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January 2019 Wrap-Up

Wow! The first month of the year is nearly over! I can't believe it's almost already February. Just one more month and it'll be my birthday! With the end of January, I'm really starting to think about what I want to do this year, mostly concerning this blog and my writing and stuff. I want to change some things blogger-wise and grow my audience, though I'm still trying to brainstorm and figure out the best ways to do that. There are just a lot of thoughts and ideas floating around in my head right now that are hard to organize and put down on paper (or type out on keyboard), but I'm sure with all these ideas and thoughts, there will come lots more blog posts. So instead of trying to organize my messy thoughts right now, I think I'll just do my wrap-up same as usual. January Writing: This month's writing has been good. December was a hard month for me. I was super burnt out and blocked in everything I did. Writing three different versions of my Pete

Chapters 12 and 13 are now up!

Hey everyone! So here's chapters 12 and 13 on Wattpad of Hunter's Heritage! I love on Wattpad that I can publish two chapters a week. It gives me more time with the story. If I have last minute changes I can change them before putting the chapters up. Right now, I sort of have an idea for a few small changes for how the book will end. But anyways, enjoy the two new chapters! After about ten minutes of everyone getting ready they all headed outside. Tabitha had made sure Chelsea had a stake tucked away in her purse while Jonas assured her again that he would take care of her. He had more than a few stakes on him which did make Tabitha relax a little. They all piled into Sebastian ’s car with Mirabel and Toulouse taking their own car, a shiny black Bentley and headed out toward the city. Before leaving they had decided that Toulouse and Mirabel would look through the French Quarter, Treme, Bywater and Downtown since they knew the place the best. Toulouse would drop Chelsea an

Following Your Dreams (Ft. Tangled gifs)

So I know I've already talked about this many times on here, but since I was kind of out of ideas on what to write for this blog, I thought this was worth sharing on here. On Instagram the other day I posted about following your dreams. Over Christmas... well it was a few weeks after Christmas, but same difference ;) my best friend and I exchanged gifts and he got me something really sweet. A dreamcatcher necklace with three Tangled pins on it and explained how it was a reminder to follow my dreams since he knows that I want to get traditionally published this year, or at least try to. I actually hadn't really thought of what I'm doing as following my dreams, but its true. The one dream I've had since I can remember was to be a published author. Through self-publication I have been, but one of my other big dreams is to be traditionally published. But because I am so goal oriented, I've only thought of it as a goal to achieve, something to check off a list for

Hunter's Heritage: Chapters Ten and Eleven!

I didn't get around to updating last weekend. It was a busy week... We were out of town and there was a death in the family and I just didn't have the mental energy to work through chapter ten (which needed a major revision before I could post it). But after a week of getting back into the swing of things, I had the time and energy to revise the chapters, so here they are! I hope you enjoy! Sebastian would never admit it out loud, but Jonas was right. By the time the sun began to set, Sebastian was eager to get out of the car. He loved Tabitha with all his heart, but she was driving him crazy. They had stopped twice for a bathroom break and each time she had whined about getting back in the car. When she wasn't complaining, she was either making mindless chatter with anyone who had the patience to not ignore her, switch stations ever few minutes or rope Sebastian into a road trip game. He planned to speed the rest of the way tomorrow to New Orleans just so he wouldn

Writing Update and the Importance of Themes

So, I've moved past my writer's block and burnout but now I'm feeling blocked when it comes to ideas for what to write on this blog... I guess right now I just don't have anything super pressing to talk about or that I'm very passionate about at the moment. Since I'm fresh out of ideas but still wanted to get something out there today, here is an update on my writing! I finished a major draft in Second Star to the Right (still brainstorming a new name for it cuz I feel like this one has already been taken) yesterday. It was pretty awesome. I haven't felt so into a story and so motivated and just having the mental energy to complete so much in one day in a long time. I wrote three new chapters, deleted whole chapters (killing your darlings is hard!) and I feel like the story is really coming together. I'm pretty proud of the way its turning out. It'll still need to go through lots of more drafts, but that one was the biggest one and required the m

Hunter's Heritage Chapters Eight and Nine

I hope you all have had a great first week of the year! This week has been pretty great for me. We went to see two movies this week. Into the Spider-Verse (which was so fantastic. It was one of the best movies I've ever seen) and Aquaman (which was a fun movie). I'm also almost done with Fawkes by Nadine Brandes and I think I'll write a review of it since I haven't done that in a while. For now though, here's two new chapters of Hunter's Heritage: An hour in and Tabitha was already getting bored. She had already switched the station five times in the past ten minutes, and she could tell from Sebastian’s pinched expression that it was getting on his nerves. From the way Jonas sulked in the backseat, his eyes on his phone Tabitha could tell the music wasn’t helping him either. She frowned and sighed loudly, slumping in her seat. Sebastian’s mouth turned up an amused smile. “What is it Tabitha?” “I’m bored,” she groaned. “And here we go,” Jonas muttered

Happy New Years!!

Happy New Years everyone! 2019 is officially here! Some parts of last year felt like they went by so slowly while other parts feel like they were a blur. But overall, 2018 was a good year and I have a feeling 2019 will be a good year too. 2019 is a new season of life for me and others and I'm so excited to see what God has planned for myself, friends and family. I know I've already posted my goals for 2019 but there are a few more I want to add. Since writing the Looking Forward to 2019 post, I had a few epiphanies that I think are important. First of all, one of the authors I follow on Instagram wrote a post today about the difference between dreams and goals. Goals are achievable. They can be accomplished. Dreams can be too, but sometimes certain dreams are out of our control and when we fail to accomplish that dream, we fail. She said how she really wanted to sell a book in 2019. To pitch a book to her agent and get it out there. But that's not a goal. That's a