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July Monthly Wrap Up

Another month is over! To be honest, I was kind of ready for July to be over during the first week of the month. I'm not sure why... I guess I'm just ready for the heat to die down a little and for August to come. With August comes one more month till September when the cool weather rolls around. For some reason this year, July seemed to crawl by for me. All the other months went by super fast but this one... it sort of felt like it went on forever to me haha July Writing: July was a great writing month! I am happy I had to July so I had time to work on Wayward. The cover was finished this month (which I am beyond excited about!) and I started working on book 2. I'm also contemplating making some changes in my future plans for Dragon Hearted... Honestly, I feel like I've hit a bit of a snag in writing the episodes. They just aren't flowing as well and I think that has something to do with the fact that I veered wildly off course from what I had originally star

Friday in Review: Top Five Popular Books I Can't Stand (an unpopular opinion post)

Happy Friday everyone! So yesterday I saw this booktuber do two whole videos on popular books she doesn't like and I thought it was really fun. I love unpopular opinions, even if I disagree with them haha. It did hurt my heart a little bit that she didn't like The Cruel Prince because I love that book and series so much but I could (kind of) see where she was coming from. Anyways! I thought it would be fun to try that on here since I literally have no books to review right now... July's been a super slow reading month for me. These are all my own personal opinions, I hope I don't offend anyone but if I do, I'm sorry haha (also slight spoiler alerts for some of these! Especially the House of Hades book!)  1) The Mortal Instruments. My number one all time least favorite popular book/series is The Mortal Instruments. I can't tell you how much I can't stand this series!! To be honest, I loved the movie that came out a few years ago and I loved the TV sho

Guest Post on Brittney Kristina's Blog: Failure and Success

Hey everyone! So that blog post I talked about yesterday? Brittney just put it up today! You can find it here: This post was really fun to write and actually, I think I kind of needed to write it to remind myself that while there's been some failure, there have also been successes. There will continue to be ups and downs in my author journey, just like in life. I'll make mistakes or have failures, but then there will be those sweet, amazing moments when I succeed at something and its the best feeling ever. So, feel free to go check out Brittney's blog (she's got some awesome stuff on there and some great posts from amazing indie authors up right now) and check out my guest post. :)

Character Sketch: Mia Avery

Happy Wednesday everyone! So I had planned to get a post written over the weekend buuut things don't always go as planned. Instead I came down with a bit of a cold and though I'm feeling a little better, my brain is not up for writing an actual post. So, here's an impromptu post about all things Wayward cuz I'm so excited about this book but am currently procrastinating editing it haha Also, I wrote a whole post about my journey as an indie author and success and failure for  Brittney Kristina  which will be up on her blog either later today or tomorrow. She's doing a whole guest post indie author series on her blog and it's awesome! Plus her blog is just super chill and cool and she has some great content on there so definitely go check it out. Anyways! Onto Mia, the main character of Wayward book one of the St. Croix Falls series! I've never done a post like this before so I hope you guys enjoy it and enjoy meeting Mia and learning more about her. :)

Cover Reveal!!

Happy Sunday! I know I don't normally post on Sunday's but this couldn't wait. I have some seriously awesome news to share!! Well not so much news as an awesome cover reveal. That's right! The cover for St. Croix Falls book one is finished! The first book in the series is called Wayward and I will be sharing the blurb on here also. I am so excited about this book and love it so, so much so I really hope you like the cover (wow I just said the word "so" a lot in that sentence haha). Here it is: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Have I mentioned how much I love it?? My mom does all my covers and she did a fantastic job with this one. 😍😍 Also, here is the blurb:  Mia Avery is a city girl through and through. She loves the hustle and bustle of the city and is perfectly content with her life there. So when her mom up and moves them all of a sudden to the small seemingly boring town of St. Cr

