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January Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! So, I know I've been pretty quiet this January, but it's been kind of crazy and busy. We got the flu the week my classes started and let me just say, this flu is horrible. I was out for a full 12 days and everyone else in my family weren't much better. That sort of set me back a bit and messed up my plan to be consistent on here. I do have a lot of blog post ideas, I just haven't had the time or the brain power to write them. Anyways! We're on the last day of January! Valentines Day is coming up along with one of my brother's birthdays. January has been a really slow month for me for some reason, and I'm not complaining. I like it better when months feel long and drawn out then speeding by like last year. But, here's January's wrap-up and a little update on where I'm at. January Writing: I finished Silver. I honestly can't remember which draft of that I'm on. I think draft three? Maybe two? It's been a little while

What I Learned about Writing from The 100

I recently finished rewatching the CW show The 100 and it was right in the middle of me revising Silver. I was having some difficulties figuring out a few characters and where I really wanted the plot to go. Sequels are so hard because they're the glue that's supposed to stick two books together, the first and the third. They're the bridge between the beginning and the end and I've always found the middle of my books difficult, which maybe is why I find sequels so hard. But anyways, as I was watching The 100 I realized two things that completely changed me and seemed so stupidly obvious that I should have known these things from the very beginning. Like all writers should or do know this and I guess the concepts just never clicked in my brain until now because I had a ah-ah! moment. I learned that simple plots are usually better and character motivations are everything. I know, you're probably like duh... I already knew, but I guess I didn't. Yes, I've

My Writing Plan and Goals for 2018

Hi everyone! I guess I sort of took a break for the first week of the New Year, but now I'm ready to get back at it. Just a heads up though, I have two classes starting next week that I'm sort of dreading and stressing about and depending on how much work they give us, I probably won't be posting as regularly as I would like. I guess that always sort of happens when a class starts and the blog goes quiet for a while. But I hope you all have had a great first week of 2018 full of fun and productivity and writing! This year I want to get a lot done, maybe a little too much done when it comes to writing. I know I already sort of wrote a blog post on my writing goals, but they’ve already sort of changed in the past week and become clearer. Last week I plotted out the sequel to Weapon Icean for the hundredth time and I finally have a solid plan and already (in typical Melody fashion as one of my friends would say) the plot has already changed so I’m going to have to go bac