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How to Write the Perfect Antihero

Happy Wednesday everyone! So I know I haven't been very active recently... I've been busy writing and reading and classes have started. And now I have a cold, as is usual during the first or second week of my classes. No matter what I always get sick the first or second week of a new semester. I was hoping this semester would be different, but apparently not. Anyways, this is my last semester at Ivy Tech. I have two more classes and then I'm officially finished. I'll have my General Arts degree!! And then will have to go on in the Spring to figure out the heck I'm going to do next. But for now, enjoy my painstakingly searched out gif sets for how to write the perfect antihero (because antiheroes are my favorite): Starts out morally gray  Has a tragic past  Believes they can't be forgiven/a hero, believes their a bad guy that can't be helped  Usually meets someone and discovers the power of love (either a friendship love or

Sterling Silver Chapters 36-38!

Hey!! Sterling Silver is almost finished on Wattpad! Three new chapters are up today and then next week is the big finale, chapters 39 and 40! After next Saturday you'll be able to read through the whole book from start to finish without having to wait a week for new chapters. I am so excited and can't wait to share the climax with everyone!! Here's a sneak peek of chapter 37: Sebastian took up the front while Tabitha watched his back as he pushed the creaky door open. The inside of Berkley house had been made creepier and more sinister with all the Halloween decorations that had been left up for years at a time. There were black streamers and fake spider webs mixing with real ones. Fake blood slashed across the walls and Tabitha sucked in a breath, withholding a scream when she came face to face with a dumbies legs. She clutched her chest, remembering how one of the stupid teenage boys from her school had hung him up by his neck right above the stairs last Halloween.

Chapters 34 and 35 of Sterling Silver!

Hey! Happy Saturday! Two new chapters of Sterling Silver are up on Wattpad and things are starting to get interesting! The big climax is coming up soon and you don't want to miss it! Here's a sneak peek of chapter 25: Tabitha nodded and was about to turn around and go upstairs when someone knocked on the door. "Must be Sebastian," Derrick said, his grim expression suddenly lifting. Her mom smiled a cheeky smile too, and Tabitha narrowed her eyes, her body half turned toward the door. "What did you two do?" Derrick smirked and got up, patting her on the shoulder. "Go get dressed. Wear something nice. Sebastian's taking you out." "What?" He nodded, his grin turning teasing. "Yep. This weekend Sebastian got me alone and asked my permission to take you out on a date. He's old school, huh?" Tabitha's face turned bright red and she wished she could sink through the floor. She felt like dying. "No he did

The New Adult Genre

So, recently I've gotten into Wattpad in a big way. Not only have I been putting a few chapters of Sterling Silver on there every Saturday, but I've also found some of the best books on there as well! And you know what? Most of them I would categorize as New Adult. This genre is something I've heard about but never really explored until now. I've heard about the New Adult genre enough to know what it is. When it first surfaced I did a lot of research about it, having been interested in the creation of a new genre for, well, new adults. But at the time I hadn't considered myself a "new adult." I was still like seventeen and still very much in love with the MG and YA genre. I don't think that will ever change. The MG and YA genres will always be where I read the most books and I don't see that changing any time soon. But after reading a few of these Wattpad books, I realized how much I had forgotten how good it feels to read about a character

Sterling Silver Chapters 31-33

Hey! So I was out of town on Friday and Saturday and was too busy to make a blog post for the three new chapters on Wattpad. Sunday was pretty busy too, so better late than never. Three new chapters of Sterling Silver are up on Wattpad! There are a few more weeks left before it is officially finished! I hope to keep up this new hobby of sharing my stories on Wattpad and maybe even on my blog too. For my Peter Pan retelling, if it pans out (which I hope it does) I think I'll share the chapters on here and Wattpad. For now though, here is an excerpt from chapter 32 of Sterling Silver: Someone cleared their throat and Tabitha opened her eyes, finding her gaze settled on a pair of understanding green eyes. No doubt Sebastian had just had a difficult discussion with his own sister. Sebastian held a large black gym bag out in front of him, toward the two of them as if it were a peace offering. "Well I think the best way to finish that conversation is to let off some steam. Ca

Sterling Silver Chapters 29 and 30!

It's Saturday again, which means new chapters of Sterling Silver! Thanks to everyone who's given this book a chance on Wattpad! It's been a great experience putting a book on there and seeing what happens. I've never been committed enough to update a book every week like this. I've been on Wattpad for a while, but never really gave it a shot, so this has been a fun experiment. Here's a sneak peek of chapter 29: Tabitha's hand went to her parted lips and she stumbled back a step, hitting the wall next to the door. No... No. He couldn't have done it. Her father had been hunting a... a random vampire. A random vampire had killed him, and Tabitha had made it her mission to avenge him. To kill every vampire she met in hopes that one of them who died at her hand was the one who had killed him. Tabitha had gone into the hunting business because of her father's death. Her siblings had left her and her mother all because of her dad dying. But now.

Friday in Review: A Goodbye to the Originals

Well, get ready for lots of sadness and nostalgia! Despite the new show Legacies continuing, well, the legacy of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, I feel like this is the end to an era for me. A little dramatic, I know, but really, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals changed me as a writer and helped me through a lot of difficult times in my life. Both of those shows gave me a distraction when things got hard. ***Spoiler Alert*** Where do I begin? I guess I should begin with this: Always and Forever. That's the Mikaelson family motto. Even when they do horrible, awful things to each other, even when they hate and despise each other, they would still die for one another all because of that one promise they made together when they first became vampires. To stay together, to protect each other and love each other for always and forever. I didn't start watching this show until like the second season I think? I was in the middle of the Vampire Diaries and had g