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Plot Twist

This is such a great phrase. Though with some things could be very hard to simply declare plot twist and move on. I do find this amusing though and a great way for writers that might be having difficult times to be able to relate.  What do you think of this phrase? :)

Isaiah 41:10

This verse is so wonderful because it truly shows all of the ways that God is with us. He will help us in our time of need. And He will encourage us when we are feeling down and discouraged.  Have a great week! 

Starting the Novel

This is such a beautiful quote and truly captures the magic of starting a new novel. You aren't sure what your characters have in store for you and you can't quite see the world.  But you can feel the dirt (or concrete), and hear the wind whistling around you as you open up and write. Happy writing everyone! 

Joshua 1:9

For anyone and everyone doing nanowrimo.  A verse for encouragement. :):):) Be strong and courageous in The Lord.  Happy writing this week! 

Home Stretch!

I started nanowrimo on impulsive. Every other writer seemed to be doing it so I thought, why not?  So on November second I decided on a whim that I was gonna do nanowrimo. Probably not the best decision ever but hey it's been fun. And now we're on the last week!  How awesome is that?  For this last week I wanted to throw a quote out there that would help keep everyone going.  Hope you find it inspiring.

Complex Characters

     So over the past month or so I've come in contact with a lot of complex characters and have questioned what makes a character memorable and complex. What makes you fall in love with a certain character and what makes them so special to you? This is what I can up with:  A Little Bit of Both:      In the Vampire Dairies there's a character named Damon and is probably one of the most intriguing and complex characters I've ever seen. He has layers upon layers of depth in him.      One minute he's a total jerk and the next minute he's as sweet as can be. You never know what he'll do next. But never once do you really, actually hate him.      Why?      Because eventually you have sympathy for him... you feel bad because he can't trust anyone and doesn't have any actual friends.      He's one of those characters that is a unique shade of gray. A little bit of bad and a little bit of good.       And I think that's just one way of making a com

Matthew 38:20

This verse helps remind us that God will always no matter what. Even in our hardest times He is still watching over us and protecting us. :):) And so I am sincerely sorry in advance if I don't get a post up every day like usual... It's been a busy weekend. :):) 

Being Three People

So I chose the background today cause it started snowing this weekend! And I was excited about it so yeah.  Anyway this quote is so true. I read a book that mentioned this and when I first read it I wasn't sure what the author meant but now I do. You have to be the writer. You have to have the skills and gifts of a writer.  But then you also have to let your characters take control of the story and let them lead. Which means that you have to know your characters so well that they become real to you.  And last but certainly not least, you have to be the reader. You need to have the mind set of the reader and know what will and won't grab a readers attention.  Hope you like this quote. :):):) 

A Quote on Creativity

While your going through your daily activities make sure to look for ideas. Notice them and use them. Creativity is everywhere.  Have a great weakend! 

The Fog in Your Mind

I envision this quote as writers or pretty much just anyone and everyone having this veil over your mind. That veil sort of can cause creativity block or writer's block for writers.  But writing helps clear that. It burns that veil that separates crazy ideas from reality and makes it all blend together.  And that is what I love so much about writing. It let's me blend my boring world with places full of magic and incredible things.  Have a great rest of the week! :) 

Three Things to Write About

I like this quote a lot if only because it's extremely true. Those are the three primary things that people write about.  Sure there's adventure, revenge, fun, and many other things but those are the things people write about most. Love. Death or loss.  And God.  Which do you write about? 

An Unyielding Call

This is so great and so very true. Only a true writer or anyone really with a passion will understand this. It's not that you choose to write. It's that you have to write. Writing is an essential part of living to an honest writer. 

The Quote on Torturing Your Readers

So this quote stuck out to me specifically because I'm reading Shannon Messenger's newest release: Everblaze.  And may I just say Shannon Messenger is the mast at all four and more of those things.  Those, in my opinion, are some of the most important elements to have in a story because they guarantee that the reader will keep reading.  Does your book have any of those? 

Jeremiah 29:13

Now at first glance this verse may be confusing cause it's got a lot of seeking in it.  But when you look again you see something deeper.  God says that when you seek Him with all your heart you will find Him.  That means that as long as you give Him your all, your whole heart, your whole life, you will find true love and happiness in Him.  Have a great week and Monday! 

God's Version of Love

I love this verse because it shows how love should feel like and how love should look like. When you fall in love, or more when you get married, it's no longer about you. It's about your spouse, the love of your life. You have to learn to be selfless, kind, forgiving, understanding and much, much more. And that's how your relationship with God should look like. You should selflessly serve others for God . You should love Him with all your heart, mind and soul. You should serve Him with joy and delight in speaking to Him. The best way to learn how to love someone with all your heart is having a healthy, beautiful relationship with The Lord and by following His example in loving us more than we can possibly imagine.  Hope you all have a great week. 

Critique Partners

This post is just a shout out to the Go Teen Writers blog and Stephanie Morill's post on Critique Partners.    I've  never had a critique partner and I only have you friend that writers. She writes poetry and so it's a little different. Check out the Critique Partners post here: And sign up to get a critique partner and be matched up with fellow teen writers. :):)  (And make sure to wish Stephanie Morrill a late happy birthday.)

Beatrix Potter

This is for everyone doing nanowrimo this year. I love this quote. Those first words are thrilling to write because you don't really know where the story is going to go, where your characters will want to take you or how the story will change as you write. Even if you outline you still have that adrenaline rush of thrill thinking that you finally get to write all those exciting events.  Just keep on writing and let the words lead you to where they want you to. Happy writing! 

The Book You Love

This quote is just so wonderful and very true. You can't write something that you're not passionate about. I get that from my mom all the time after I complain about an idea not sticking. You have to write the things that are in you're heart and that you truly will enjoy writing and reading.  What do you think of this quote? 

Books on Craft Writing

There are four books that have changed my writing drastically and I want to share them with all of you so that maybe they can change you too.  1. Go Teen Writers by Stephanie Morrill and Jill Williamson: this was the first craft book I read and after devouring all the information in there I put everything I had learned into good use by writing a magnificent book.  2. Writing Irresistible Kidlit by Mary Kole: this book is and will probably always be my favorite craft book. Mary Kole is an editor and had some amazingly great advise in her book. I got so much out of reading it from the YA and MG market to plot and characters. 3. Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell: I had and still can have some problems with plot. Character are easy for me and I can shoot out a book in a month but the plot is usually all wonky and crazy. That's why I like to edit because that's (for me) when the real magic begins and my book starts to make more sense. This book helped me get my who