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Let the Storm Break by Shannon Messenger

Hello and here is the synopsis for Let the Storm Break by Shannon Messenger:


Vane Weston's life isn't so simply anymore. Audra disappeared, leaving Vane to lie for her to the Gales, to the traitorous winds that slip into his mind, and try to trap him in his worst nightmares. His enemy grows stronger each passing day and he isn't sure how much long her can last on his own.

Audra is still running though, from the Gales, from her past, and even  from Vane, who she doesn't think she deserves. The farther she flees though the more danger she comes across. She has the secret power her enemy wants and she isn't sure if she can protect it, especially when she learns of Raiden's newest weapon.

Audra and Vane have to choose to either trust the failing winds or a person from their past that betrayed them. The Gale Force is weakened and Raiden is growing stronger. Even if they survive they survive the winds that are sent to destroy them they aren't sure if there will be anything left to hold onto or go back to.

Like all of Shannon Messenger's books, this one was an incredible work of art. I adored her first book, loving to watch Vane and Audra's relationship take off. But this one is when they really soar. It hurt me at first that they were separated because they had just really gotten together.  After a little while I was glad because I got more one on one time with each character. Plus, Shannon Messenger introduces a special someone that complicates things a bit for Vane. Call me evil but I loved watching how Shannon Messenger made her characters suffer, because she makes it so effortless and with Vane's sarcastic witty voice its almost funny to see him in dire situations. It was also enjoyable to see how he reacts to the Gale Force who wants to shove stubborn, free spirited Vane into the role of the king. If you read the first book then you'll know that that is not an easy feat. And as for Audra she is out there in the middle of nowhere dealing with her own problems. At first I wasn't sure that I liked her having Westerly, but near the end of the book I realized that she kind of had to since she had a lot more experience with everything than Vane did. Shannon Messenger is awesome at stopping her chapters with gigantic cliffhangers and then skipping to another character.  It left me practically tearing through each chapter to see what would happen to either Vane or Audra and then that chapter would end in a cliffhanger.  That would make me rush through the next one. It was constant and I loved it. Also, I liked how Vane's parents were clued in to all the Gale Force supernatural wind controller thing. Usually YA or even Middle School books shove the parents aside and focus only on the main character, but Shannon Messenger makes sure to include Vane's worrisome overprotective parents. That is one of the many things that really sets this book apart and the ending was phenomenal. It was perfectly balanced between Vane's point of view and Audra's. Not to mention the giant cliffhanger that Shannon Messenger leaves at the very end of the book when things couldn't be more difficult for Vane.  I know that the third installment of this series is well worth the wait. Two words that would sum up the first and second books in this series are, epic romance. That's all you really need before you run to go buy the first book and then the second and then wait anxiously checking Shannon Messenger's blog for updates. I would say that this book is for ages sixteen and up, if only because Vane does say a few mildly bad words and there is,of course, kissing. Between who though? Now that is the question. I feel like I end every romance book post like this. With this one though its not really necessary because you hopefully have already connected the dots. Anyway make sure to check out Let the Sky Fall the first book in the series and then buy or borrow the second one from the library.  If you're still starving for more of Shannon Messenger's awesome books go get Keeper of the Lost Cities and its second in the series Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile. I love all of her books (personally I like the Keeper books just a little bit more if only because its an awesome twist on elves plus it helps that there are plenty of mysteries to figure out) and I hope you love them too.


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