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Friday Musings #6

Happy Friday and happy Valentine's Day!

I had this whole Valentine's post planned for Wednesday and then... the week got away from me and I ended up not finishing it. :( I was pretty excited about it though, so I think I'll finish writing it over the weekend and post it next week.

This week has been a bit of a rough one. My anxiety's felt a little out of control lately and this week has just felt like one thing after another. It's been tough, but I am glad I still had the energy to get my classwork done for the week. I even got some editing done on Cursed and Golden Touch too.

I started Chosen by Kirsten White this week! I'm only on like chapter two, but I'm loving it so far! I love the protagonist, Nina. Most other slayers are tough and strong, independent female protagonists. And if they aren't before they become a slayer, they become one pretty quickly. They give into their slayer instincts. I love that Nina started out a healer, a girl who doesn…

Friday Musings #5

Happy Friday! The first week of February is coming to a close!

The beginning of the week started out kind of rocky for me. For some reason, I kept thinking all of Monday that next week was this week. My brother's birthday is next Saturday, Valentine's Day is next Friday, and I have a dentist appointment on Thursday. I thought all that was happening this week. I did have a dentist appointment this week, yesterday actually. Anyways, Monday was a weird day haha!

I got a lot of my work done at the beginning of the week, like I did last week, which is kind of nice. I only have one other thing for class to worry about over the weekend.

This week I also started revisions on Golden Touch! Honestly, that was the easiest book I've ever revised! There were a few small things that needed fixing, I deleted a few scenes, added like two scenes and that's it. I've downloaded it onto my Kindle app and am now reading through it. I'm thinking I might do a post on it at some poin…

How to Write a First Draft like a Pantser (As Told by Transformer Gifs)

Happy Wednesday (and February)!

I loved starting the new year off with a three part series on my writing journey. It was fun not just for me to recap and to see how far I've come, but also to share a little of what I've learned over the years and to get to interact with others about what they've learned and their writing journey too.

For February though, I wanted to start out with something fun. I realized, I've written quite a few posts about my revision process. I guess, probably because revision is always the hardest and longest part for me. Drafting, for me anyways, is the relatively easy part. But I wanted an excuse to use lots of Transformers gifs because I love those movies so much and I think there are some pretty hilarious gifs to be found in those movies, so here is my drafting process (as told by Transformer gifs cus why not?).

Get the Idea Start writing said Idea without any planning at all. Beginnings are always super easy for me, so I just fly through the…