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January Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! So, I know I've been pretty quiet this January, but it's been kind of crazy and busy. We got the flu the week my classes started and let me just say, this flu is horrible. I was out for a full 12 days and everyone else in my family weren't much better. That sort of set me back a bit and messed up my plan to be consistent on here. I do have a lot of blog post ideas, I just haven't had the time or the brain power to write them.

Anyways! We're on the last day of January! Valentines Day is coming up along with one of my brother's birthdays. January has been a really slow month for me for some reason, and I'm not complaining. I like it better when months feel long and drawn out then speeding by like last year. But, here's January's wrap-up and a little update on where I'm at.

January Writing: I finished Silver. I honestly can't remember which draft of that I'm on. I think draft three? Maybe two? It's been a little while since I looked at Golden or Silver, but they're always there in the back of my mind, letting me know that I will not be able to truly focus on any other new projects until I finish revising Golden, Silver and write Bronze. Over the month of January, I've been working hard on Project Khione. I don't think that will be the title anymore... the book has changed too much for that, but I still call it that. Or I just call it Weapon Icean's sequel, which is getting kind of annoying to say. My February mission will be to figure out a new title for it. I'm so close to being done though with the second draft! It's been a complete book rewrite, but it needed to happen and I'm so satisfied with how it's turned out. After a year of working on it, I finally figured out the theme and a really good plot that I'm proud of. I'll have the second draft finished by the end of the week at the latest, though I'm really determined to get it done by tonight or tomorrow night.

And, because I love to make life more difficult for myself, I started on a new project. It's sci-fi and about aliens and Area 51 and conspiracy theories. The two characters, Kate and Saul have been stuck in my head since December. I just couldn't stop thinking about them and their story and it took me a lot of beginnings and some writer's block before I finally settled on a story for them. The last few days I've been writing Kate's story at night, in my PJ's in bed and it's just been a really nice, relaxing way to end the day. I think I finally found my niche. I love superheroes and superhero stories, but I don't think I'm cut out to write them as well as I am about aliens and spaceships and sci-fi. I just connect so much more with the characters and worlds from my sci-fi projects, than I have with Delphi and all them in Weapon Icean.

Of course, I'm still in love with fantasy. Fantasy will always have a special place in my heart and life and I am determined to one day write a dark-ish fantasy about the Fey and swords and magic and I still love my vampires and werewolves and plan on revising my vampire hunter story one day, maybe once I finish the Golden trilogy, the Weapon Icean sequel and this new book.

January Reading: At the beginning of January I read two books pretty much back to back. The first book of 2018 was Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza. I enjoyed it and the plot was actually surprising because I'd assumed that these two specific characters would become love interests, but they never did. It was intriguing and a fun sci-fi adventure. The second one, is a book I've waited for since I heard Holly Black was writing it. The Cruel Prince. I've always loved the darker books about the Fey courts. In middle school I read Michelle Harrisons Thirteen Treasures series, I've also read The Court of Thorns and Roses series along with Holly Black's other book The Darkest Part of the Forest, amongst others. But The Cruel Prince was by far the best. The world was so vibrant and dark and intriguing and the characters were so complex and the relationships? They left you guessing at every turn. The main character Jude was raised by her parent's murderers and both loved and hated him. Her twisty, sort of disturbing, yet intriguing relationship with Cardan reminded me of the relationship between Buffy and Spike in the later seasons of the show. That kind of relationship isn't exactly romantic, but it is fun to read about because it's so different and not a lot of people write about those sort of relationships. All in all, it was a master piece! I loved it and I'm dying for the next one. Plus, the Hazel/Severin/Ben cameo at the end? I was so excited to see them in this book.

January Music: The two big ones of January has been the new album of Fall Out Boy and The Greatest Showman. I don't like all of the songs Fall Out Boy comes out with, but I do like a lot of them and this album was really good! So I've been listening to that on repeat, along with my playlist for the Weapon Icean sequel nonstop. But the songs I've listened to the most has been from The Greatest Showman. I love, love, love those songs and that movie. It was amazing and the entire cast was phenomenal. Like I was telling my mom the other day, it was just really good entertainment. That movie was a true performance with feel-good, sweet themes and excellent actors. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend you go see it!

January TV Shows: Guys! I just realized, because I haven't been on here I haven't gotten to gush about this show I discovered called Roswell. It's "older." As in made in the early 2000's, so yes, there are a few cheesy parts, but I love the cheesy. I love the teen drama of the early 2000's. The acting was a little iffy at first, but by the middle and end of the first season they had really improved and I couldn't stop watching it! It's about this girl Liz Parker who is saved by the resident human/alien hybrid of Roswell, New Mexico where an alien ship crashed in the 90's. They, of course, fall in love and drama ensues throughout the next two seasons. The supporting cast are so well done and real and given as much attention as Liz and Max. The character arcs and development and growth are almost as good as those in TVD throughout the three seasons and the relationships were so good and well done. I thoroughly enjoyed that show and it is now one of my favorites. Also Psych came back on Amazon Prime, so I'm happy about that and have been rewatching that.

January Life Stuff: As I said before, my whole family got hit with the flu in a bad way and we've been on and off sick throughout most of the month of January. Since the flu and colds have been so bad this year, I am being extra freaky about germs. Also, my classes started. Spanish II and Geology. I was sort of freaking out about them, but turned out they aren't as hard as they looked. But, I will still have problems with the fact that I can't take my exams at home with an open book. I have to go onto campus and since I don't test well and get really anxious in a room with other people when taking a test, that's going to be hard for me. Modern technology and being able to take classes online has been a blessing for me and I'm sure others who have severe anxiety. But, I am thankful that these classes aren't as hard as they seemed at first. I started a new Bible study at the new church we're attending and that's been really nice and fresh. Other than all that... January has been pretty boring and uneventful. We've made a lot of trips to the new IKEA that opened fifteen or so minutes away from us and that's fun, but yeah, other than that not much else has happened.

I hope February is a bit more eventful and that I get to do some fun stuff. My definition of fun being going to the zoo or some parks or the movies or the mall or something that's cheap or free. But still, get out more and do stuff and hopefully not get sick. One of my little brothers turns... eleven it think (I'm his big sister and should know exactly what age he's turning but I am pretty sure its eleven or twelve??) so that'll be fun and that means we get Chinese food for dinner and cake which is always yummy. I plan to finish the second draft of the Weapon Icean Sequel and will either take a small break to work on Golden revisions or just jump right into revisions for the sequel since I've put myself on a deadline and schedule. My other mission for February is to get a synopsis written and put up on here and Goodreads for the sequel and maybe write a few short stories? While also working on my two classes and doing other stuff. I think I'm kind of an overachiever when it comes to my writing....

I hope you all have had a good, healthy January and I hope you all have a good, healthy, eventful February!


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