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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Hey! Here's the second book in the Lunar Chronicles: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer:     Cinder is back and she's trying to break of prison. It isn't an easy feat, but with the help of a Captain she becomes the Commonwealth's most wanted fugitive.  In a small town in France Scarlet Benoit's grandmother is missing. There is so much she doesn't know about her grandmother, but when she meets Wolf, a street fighter that may know more than he lets on, Scarlet is forced to trust him. As they solve one mystery they run into another and before they know it they bump into Cinder, a known criminal. Together they must stay one step ahead of the Lunar queen who will do anything to get the handsome Prince Kai to become her husband.  I was so excited to get my hands on this second book. It was even better than the first mostly because for some reason I am naturally drawn to the dark, handsome and mysterious fictional characters and Wolf happens to have all three of those el

Winterling by Sarah Prineas

Welcome! Here is a book that I read a little bit ago and that I thought was amazing in every way, so here's the summary and then you can see what I thought about it at the bottom:    Fer is a normal girl who has never felt that she truly belongs in this world. She lives with her grandmother and doesn't really know anything about her parents. One day when she is restless and goes out for a stroll in the woods she wanders across a boy who is hurt and seems to have been attacked by wolves. And that boy is the beginning of a great adventure. He is a puck named Rook who leads her to a whimsical world full of mischief and strange people and places and rules. There, Fer realizes who she really is and that she is the only one that can right a terrible wrong that has been done to her land. With the help of a wild horse named Phouka and a mischievous, puzzling puck named Rook she does everything she can to figure out the mystery that surrounds her parents and the Lady of the land who

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Here is the summary for Divergent by Veronica Roth:  In a dystopian Chicago there is a girl named Beatrice Prior. Her world is split into five factions, each for a different virtue. Candor (for the honest), Abnegation (for the selfless and the faction that Beatrice has lived in all her life), Dauntless (for the brave), Amity (for the peaceful), and Erudite (for the intelligent). Each year every sixteen year-old in every faction must choose which faction they will continue to live their lives in. But for Beatrice it isn't so easy. She must choose between her family and what she really wants. The choice that she makes surprised everyone. Beatrice chooses to re-name herself Tris and together with her fellow initiates she must undergo they initiation. Along the way she meets a boy who is sometimes fascinating and sometimes  exasperating. It becomes harder and harder to hide her biggest secret and as it becomes a burden it also becomes a gift. She learns that though it may kill her it

My Hopeful Book List for this Year....

Here are some books I'm looking forward to reading this year: Scarlett by Marissa Meyer Cress by Marissa Meyer T he Cloak Society: Villains Rising by Jeramey Kraatz (I haven't gotten the chance to read this one yet but hopefully I'll have my hands on it soon.)  The Cloak Society: Fall of Heroes by Jeramey Kraatz Let the Storms Break by Shannon Messenger The Heroes Guide to being an Outlaw by Christopher Healy  Odin's Ravens by K.L. Armstrong and M. A. Marr  Percy Jackson's Greek Gods by Rick Riordan  The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan The Chapel Wars by Lindsey Leavitt  And the third book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger. Hope you check them out because I am!

The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine

  Here's the synopsis for The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine:        Wren Caswell is the average "good" girl who's not exactly popular but also not a social outcast junior from Sacred Heart. She wants to change, Wren doesn't want to be the quiet girl anymore but her passiveness over the years has backfired and its hard to change from how people have seen her for years to someone who speaks and isn't exactly the good girl.       Grayson Barrett ruled St. Gabe's. He was the Lacrosse star and on track to a brilliant future until he is expelled for selling term papers. Gray's life is going down hill fast and he needs to change but he's not quite sure how.      One night they run into each other at Wren's Arthurian themed catering hall and quickly find their lives connected. The rest of their story is awkward, hilarious, and full of tender love.      Now I originally found this book before it came out and I saw the cover and

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Here's the summary for Cinder by Marissa Meyer:    Cinder is a gifted mechanic and also a cyborg. She's a second rate citizen of New Beijing, a world where the plague is spreading rapidly. Her life has been anything but easy what with her mysterious past and a stepmother who hates her. Cinder's world is quickly turned upside down when she meets the handsome Prince Kai and is suddenly swept into an intergalatic struggle. She has to uncover the secrets of her past to protect her worlds future.  I just finished the book not an hour ago and I couldn't wait to share it. The first thing that caught my attention about it was that it was a retelling of Cinderella with a giant twist. She's a cyborg so my first thought was how horrible could this book be? I personally know the Cinderella story inside and out so as I read I anticipated each turning point that was in the original story and what I found interesting was what was in the middle of those major points. Cinder is

Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursa

     Hazel and Jack had been best friends since they were six spending Minneapolis summers and winters dreaming of Oz and Hogwarts and any other fantasy land there was. Now that they were eleven though, it was weird for a boy and girl to be together. The two couldn't help it though. They fit. One day though, Jack's heart becomes frozen but Hazel doesn't know that. All she knows is that Jack isn't talking to her and is acting mean to her. And things don't get much better. If anything they become stranger. Hazel is used to the strange and fantastical. When she finds that Jack has been taken to the woods by a white witch she goes after him believing that she can get him back. Along the way she runs into wolves,a woman who knit lives and many, many other strange things and people. The woods aren't like she thought they would be. Animals didn't talk and things weren't full of happily ever afters. By the end Hazel isn't sure that the same Jack that she we


Hi! Thanks for coming! I'm Melody and I love reading every kind of book there is. (Fiction and fantasy mostly with a few other genres on the side.) What I plan to do with this blog is to review great books that I've read from Middle School to YA in a Christian teen point of view. I have a tendency to judge books by their covers and so I can easily get into a book that might not have the best of things in them. I want to show you the insides of the books and not just the cover so that you know what your getting into before you dive in. I sincerely hope you stay tuned because there's going to be some awesome fun going on here.