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Mental Illness and Writers

Hey everyone! So I know I skipped my Wednesday and Friday posts last week. Let's just say... it was a ridiculously stressful and busy week for me. I've barely gotten any consistent writing done in the past two weeks. October is shaping up to be more of a busy month than a writing month for me. At least I still have November and nanowrimo. I hope. Anyways, that's pretty much my writing update. I'm not sure if I'll be posting on Friday since we're going to our grandparents tomorrow and on Friday so probably not. Sorry about that. Hopefully once this week is over I'll become more consistent in writing and blogging again. This post is kind of short notice but this is a topic that I have found increasingly interesting over the past few months. I've noticed a trend in famous writers and other creatives. Mental illness. I, myself, struggle with depression and anxiety so mental illness is not new to me. I think this trend came to light when I read The

The Haunted Mermaid

(So Fridays have sort of evolved into a free for all on this blog. I pretty much just write whatever for Friday's if I write at all... I've been a short story writing kick so I've decided to put one on here. It's the first one I wrote that has no connection to my Tales of the Lonely world that I've created so give it lots of grace. Also no one checked my grammar so... please give the grammar lots of grace too because despite being a writer I suck big time at grammar (especially commas). But I was inspired by Mariella Hunt's blog where she puts her short stories on there and I want to give it a try so I hope you guys like it!) The Haunted Mermaid Sometimes if you sit on the beach long enough and wait until the moon is at its peak you can hear the sorrowful keen of a mermaid. There are some stories that will tell you mermaids are frivolous, vane things. They sit on rocks all day and comb their hair and sing, preening tails. Others will spin ta

Five Most Inspiring Movies for Writers

Hey everyone!! So... I was feeling crappy all this week and last week and didn't have time to come up with a decent blog post idea so... this is all I got and is inspired by that movie Goosebumps that came out a little while ago. I don't think I have any writing related updates or life updates either for that matter... Though I have written three short stories. All of them are rather dark and kind of depressing but that's another post for another time (maybe next week?). Other than that I've got nothing. So here you go. You should check out these movies if you need encouragement as an author. Goosebumps: This one is first because its fresh on my mind from last night. It wasn't that scary. Mild horror at the most. Funny and fun and enjoyable. A good watch if you want something for Halloween but you get scared easily. But what made this movie inspiring was the fact that one of the characters was R. L. Stine and the only way to save everyone was for him to writ