Four Kinds of Journals I Keep

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday once again! This past week has been kind of difficult for me. My depression has been hitting me kind of hard. I've been lacking a lot of motivation to do anything and have just felt kind of tired and unhappy about most things. Not to mention I'm having some serious self-doubt about my writing and everything related to that and have just been feeling overwhelmed, even though I don't have a lot to do. So, I thought I'd go easy on myself and share something fun with all of you! I love journals and notebooks and always have at least three or four of them on my bed next to my desk at all times. They all serve a different purpose and almost all of them have been super helpful in keeping myself organized as a writer. So here are the five kinds of journals I am always using. My idea/brainstorming/plotting journal. I've been using this kind for years and it's been super helpful in keeping me organized. I write everything in there. Fro

Friday in Review: If Wishes Were Curses by Janeen Ipollito

Happy Friday once again everyone! So, I know it's like what? The second week of camp nanowrimo, but since I'm waiting for feedback on St. Croix Falls, I've decided to work on a new project to give myself some space. It is also YA contemporary fantasy and so far has been really fun to write. You can find out more about it  Here . Currently I am almost at 20,000 words. My goal was to write 5,000 words every day but yesterday I only got like 2,000 done which isn't that bad at all. My goal for today is to get to 20,000 words. Anyways, onto my book review. This book took me a while to read. Not because I didn't enjoy it or like it but because I just happened to be reading it at a really busy time. There was a lot going on and I just kept prioritizing other stuff over reading. ~~~~ The Steel City Genie Series Book 1 So I accidentally killed a shifter. On purpose. With genie powers I shouldn’t be able to use, thanks to my curse-mark. In my defense, the damn

7 Tips for Indie Authors

Yet another Wednesday has arrived! Last Wednesday I feel like my post was kind of lacking and was kind of all about me... Which I guess can be OK every once in a while, I mean it's good to have an update but I feel like that's what monthly wrap ups are for. I want my blog to be more about you, the reader, than about (or for) me. Hence this post. Over the past few months I've learned a lot about being an indie author. This is the route I want to pursue, therefore I want to know everything I possibly can about what I'm getting myself into and how to best make it work out for myself. Here are a few tips or just things in general that I've learned that not only apply to indie authors but also writers pursuing traditional publishing. Newsletters are so, so important! I knew about newsletters. I knew I should probably have one. But I didn't think they were that important. Not until I started listening to Kiersten Oliphant's Create If Writing podcast. Kierste

Friday in Review: Twisted Fate & Twisted Desire by Jessi Elliot

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great Fourth of July yesterday! :D I haven't done a book review in far too long and since I've wanted to make my book reviews as simple and easy as possible I have a new format which I got from  Rebellious Writing . So one of the only books I read in June were Twisted Fate and Twisted Desire by Jessi Elliot. Actually, I realized while talking to a friend that I didn't read any YA books in June! They were all Adult. But don't worry, I tend to remedy that with plenty of YA reads this month. Anyways, here is my content review of Twisted Fate and Twisted Desire by Jessi Elliot: Book 1 Blurb: Being kidnapped by the leader of the fae really puts a dent in your senior year.  Aurora Marshall is sharp, witty, and always has a plan. Ready to finish her business degree and graduate, her life is going smoothly–until the night she meets Tristan Westbrook. Tristan, the overbearing, gorgeous Fae Leader, and an admired businessman in

Mid-Year Update

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday and early Fourth of July. This week has felt so busy and its only halfway over haha I'm excited for the Fourth but I'm kind of ready for this week to be over... But anyways, I wasn't sure what to write this week so I figured hey let's do a mid year update cuz why not?? I hope this post is semi-interesting to you all. I feel bad that I'm not putting out something more helpful or instructional or interesting... It's just been a week. Actually, it's been a loong two weeks and my brain is kind of dead now. Next week hopefully I will have my act together haha Its midyear and I can't believe it... I feel like everything is going by waaay too quickly. I kind of feel bad cuz I feel like yet again my blog has taken a bit of a back seat. Like I need to start brainstorming and preparing posts or else I'm going to get stuck in a rut again and I don't want that to happen. I was doing pretty good at the beginning of this year