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Friday in Review: Roswell

Hey everyone! So, I'm actually on top of this blogging thing for once. I already wrote my Valentine post for next week and since I haven't done a Friday in Review in a while I thought I would now. At the beginning of January I was bored and out of shows to watch so I was looking through Hulu and found this show Roswell. It's an early 2000's show and it took one or two episodes to really get into it. I feel like not everyone would be into this show. You have to like teen drama and a little bit of cheesiness and aliens of course, which I do, to like it. Anyways, I was obsessed! I think it was half way through the second season that we all came down with the flu and I just binged the entire last two seasons in a week cuz I was in bed all day trying to recover.

The plot is fairly simple and they never got too much into hardcore sci-fi. Max, Michael and Isabel, never got to go to their home planet or meet other aliens in their actual forms or anything like that, which I actually kind of liked. I mean, I would have liked to see more of that, but the show only had three seasons and I feel like the simpler the better. It made it so the show could focus on the relationships and what it's like to be an alien on Earth and all that, instead of bogging the show down with too many spaceships and all that (I know... you can never have too many spaceships and alien-ish stuff, but for this show it worked). The whole plot felt really clean and tailored, without any filler stuff to bog it down. Just look at Buffy and Angel, yeah those were great shows, but man they got seriously weird! And waaay into the supernatural stuff of hell dimensions and heaven dimensions and curses and all that stuff, which I love, but sometimes I just want something a little simpler like three teenage aliens finding love and going to high school.

There were lots of twists and turns and I think my favorite season finale of the show was the first one, including the episode before that. It really showcased how good Max's actor really was. He had to play a shape-shifter who had shifted into his body and play the bad guy and he did a really good job. It sort of reminded me of all the different characters Nina Dobrev had to act in TVD.

What made the story, wasn't the plot. It was good and it kept you involved and interested, but what really kept you into it, were the characters. I had watched the first episode late 2017, but then stopped cuz it felt too cheesy and it was a little difficult to get into cuz I feel like Liz's actress was still sort of figuring out how to act her. The first few episodes of her performance, reminded me of Kristen Stewart in the Twilight series. Sort of emotionless with a monotone voice. But after a few episodes Liz really came to life and bloomed and by the third season she was so animate and alive.

Maria, her best friend, was a little hard to get into too. Her character is over the top, dramatic and the actress definitely sold it, but it's hard for me to get into those sort of larger than life characters. I feel like for the first few episodes, most of the actors (except for Max's actor) were figuring out and nailing down who their characters were and how to properly be them, and by the third or fourth episode, they figured that out and the show went more smoothly. Maria became one of my favorite characters. She really was larger than life and dramatic and screamed and freaked out over everything, and by the end of the series she was strong and independent and sassy and no-nonsense.

As for the aliens, Isabel was hard to figure out. She's the only female alien and at first she seemed really stand-offish and bossy, (she sort of stayed that way through the whole series, but like Caroline from TVD, she grew on you) and a bit of a control freak. But she was also sort of a damsel, her brothers made all the decisions for her and pushed her around a little bit and I liked that as the show went on, she learned to stand on her own two feet and not let Max or anyone push her around and tell her what she could or couldn't do.

Max, by far, I feel like was the most complex character. He was super sweet and soft-spoken, but sometimes, especially near the end of the first season and throughout the second and third he grew into himself a little too much. Since he was supposed to be the leader, he took that too seriously and while having this super compassionate, loving, kind side with a soft voice and could be so romantic with Liz, there was this other side of him that the writers showed every once in a while.
This controlling, almost dictator-ish leader side of him, where he tried to push people to get in line and follow his lead. You know and understand his reasoning, but it takes you by surprise when he first acts like that. I think that's what made him and Liz such a good couple. She helped balance him out and make him stop and think before getting into a fight with Michael or bossing Isabel around.

