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Sterling Silver Chapters 36-38!

Hey!! Sterling Silver is almost finished on Wattpad! Three new chapters are up today and then next week is the big finale, chapters 39 and 40! After next Saturday you'll be able to read through the whole book from start to finish without having to wait a week for new chapters. I am so excited and can't wait to share the climax with everyone!!

Here's a sneak peek of chapter 37:

Sebastian took up the front while Tabitha watched his back as he pushed the creaky door open. The inside of Berkley house had been made creepier and more sinister with all the Halloween decorations that had been left up for years at a time. There were black streamers and fake spider webs mixing with real ones. Fake blood slashed across the walls and Tabitha sucked in a breath, withholding a scream when she came face to face with a dumbies legs. She clutched her chest, remembering how one of the stupid teenage boys from her school had hung him up by his neck right above the stairs last Halloween.
"This is quite the setup you guys have here," Sebastian whispered.
A small sheepish, almost proud smile raised Tabitha's lips and she shrugged, gripping her swords. "It's not too bad. The tourists get a kick out of it."
"I bet they do."
They fell into silence as Tabitha scanned the bottom floor and Sebastian gestured for her to follow him up the stairs, holding a finger to his lips. He must have heard something. She met his eyes in acknowledgement and followed him up, avoiding all the creaky, weak steps. After a few years of volunteering to help set up the place for Halloween night she had memorized which part of the steps made noise and which didn't. They crept up the stairs, the eerie silence deafening. Tabitha shivered when her eyes caught sight of more fake blood and cobwebs. A giant plastic spider that looked a little too real in the darkness of the house hung in the corner of the stairs. all the curtains were drawn, blocking out the evening sunlight and making it feel like a Halloween night when vampires and ghosts and werewolves came out to play.


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