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Friday in Review: In My Journal

So this Friday in Review I'm trying something a little different. When I first started this blog I posted Bible verses at least three or four times a week on here and it was great but somewhere along the way I stopped doing that and got caught up in the writing and reader aspect of blogging. Which is great and I won't stop doing but I also want to make room on here for God and verses and my faith. So that's what I'm doing today. For my birthday I think it was, my mom got me this Promise Journal. It's gorgeous inside and out and I just finished my last Bible journal so now I've started on this one. On every other page (ever left page to be exact) there are verses and quotes on different aspects of a relationship with God and then on the right is lined pages that you can write on. I love reading through the quotes and verses and find them beautiful and encouraging and uplifting so I wanted to share one of the pages on here. This one at the top says The Best Ti

The Truth about Self-Publishing and an Update

Over the past few weeks I was feeling pretty lost and aimless as a writer and it really all stemmed from me self-publishing Weapon Icean. That was the best book I wrote at the time but over the last few weeks I feel like I've grown even more as a writer and could have made that book even better. But its out there now and people have bought it and read it so there's no going back now. It wasn't that I was expecting Weapon Icean to become the next Kindle bestseller or an instant hit but I was hoping for a few more sales. A few more readers. I did everything right. Yeah I didn't have a launch party and I didn't have beta readers or an already established audience. I didn't find blogs to do a blog tour. But I did market my book. I marketed it on Instagram and Facebook and Tumblr and now on Twitter too. I blogged about it and shared my entire journey on Instagram and my blog from the first idea to publication. I even had a promotion on Kindle and a sale which resul

Friday in Review: A Day At Comic Con

Sooooo, I'm sure your aware from the way my Instagram blew up on Saturday that I was having a blast at the local Comic Con! Like always I was super anxious the week before... I always get myself all worked up about the most exciting and smallest things to the point where I'm like why do I even bother making plans? Why do I bother going outside the house? And then once I get to the exciting thing I planned I am perfectly fine and not anxious at all and everything goes perfectly fine. #anxietyproblems (yes I do hashtags like an immature teenager but I honesty think the whole hashtag thing in day to day conversation and blogs and stuff is hilarious so I do it anyways). Anyways, it was a complete blast! I would do it again in a heartbeat. Heck I would have gone Friday, Saturday and Sunday if Sunday hadn't happened to be Easter. Sean Maguire from Once Upon a Time (he was a lot of fun) was there along with Cary Elwes (he was hilarious and really awesome!), Jewel Staite from Fir

We are Storytellers, not just Writers

I've realized something about us writers and readers and consumers of stories over the past few weeks and I figured I should share. Because the title of this post is more or less inspired by this episode... plus Andrew. The ultimate Storyteller. The past few months I've been in a big reading slump. Alwyn Hamilton broke that slump momentarily with her Traitor to the Throne (which I could not put down!!) but now I find myself re-entering my reading slump. Despite my lack of being able to get into a good book I have been consuming, devouring TV shows. When I say devour I mean for real devouring them. I think it really started with Buffy back in November 2016. I went through like... four months of being sick for weeks on end and so I had lots of time on my hands to watch shows. Let me just say I devoured Buffy and then I went and gobbled up Angel too (as in his show... sometimes I think they should have come up with a different title instead of naming the show after the mai

Friday in Review: Good Friday and Experimenting with Writing

Hey all! So, I haven’t been posting a lot the last two weeks or so even though I have several great post ideas. Also, I don’t have a revised or even semi-decent short story that I could post so today is an update day! First off, today is Good Friday. When it comes to Easter I think a lot of us would rather dwell on Sunday, when He is risen, but today is the day that my Jesus went through unbearable torture and pain to free me of my sins and save me from the enemy and I cannot put into words my love and gratitude to Him for what He endured and did for me. Today is a day to remember and honor His sacrifice for us and on Sunday we get to celebrate that He is risen and He has won and the enemy has lost.     So writing-wise, I have to say that I am super happy that I finished my handwritten revisions on Project Khione. Now it’s just time to plug in all the changes I made onto the computer… and maybe switch up the plot yet again cuz that is just how it goes sometimes. On the Weapon Ic