Michael was also a pretty complex character. I really liked him and I thought his backstory and home life was pretty unique. Isabel and Max got to live with a great family, two loving parents, but Michael was given to this horrible, nasty guy in a trailer park who abused him and got into shouting matches a lot. Throughout the entire first season, Michael searched for a father figure out of the hope that this wasn't the life he would be stuck with.
He searched for his home planet, believing that if he found it, his life would be better. His whole arc was very well done and I really liked how, in most other shows Max would have been the "good brother" and Michael would have been the "bad brother" and there would have been a big fight and Michael would have turned completely "bad" and become the enemy, but no matter how many times the two boys fought they still were there for each other.

Even when there was a bit of a power struggle between Max and Michael, when it was all said and done they were still brothers and didn't have any (or too many) hard feelings about the whole thing and I really liked that. Even though Michael made it really hard for people to love him and help him, they all still stood by him and I think that's a rare thing to see in a lot of TV shows today.

 His on-again, off-again relationship with Maria was very entertaining to watch to. Half the time they were arguing and the other half they were completely in love with each other. Michael was hopeless and I loved how, by the second season, he practically lived his life by what Maria said because he trusted her to know the right to thing to do and say in a situation that he had no clue what to do in.

 By the middle of the second season they were partners in crime (unlike Liz and Max who literally were partners in crime in season three) and stuck up for on another. Maria stayed by Michael's side through thick and thin, even when he was so stupid and made the wrong decisions. The third season was heart-wrenching for them, but I like how they sort of got back together in the end and I like to think they worked everything out and had a happy ending. The only way to define their relationship, is entertaining and dysfunctional.

Liz and Max on the other hand were the perfect couple for a long time, a lot like how Stefan and Elena were. They never fought, they were always together and were infatuated with one another. They were the sweetest thing ever, then the second season rolled around and stuff happened and their relationship became rockier. But, just like Michael and Maria, Liz and Max never truly left each other.

 They were still loyal to each other and protected each other and the series finale? Best ending for them ever!

Then, there was poor Isabel. The one boy who thought she was beautiful and respected her and didn't care about the whole alien thing... he died.
That was like one of the saddest episodes ever! But I like how Isabel ended in the third season. Happy and married and a real independent adult. Not to mention, I loved all of the Christmas episodes because she was so funny in them. Running around like a crazy person, organizing everything for practically the entire town.

Overall, I really enjoyed this show. The old CW was amazing with Roswell and Buffy and Angel and just all of it and I think they need to get back to their roots. A lot of their new shows that aren't DC are dying off. Dynasty and all that? The CW audience go that network to watch superheroes, vampires and the apocalyptic shows. They go for the weird stuff. Not stupid dramas. And since they're remaking Roswell, I'm really worried! I don't want them to screw it up and I hope they choose the right actors, especially for Michael (first season Michael had the best hair ever). From what I've heard though, is it's going to be pretty politically heavy, so the show will probably be ruined anyways, especially if it crashes and burns like their last attempt at high school aliens Star-Crossed.

And speaking of remakes, have you guys heard Disney is making live-action Kim Possible movie?? That will be hard to live up to. That show was the most awesome and best show of my childhoods. I even have the Her Universe Kim Possible shirt! So you could say I have high standards. Kim Possible had better be a red head and look like her character in the series.
Isn't it sad that we have to hope that Disney and other networks actually make the characters look like they're supposed to in the original shows and comics and movies? Just because you're making something live-action doesn't mean you need to change a character's skin color or hair color. (I'm looking at that horrible remake of The Fantastic Four, amongst other ruined characters that deviated from the beloved, original design). I don't want any feminist themes or undertones or jabs in the movie. Plus, I hope Shego and Drakken are the bad guys!

I want to see a live action version of them so bad, just as long as they don't screw it up!

Anyways, major side node and back to Roswell. If you love aliens and high school dramas and romance, I definitely suggest you check out Roswell. It's on Hulu and it's so good!!

I hope you all have a great weekend everyone! 


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