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Five of My Favorite Resource Books for Writers (For Beginners or Professional Writers Alike)

Heya! So I've been brainstorming blog posts for Wednesday's and strangely enough almost all of them are list posts. I love lists. I brainstorm for characters and plots through writing out lists. I make mental checklists for my day and I think the best when I list things. It's nice and organized and easy to understand. So I guess this is just a heads up because I have lots of lists planned. First though, a quick writing update. I was beyond happy yesterday when I finished my vampire hunter work in progress. That's a whole other post for another day but I have never been so happy with a book in my life. My characters are great, my plot is great, it's all great (if I do say so myself.) And! I sent out Weapon Icean to the editor last week! Which as you can tell by all the exclamation points that I am super, super excited about! She said it'll take her till August but I'm willing to wait. I think that's all for now. So onto the list! I have tons of resour

Friday in Review: Even if the Sky Falls

Hi everyone! Last week I was in Kentucky with my grandparents and so of course we had to stop at Barnes and Nobles. I was checking out the books in the Young Adult section and it was a hard decision to choose between so many books. I hadn't been in Barnes and Nobles in forever so there are plenty of new covers, new stories to check out. But ultimately I decided on Even if the Sky Falls. Mostly... because of the cover. I mean look at it! It's gorgeous and beautiful and I just sort of had to have it on my bookshelf. So I bought it and started reading it and I just have to say its one of a kind. I don't think I've ever read a book that has a story that happens in exactly one night and a morning. You say, that's impossible! No way the Mia Garcia could have done that! I said the same thing and then I read it and nodded in approval. She did pretty amazing for writing a book, a girl's entire story in one night.   All she needs is one night to be anyone she want

Writing Love (Told by Megamind)

Hey everyone! So I totally spaced on a post last Friday and... I may space again since me and my brother are going down to Kentucky for the weekend. Besides my reading has gone down considerably since the beginning of the year. My TBR went from a waterfall to a trickle and now I'm scrambling to find other books to read. I've seen a lot of posts about complaining about writing. The woes of writing and such. And yes there are a lot of hard things about writing but sometimes you just feel on top of the world when you write. Sometimes your book is just the best thing in the world for you. Your characters are actually cooperating for once (shocker!), your worldbuilding is superb and your plot is to die for. So here you go. Gifs to explain the awesomeness of writing because I love to write. I love to complain about writing but I also love gushing about the pure awesomeness of writing too.                                                          Finishing a first draft. Bec

Writerly Music and Playlists

Hey everyone! So... I'm kind of sick again and so this blog post is kind of simple and easy to write and do. Next week hopefully I'll have something a little better but for now here are some of my favorite bands and music that I like to write to. Before I start I have to say that I love Spotify and I recommend it to all writers who like to listen to music while writing. There's a limitless supply of music on there. You can make character playlists, emotion playlists, and just writing playlists for different books. And it's so easy. I usually make playlists for new characters and books that I start to write. Most of them are on Spotify and I have just a little bit too many playlists on there. It's kind of crazy... But anyways there are always certain bands that I go to when I want to be inspired or when I'm creating a new playlist for my characters. So here they are: For My Intense, Dark and Brooding Characters: Almost all of my playlists for my charact