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Hunter's Heritage: Chapters Ten and Eleven!

I didn't get around to updating last weekend. It was a busy week... We were out of town and there was a death in the family and I just didn't have the mental energy to work through chapter ten (which needed a major revision before I could post it). But after a week of getting back into the swing of things, I had the time and energy to revise the chapters, so here they are! I hope you enjoy!

Sebastian would never admit it out loud, but Jonas was right. By the time the sun began to set, Sebastian was eager to get out of the car. He loved Tabitha with all his heart, but she was driving him crazy. They had stopped twice for a bathroom break and each time she had whined about getting back in the car. When she wasn't complaining, she was either making mindless chatter with anyone who had the patience to not ignore her, switch stations ever few minutes or rope Sebastian into a road trip game. He planned to speed the rest of the way tomorrow to New Orleans just so he wouldn't have to endure another whole day in the car with Tabitha.
He pulled into the lot of a large hotel and the instant he stopped the car Tabitha threw open the door and jumped out. She gasped dramatically. "Oh my gosh! Finally, relief!"
Sebastian smiled wearily as he got out, watching Tabitha stretch her arms over her head and then lean against the car and stretch her legs. Chelsea and Jonas got out, stretching too.
"Can we afford this?" Chelsea asked, gazing up at the nice hotel.
Sebastian flashed her a quick smile. "I can."
Her eyes widened, and Tabitha waved her astonishment away. "This is an all-expenses paid trip curtsey of Sebastian's hundred and something years' worth of money hoarding."
Sebastian frowned at that. "It's not hoarding. It's called being smart with your money."
Tabitha just shrugged, smirking at him. "Seems like hoarding to me. Anyways, let's get inside. I need a major break from the sight of that car."
Sebastian just sighed and went around to the trunk. Jonas followed, both the girls assuming the two of them would grab their backs for them. He understood why Tabitha wanted Jonas on this trip. It was logical and a good choice. Two hunters and a vampire had more of a chance to catch a murderous vampire than one hunter, a vampire and an amateur human, but he couldn't shake the untrustworthy feeling he had toward Jonas. Honestly the boy looked a little worse for wear with dark circles under his eyes. Sebastian had lost his parents when he was a near his age, so he understood what him and Tabitha were going through. He also knew that just because he was related to Kyle didn't make him a bad guy.
But he was part of the Moirai and a definite rule follower. Jonas may be going along with this plan for now, but the minute something drastic happened he would call in backup, Sebastian was sure of it. He wouldn't let him jeopardize this mission. Sebastian wished he could read Jonas' mind seeing how the boy gave him the cold shoulder as much as Sebastian was to him. Jonas took rowan everyday though barring Sebastian from his thoughts. He wondered if Jonas picked up on Sebastian's chilliness toward him and was reciprocating. Jonas took Chelsea's suitcase and his own while Sebastian grimaced down at the rest of the luggage. Most of the trunk was occupied by Tabitha's things. Knowing her, she would want at least half of her wardrobe for tomorrow morning, so Sebastian grabbed his bag and two of her suitcases. He shut the door and walked around to the front of the car, handing one of the suitcases to Tabitha.
She blinked at him teasingly. "What happened to being a gentleman? Aren't you going to carry my things?"
For a second Sebastian was tempted to tell her the last time he had helped a young lady with her bags at a hotel it had ended with him being strangled. Alistair had already told her that story, though, and he didn't feel like watching Chelsea gape at him the rest of the road trip. Mary Jane with her scarlet curls and devilish green eyes flashed across his mind. The way she had cornered him, the naïve son of a farmer who had been taught to always respect a young lady. She had used his manners against him by innocently asking if he could help her with her bags, having made a show of being unable to lift her things. Now Sebastian knew she could have lifted both bags and then some, but at the time he had been so unknowing. He had gladly accepted, not only out of respect but also because she was quite beautiful and alluring.


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