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His Soldiers

Sorry this is a day late! I was supposed to put this up Monday but I was so busy with an essay I didn't manage it. My posts will become more consistent again starting this week because I finally have my essay and Annotated Bibliography done. Enjoys I hope you like this post. :):):) Every person on this planet that accepts the Lord with all their heart and is a true follower of Him is a soldier. We battle the world daily. Some might be battling peer pressure at school. Having to look just like all the other girls even when those girls are immodest. Or some might be in danger parts of the world professing God's name. Those are all important and crucial. But the truth is everyone has personal battles to face. Some might be visible and others aren't.   God gives His hardest battles to his toughest soldiers. He will give you nothing that you can't handle. God knows you inside and out and trust me I know that there will be those hard times where you want to surrende