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Monthly Wrap-Up: February

January felt like a life time, that month took forever, but February's always seem short... probably because they are. It's been a good month, but I'm ready for March! My birthday is next week on Friday and I'm turning twenty! I'll officially no longer be a teenager. :( ;) The weather is starting to warm up a little bit. I mean, it's still cold most days, but more frequently we're getting 50-60 degree weather, which is nice... but also... I love the cold and wearing jeans and boots. Spring is always bittersweet for me because by the time March comes around I'm sort of ready for a little warmer weather, but on the other hand... I'm also just not. I'm not ready for summer and the heat and having to wear shorts at all.  Anyways, here's everything I've been up to over the past month.  February Writing: Writing-wise, it's been a pretty productive month. I've finished the pen and paper revisions and edits on Project Hellion and a

Writing Update: Project Hellion

Hey everyone! So, I thought I would give an update this week on my writing and what I've been up to writing-wise since the beginning of this year. I feel like a lot has happened since January 2018, especially when it comes to my writing. After finishing revisions on Silver, I decided to take a break on that trilogy (which makes me sad but I promised myself I would definitely get back to those books as soon as the big revisions on Project Hellion are complete), so that I could work more or less exclusively on the sequel to Weapon Icean. This book was my nanowrimo novel for 2016 and 2017 and I spent most of 2017 working and reworking on this book until it all finally fit together. I think this is the longest I've ever worked on a book, which just goes to show how incredibly fast I can be and how incredibly impatient I can be. But if 2017 taught me anything, it was to be patient, especially when it comes to my writing. Anyways, so, I was calling the sequel Project Khione for t

Friday in Review: The Middle Grade Genre and The Problim Children

First of all, Of Magic and Mayhem is on sale for 0.99 this weekend!! So get it now while it's on sale! :D You can get it HERE The month of February has been a Middle Grade book kind of a month. While everyone else is reading Valentine and romance books, I've been reading sweet, magical books about kid going on adventures. After reading The Problim Children, I've felt the sudden need to reread the Sister's Grimm series (which I usually end up rereading at least once every year) so I think I'm going to start on that. As I'm working on revisions for Project Hellion (the new title for Project Khione!!) I was inspired by the stories of The Problim Children, Snow and Rose and The Sister's Grimm and came up with an idea for a new MG book. Its a Peter Pan/Pied Piper retelling and I'm really excited about it! When I was watching Myths and Monsters on Netflix, they talked about the story of the Pied Piper and how they have actual evidence that something di

My Top Ten Favorite Fiction Relationships for Valentines' Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! Eat lots of chocolate, watch your favorite romance movie and enjoy the day. Tomorrow is actually my little brother's birthday. He turn 12! :O which is so crazy! Anyways, since it's Valentine's Day, I thought I would share my top ten favorite fictional relationships. (Warning: a lot of them will be from TVD and TV shows). Elena and Damon from TVD:  They, of course, are at the top of the list because they are forever my favorite OTP! I loved watching their relationship through the seasons. Elena was literally Damon's only friend for a long time and despite having disagreements and such, they stayed friends until that friendship became something more. All that waiting was worth it in the end. Caroline and Stefan from TVD: My second favorite OTP. They are just perfect together. I feel like they match better than Elena and Stefan did. Caroline's the perky, optimistic girl and Stefan's the brooding hero. Their friendship was ad

Friday in Review: Roswell

Hey everyone! So, I'm actually on top of this blogging thing for once. I already wrote my Valentine post for next week and since I haven't done a Friday in Review in a while I thought I would now. At the beginning of January I was bored and out of shows to watch so I was looking through Hulu and found this show Roswell. It's an early 2000's show and it took one or two episodes to really get into it. I feel like not everyone would be into this show. You have to like teen drama and a little bit of cheesiness and aliens of course, which I do, to like it. Anyways, I was obsessed! I think it was half way through the second season that we all came down with the flu and I just binged the entire last two seasons in a week cuz I was in bed all day trying to recover. The plot is fairly simple and they never got too much into hardcore sci-fi. Max, Michael and Isabel, never got to go to their home planet or meet other aliens in their actual forms or anything like that, which I