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Friday in Review: April Monthly Wrap-Up

Hello everyone! Hope you've had a great week. Personally for me, my week has been a bit stressful. Not so much busy going places or seeing people, but there's just been a lot of life changes and stuff. But hopefully next week things will settle down. And hey! Endgame anyone?? Anyone who saw it last night? Anyone like me who's waiting till next week?? Anyways, here's my monthly wrap up for April: April Writing:  April was a good writing month! I finished draft 3 and am starting on draft 4 of my NA paranormal fiction book. This week and next week I plan to start slowly printing it out and going through it chapter by chapter. I also started working on a contemporary fantasy serial called Dragon Hearted. More on that  HERE . Currently I'm halfway through writing episode 3 and am working my way through edits on episodes 1 and 2. And I think I've finally come up with a posting schedule for it. This will be a bit of a rush, but I want to get two out a month. So

How to Write a Serial 2.0

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! I had a great time with family on Friday and Saturday and then a nice, chill Easter day at home. We went to church and had an egg hunt and then just sort of relaxed the rest of the day which was really nice after two days of travel. So last year I wrote a whole blog post about writing a serial. Serials have been something that's interested me for a while. Pretty much ever since I've fallen in love with TV shows, the idea of writing an episodic story has been a dream of mine. I did a ton of research while I was in my serial phase and wrote a (not so great) serial implementing everything I learned. But it wasn't until last month and this month that the formatting of TV shows and serials really clicked. Maybe I just wasn't ready last year, I wasn't at the right stage and maturity as a writer to properly write one, but now I am. I'm in the middle of writing a 12 episode contemporary fantasy serial calle

How to Revise like a Pantser ft. Big Hero 6 Gifs

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you've had a great week so far and that you have a great Easter weekend ahead! We plan on going to my grandparent's on Friday to celebrate Easter with family and spending the night there so that'll be a fun time. :) Alright, so I contemplated doing an Easter-y post on here but I wasn't even sure what that would look like... So instead, I thought I'd do something fun and happy in honor of the celebration of Easter on Sunday. Without further ado, here is your Big Hero 6 gif filled revising process from a real life pantser: The end of your first draft is in sight! You type like crazy, stay up past your normal bedtime until it is finished. When you type The End, the satisfaction that you actually did this thing sets in. Guys, it is the sweetest feeling ever. Knowing you worked so hard to complete this draft and came out on the other side. Unscathed? Perhaps not. But triumphant? Definitely! That first draft is a total disast

A Weekend Trip and a Review of The Gilded Wolves

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you've all had a good weekend. Sorry this post is late... I was out of town on Friday and Saturday. We went to visit my grandma and then my brother had prom where she lives with his girlfriend so we were there to help him get ready for that and take pictures and all that. We got to stay at a hotel and went swimming and chilled with some Chinese food. While the little boys watched shows, I read and that was a nice, chill evening. We also saw some really adorable chicks and ducklings!  It was a fun time. On Saturday we also went to this used bookstore called the Book Barn (I wish I had taken pictures of it!). It was good, but I'm happy to be home haha Me and my little brother while we wait for my mom to finish with the Prom pics haha So I'd seen some pictures and good reviews of The Gilded Wolves on bookstagram ever since it came out but I don't know, I guess I just wasn't interested enough to go seek it out myself? But t

A Rant On the Paranormal Fiction Genre

So last week I did Katie Phillips amazing Author Brand Challenge! It was totally incredible and in just five days I learned so much about myself as a writer and my writing than I have in a long time. When she asked us (the participants) what some of our takeaways and breakthroughs were, I said being a part of the challenge has made me take my writing and myself as a writer/author more seriously. It was sort of empowering in a way. Like now that my genre, my audience, my voice is clearer and more specific I feel so much more confident in myself. I'll do a post on this probably next week because seriously the things I learned about myself and my writing sort of blew my mind all week, but for this post I want to talk about a particular breakthrough I had. Alright, before I start on my rant about the paranormal genre let me clear something up. Paranormal is usually associated with ghosts and that sort of thing. I'm not a fan of ghosts stories and that's why I was hesitant

Friday in Review: Stain by A.G. Howard

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've had as great a week as me! I did Katie Phillips Author Brand Challenge this week and am loving it and feel so much more centered in who I am as an author and what kind of readers I want to reach and speak to. Like I was telling a friend on the phone today, I could go on and on about all the breakthroughs I've had through her challenge haha Buuut that is a post for another day! Today is all about the dark and gorgeous book Stain by A.G. Howard. This one took me a while to read... I guess I was just so busy (mostly mentally busy) during March that I kind of let my reading slide. However, I did like it enough to buy it which is saying something. I don't like spending money on books unless I absolutely know I will like (more accurately love) them. There are very few authors I follow that I will go out and buy their book the day it releases. Anyways, I read her first retelling the Splintered series years ago and it is to this day still one

Five Tips for Writers with Anxiety

Happy April! Right now, the weather is just the way I like it: not too cold but not too hot either. Though I am not looking forward to the 70's and 80's of the Summer I am glad that it's warming up a little bit. I'm ready to get back outside and go to parks and take walks and wear sandals! Anyways, so this post has been on my mind for a while. I thought a lot about how to talk about my anxiety. If I should just free write it and see what happens or be more specific. If you can't tell, I decided to be more specific. Anxiety is a thing I've struggled with my whole life. When I was younger I didn't really know what it was. All I knew were the symptoms. But at around sixteen a diagnosis amongst other life situations triggered my anxiety in a big way. I started having panic attacks and anxiety attacks daily. Since then I've been living with anxiety on a daily basis. I no longer have panic attacks, but I still struggle with the symptoms of anxiety al