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God Will Meet You Where Your At

Happy Wednesday! I had a very different post planned for today, but then I saw that Hannah Brencher has her blog open for guest posts! I realized out of the few drafts I have, that one world work best, so I submitted it. Luckily, I had written another post that has to do with prayer just last week.

So, about a week ago, I put up a post on my Instagram asking people if they journal. I went into how I prayer journal every day and how much I love it. It's become one of my most favorite ways to communicate with God and has deepened my relationship with Him so much. I'm not the most eloquent with my spoken words... I stumble over my words a lot and lose my train of thought. Writing has always felt safer and more comfortable. I've come to realize that I process best through writing. So, praying out loud has always made me sort of uncomfortable and I never know what to say. It just doesn't come natural to me at all. Praying in my head I can do, but I also lose my train of tho…

Writing and Prayer

Happy Wednesday!

I never really sat and prayed about my writing until a year or two ago. I never really made the connection between the two or the fact that by praying about and for my writing that I would be inviting God into that space. He’s supposed to be in every area of our lives. We’re supposed to give Him all that we have and all that we are and for me, that includes writing. Writing is a huge part of my life. It’s my gift, my passion, my business in a way since I am self published.

For years I was so concerned that writing fantasy or more specifically urban fantasy and paranormal romance and anything with magic in it as a Christian was wrong. That I was using my writing in the wrong way because I wasn’t writing about Christian things. It felt like there was my relationship with God and then there was my writing. They were separate for so long. It just didn’t feel right to me, but I couldn’t figure out how to connect the two. I can’t write Christian fiction, I can’t write Chris…

Uncomfortable Prayer

Happy Wednesday!

At the beginning of August, I muted most of my informational/news accounts on Instagram. There’s so much hurt and pain and horrible things going on in the world this year, more so than even what the media has been sharing with everyone. Pretty much since this pandemic thing has started, I’ve been following these particular accounts that give accurate and unfiltered information and news on the constantly evolving situation that is 2020. Every day I’d open my Instagram and be bombarded with not just my favorite bookstagram people and writers, but with a daily dose of hard to swallow info and news about the world. I was under the impression that it’s important to be uncomfortable and to be aware of what’s going on even if it’s hard and it makes you cringe. But then the end of July happened, and I burned out. The pain and sin in this world was crowding all around me and overwhelming me. It all felt like too much. Even though I leaned into God like never before as my eyes w…

//WIP// The Archive Series

Happy Friday everyone!

I know I've mostly been posting faith-based posts on here lately, but this blog is also for me to share writing updates and about my WIP's and writing advice and all that. I've mostly reserved writing-related posts for whenever the mood strikes me to write about writing.
Today I realized that I did a post about Golden Touch, but not about the series and my intentions for the series that goes along with Golden Touch. Golden Touch started out as a passion project in December 2019 and it's now morphed into something much bigger and just as (if not more so) exciting! So, I thought I'd give everyone a bit of an update on where I'm at with that because why not? :)
First of all, I want to announce the series title. I got really tired of having to explain my Instagram posts which book I'm working on and if it's the second or third or first book in the Golden Touch series. That wasn't what I wanted the series to be called, so I figured I …

Ask and Receive

I was reading through 1 Kings chapter 3 the other day. It's the chapter where Solomon asks God for wisdom and amongst other things that I will get into in a moment, I found it interesting that the actual wording is Solomon asked for, "a discerning heart to govern Your people and to distinguish between right and wrong." A very specific request to fit a very specific need as king.
But what gets me when I read it was how God responded. Our God is so gracious and so amazing. Since Solomon from a place of humility and faith in God, God said that since he did not ask for a long life or wealth and asked for the death of his enemies, He will give him what he asked. He will give him a wise and discerning heart. The fact that God was even like I'll give you what you ask is a gift to Solomon in and of itself. God is so good like that. This interaction reminds me of what Jesus said in Mark. Mark writes in 11:24 that Jesus said, "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in…