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The Lux Series Part One by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Sorry I'm not sure why but I've tried posting this book like two times already but it isn't showing up so here is what Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout: When Katy moved to West Virginia she thought all she was getting was a whole lot of boring... that was up until she met her next door neighbor,  Daemon Black. He was gorgeous... up until he opened his mouth. He was  arrogant and infuriating. They don't get along until he saves Katy's life by freezing a truck in place. And that is when all the secrets come out. Daemon, and his sister Dee, are actually aliens and they have enemies on Earth that would do anything to get to them. Now before you go, find that book, and start reading, stop for a moment and think about what I have to say. I was a sucker, read that,  and flipped it open diving right in head first. Not such a good idea. Like I've said before,  I can easily deceived by some books. Some of them just sound so good, they have great covers, their plot