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Super Hero Fantatic

Hey everyone! So since I've been feeling a little under the weather and I didn't get a post done for this week yet because I'm a big procrastinator this post is going to be sort of short but I hope you like it anyways. For the last few months I've been living in a world of super heroes and powers thanks to my book Weapon Icean and now that I am finally satisfied with where the characters and plot are I'd like to share some of my favorite super hero books with you guys. So here they are: The Renegade X Series by Chelsea M. Campbell featuring: The Rise of Renegade X , The Trials of Renegade X , and the latest The Betrayal of Renegade X .  All are awesome and full of the thoughts of a snarky and sarcastic half hero/half villain protagonist named Damien. Did I mention he has the power of flight and yet he has a huge phobia of heights? V is for Villain by Peter Moore is about the son of a famous hero who, unlike his brother, is lacking in the power depart

A Valentine Post: How to get Readers to Ship your Characters

Hey everyone and happy almost Valentines Day! This post is all above the love. Shipping, loving fictional characters, and my favorite lovey dovey songs for writing romantic scenes. (Minor spoilers for The Vampire Diaries and Percy Jackson books). But first! A writing update! I have to mention Weapon Icean, my superhero fiction story I'm currently editing... There are still a few kinks that needs figuring out but I am confidant that I'll get my characters sorted and figured out (as long as they're in a cooperative mood). I wanted it to be ready by the middle or end of February but I'm not sure if that's going to happen now. I determined though to get it published sometime soon, the release date is still very sketchy. Also, I am working on the synopsis. I am awful at synopsis' and what it to be the best so I'm taking my time. The second book is also in the works along with a sci-fi book featuring Powered characters that like to boss me around and tell me w

What do Succesful Books Have in Common?

When I think of awesome and successful book series a few names come to mind. Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Hunger Games The Divergent Series Eragon Lord of the Rings The Chronicles of Narnia Twilight The Mortal Instruments Series The Harry Potter Series And the Lunar Chronicles. For the past few weeks I've been sort of stuck in my writing. That always happens to me after I finish a book that I was particularly pumped about. I invested months into the plot, the world and the characters and I sort of become stuck in my ways so when I start searching for a new idea, for new characters to fall in love with I often jump from story to story only to run out of steam in the first fifteen pages. So it got me thinking: What makes a book so successful? What do all of these books have in common? I believe 100% that there's no secret formula to creating an amazing book that everyone loves. I can guarantee that there are people who aren't into the Percy Jackson boo