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Short Story: Infinity, The Invisible Thief

This short story sort of came out of nowhere (like most of my short stories do) but when I finished it I realized its set in the same world and time as a novel I'm working on. Set in a world where magic and creatures (vampires, werewolves, witches) are all out in public and live side-by-side with normal people. It's a fun world to write in and learn as I go on so I hope you enjoy Infinity's story! *** Infinity scowled as she bumped into someone for the third time. She jumped out of the way as the next wave of passersby swarmed the bustling city sidewalks. Being invisible was hard… But it was worth it , Infinity thought as her hand went up to her chest. Her hand fisted around the locket hanging from her throat as she dodged another person. This locket held the cure for life and death. Whatever that meant. All she knew was the witch she stole it from really didn’t want Infinity getting her hands on it. The witch who owned the store across from a fancy penthouse com

Short Story: Reunited Warriors

Since I've been so busy to hardcore work on my latest WIP and since I'm just revising Project Khione now, like basic print-out-pen-to-paper revisions I've had to found different ways to get keep my writing muscles strong and to get my creative fix for the day. So while working the third draft (a complete rewrite) of Phoebe and Jasper's story (my soulless gypsy girl and in love vampire) I've been doing some short stories here and there and I thought I would share one with you guys. This idea of the Mora'gan and Prince Roanake (Roan or Ro) has been rattling around in my brain for a while. One of these days they will get their own story but for now they'll just have to settle for the occasional short story. Reunited Warriors: The girl cradled her green mug between her hands, staring out the cafĂ©’s window as rain pelted the sidewalk. Thunder clapped in the distance, followed by a white streak of lightning. Her fingers tapped restlessly against the sid

My Favorite Social Media Platforms for Writers

As a self-published author social media is very important. As a blogger social media is important. It's not just a fun way to share what you've been up to and stay in contact with friends and family but its also a very important marketing tool. Even if you aren't published, traditionally or self, or even a blogger, if you share your art then you are marketing. If you share that your writing today or share a little of your latest project, or share a piece of a painting or doodle your working on then you are marketing. It might be unintentional but your still marketing yourself and your writing by sharing on social media that you are writing or revising or that you just finished draft 1 or draft 30 of your book. Especially if you use hashtags like #writerlife #amwriting and so on. I've come to realize how important it is to post about my writing and projects often and consistently. My goal is keep up a good following on my networks and get interest and likes. I want to sh

Writers Are Weird and That's Ok

Lately it has come to my attention that I, as a writer, am weird. We're a special kind of breed of crazy. Not many other creative or people can understand us. We talk to and for our characters as if they're real people (because uh, duh they are). We drink too much caffeine whether it be through coffee, Mountain Dew, Coke or tea. We sit in chairs in front of a computer for hours at a time, sometimes spending our whole day locked in our room (maybe that's why I relate to vampires so much, because they don't leave the house ever either...). Often times we'd rather sit and talk about character arcs, antiheroes, our latest binge-worthy TV show or book series addiction than about the latest gossip or politics. So yeah... we are a little crazy and I think that's ok. I wanted to make a list of some of the things us writers do that other people find weird (or at least that I, as a writer do that other people and myself included, find weird). That's what is so awesome

Friday in Review: A Goodbye To The Vampire Diaries

So this is probably the saddest post I've ever written. I may or may not get all weepy and there is no way I could put everything I want to put in this one post but I want to give The Vampire Diaries a proper send off. Tonight is the night that the last episode ever airs... I am so sad. My obsession and love for the show, the characters, the cast, and the writers started a couple years ago. I think I was only sixteen at the time so I started watching it in 2014 I think. That seems like forever ago. Because I had to put this in here somewhere. TVD always and forever. All I can say is that I had had a pretty crappy month or so. I just remember that one month -- I can't even remember which month it was but it was at the beginning of the year -- of awfulness. Lots of doctors and lots of tests and a pretty scary and difficult diagnosis. I had always had a little bit of anxiety and depression but after that both issues sky-rocketed. I was trying to cope with a new reality wh

Fridy In Review: Roseblood by A.G. Howard

Hey everyone! So I didn't get a post up on Wednesday. I've had a cold all week and just have been feeling tired and weird because of it. Anyways, right before we got on the plane for Disney, like at the airport in the terminal I finished Roseblood and it was great and I wanted to share what I thought with you guys! I went into Roseblood having waited forever to read it! I love A. G. Howard's Splintered series and own all of them on the Kindle. The only reason it took me so long to finish Roseblood (like it's taking forever for me to finish Starfall) is because I've been so buys with writing and class work (plus TV shows are just as important to me as books) otherwise I would have finished it much sooner. When Howard came out with her New Adult novel I bought it and started reading it expecting to be wowed like I was with Splintered. It wasn't as... good as I thought it would be but that may because I'm eighteen going on nineteen and I love me lots