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Let the Storm Break by Shannon Messenger

Hello and here is  the synopsis for Let the Storm Break by Shannon Messenger: Vane Weston's life isn't so simply anymore. Audra disappeared, leaving Vane to lie for her to the Gales, to the traitorous winds that slip into his mind, and try to trap him in his worst nightmares. His enemy grows stronger each passing day and he isn't sure how much long her can last on his own. Audra is still running though, from the Gales, from her past, and even  from Vane, who she doesn't think she deserves. The farther she flees though the more danger she comes across. She has the secret power her enemy wants and she isn't sure if she can protect it, especially when she learns of Raiden's newest weapon. Audra and Vane have to choose to either trust the failing winds or a person from their past that betrayed them. The Gale Force is weakened and Raiden is growing stronger. Even if they survive they survive the winds that are sent to destroy them they aren't sure if ther