Week 1 was actually pretty easy. Week 1's of nanowrimo usually are, for me anyways because beginnings are so easy to write. I love beginnings. Middles? Endings? Not so much. Those are the tricky bits. And I've officially slowed down considerably because Delphi just crossed the threshold into the mucky middle where everything is going to unravel and become super messy and crazy, not only for her but for me as well. Not to mention I'm throwing in "was" and "were" and "that" and all the -ly adverbs everywhere which is making for a messy draft that's going to need some major editing later.

Oh yeah and because it's nanowrimo I had to make a cover (homemade one that definitely won't end up being the real cover) so here it is:

It's sort of plain but I like it so your welcome ;)

Ok... deep breath. Let's forget about how ridiculously messy and awful my first draft is ending up being. I want to share a few of my favorite lines from Weapon Icean and from my first week of nanowrimo this year from Project Khione. So, here you go!

She hurriedly got to her feet. She needed to get out of there. Fast. Three heroes could not save her from one super villain and one extra-large bomb.

“Uh, hi… and bye?” -Weapon Icean

I don't know why I like this part so much but I do. Maybe it's the short, quick sentences or the fact that I have a weird sense of humor. I snort every time I read "Uh, hi... and bye?" This is Delphi describing Boy Wonder and this is another excellent example of my weird sense of humor. I think I'm so funny... I guess I just like this part because I'm proud of my description of him.

"Under any other circumstances, she would have gagged and laughed in his face. What a ridiculous name! But she didn’t have the energy. He was carrying a tray and up close, he didn’t look half-bad. Sun-kissed blond hair, dashing blue eyes like his dad’s and a white cape trailing behind him." - Weapon Icean
This is Delphi describing Boy Wonder and this is another excellent example of my weird sense of humor. I think I'm so funny... I guess I just like this part because I'm proud of my description of him. 

“We make quite the couple huh? Fire and ice?” He held up a hand and a flame burst to life in his palm.

Delphi leaned forward and reached her hand out, palm up. Snowflakes and frost danced around in her hand and she grinned. “We should duel sometime. See who would win. Fire or ice?” 
Asher's the one talking with Delphi and I loved writing pretty much every word he said in that book.

“Nothing serious. You’re just a little queasy from all the power you’ve used. And despite what some say, mind control does have a killer hangover. Thanks again for the save. I owe you big time. In the meantime, rest well gorgeous. See you soon.” A pair of green eyes floated in her vision. A whoosh of wind, and the darkness swallowed her whole. - Weapon Icean
Ahhh Riley... my favorite-est character. He's the best and I love him.

Ok... I think that's enough from Weapon Icean... for now. Here's some of my favorite lines I've written in the past week. Their going to be messy and probably had tons of grammar problems but I don't care.

Maggie flashed her a huge grin and spun around, her skirt flaring. “Aren’t these uniforms awful? Please tell me you hate them to!”

Delphi grinned back and tugged at her own skirt. “Hate them. You know I’m more of a jeans and tee kind of girl.” - Project Khione
Maggie's the best. She's Delphi's best friend and I plan for her to have a bigger role in this book than in the last one. 

Delphi scowled halfheartedly as she finally pulled herself free and got out of bed, her hair a bedhead mess and her makeup from yesterday no doubt smeared across her face. She hugged herself. “What are you doing here? It’s like…” she checked the clock and blanched. “6:30? Why am I up at 6:30? It’s too early.” - Project Khione
Another one I don't really know why I chose this but for some reason I really like this little paragraph. It was fun to write.

Overall he looked like a fallen angel lounging on her bed. Delphi’s traitorous heart fluttered. - Project Khione
Pretty much every scene with Riley are my favorite scenes.

Aaaand that's pretty much it. There are lots of other Weapon Icean quotes I love but those are just a few and frankly Project Khione is such a mess I don't know if I can bring myself to share anymore. But I hope you guys enjoyed my crazy rant!

Happy nanoing and writing everyone!!


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