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Me Gushing about Golden and Treating Your Writing like a Job

So frankly, the last few weeks -- and days especially -- have been hard. I thought I was doing better with my anxiety, I thought the medicine I was taking was working really well, and then something just snapped and it came rushing back over the past few weeks. Along with anxiety, depression always follows so it feels like I'm fighting two things at once. And despite me feeling like a mess (and maybe just being a little bit of a mess) over the past few weeks, I realized something really awesome. My writing has always been my passion, my love, something that brings me joy, and ya sometimes it was a reprieve from the hardships of life. But mostly it was just something that I loved to do and I've been treating it like "work" since Weapon Icean is published and I've been trying to get it out there while also working hard on book two (which is taking waaay longer than I thought it would). If you want to be serious about your writing and either be traditionally publis

Friday in Review: Time Jumps in Shows (The 100)

Ok so first off, if you watching The 100 or Supergirl finale or caught up on The Originals I suggest you not read ahead. There are SPOILERS, SPOILERS, AND MORE SPOILERS AHEAD. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are several shows that go through time jumps. A season will end and the next season will pick up 1, 2, 3, even 5 or 6 years in the future. Last year The Originals went through a time jump and that was honestly really great. First of all because the characters of the Originals don't age and to be honest they don't really change. Not like a normal aging person would in five or six years. By this season they're still more or less the same people. But why they did that time jump was really so Hope, Klaus' daughter could become more of a prominent character in the show. After five years she's like nine or ten now I think, giving the writers a new little character to play with. I think the writers transitioned bet

6 Things I'm doing if I'm not Writing (Why six? Cuz there's more than five but less than seven)

Sooo I'm kind of cheating today. This is an easier, faster post because I didn't get one written this weekend or yesterday or Monday. The Instagram tag one counts but that one was also another easy one to write. A quick update: I'm still wanting to self publish my collection of short stories but it's taking longer than expected to make them all nice and perfect and all that so hopefully I'll have like a release date and all that at some point. Also I'm working on a Young Adult Science Fiction novel called Golden. I'm still around the beginning (and by beginning I mean eighty pages in and just about to hit the point of no return that leads into the middle). My beginnings always somehow end up being long. But anyways! That's fun to write. And because my brain hates me and because my characters and stories always have to be so difficult I am redoing Project Khione, more or less from scratch... I just want this one to be even better than the first, like I

ReaderandWriterTag on Instagram

So I was tagged on Instagram to do the readerandwriter tag and it's sort of long so I decided to do it on here and then post the link on Instagram for anyone who wants to get to know me a little better as a writer and reader.  I've always liked this writing quote. It isn't exactly an encouragement but it is very true. 1 (Q) What is your current WIP? (A) A story about gold aliens, cool gadgets, even cooler abilities, and two teens who find friendship and partnership in one another, and eventually love. Plus ya know a bunch of scifi shenanigans and danger and adventure. 2 (Q) Do you have a title for it? (A) Right now I’m calling it Golden because of gold aliens and other stuff haha 3 (Q) What genre is it? (A) YA Science Fiction 4 (Q) What genre is your favorite to write? (A) Either Science Fiction or Fantasy 5 (Q) What genre is your favorite to read? (A) Either magic realism, fantasy, or science fiction. (I can’t choose just one they are

Friday in Review: OUAT and When it's Time To Let Go

Hi everyone! So this Friday's post was supposed to be for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 but that's going to have to wait now cuz... OUAT The Final Battle happened. Just a head's up: SPOILERS. SPOILERS. SPOILERS. SO IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT AND DON'T LIKE SPOILERS THEN DON'T READ THIS. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   So this is kind of like a goodbye to OUAT and my beloved characters and ships while also giving my overall thoughts on the show and the controversial iffy finale.    First of all, I have to say that I respect Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (the chief writers and creators of Once Upon A Time) a ton. I have said on multiple occasions to multiple people that I think they are geniuses. They are all the way up there on my list of Writerly Heroes with Julie Plec of TVD. OUAT has never been a straightforward or easy to figure out show. From episode one the writers set you on a roller coaster of past, present

When You're an Inconsistent Writer

I'll admit it: I'm an inconsistent writer. Yes I write every day but usually I fall out of love with a story near the middle. I know a lot of writers do and they still push through the middle but the thing is I've written five or six books now. Full books. One of which is published. And with all of those six books they flowed. They flowed from beginning to middle with little issue. That's magic. That's the best feeling ever and I think well if I can do that with six or seven of these books, if they clicked so well and kept my attention for so long then maybe this idea that isn't working isn't the right one for me. Because if I can get so excited about these other characters and other books and ideas and spend so long on them and still loving them to this day but I don't feel that way about this book then what's the point? Yeah I still love those characters and one day I will -- not maybe but will definitely -- come back to them but it just isn't

Mother's Day!

Sorry there wasn't a post on Friday! It was a busy day full of tests and just business. But now that I'm done with classes, for a little while at least, I won't be missing anymore posts. I might even be writing more than ever (a girl can hope). But as for today, it's Mother's Day! We don't usually do too much on Mother's Day... clean... maybe get pizza in the evening so Mom doesn't have to cook... go to a park. So far we've cleaned (and there is still more cleaning to be done) and we are going to the park and I do believe we are getting pizza (yum!). So Happy Mother's Day, to all the mothers who may be reading this. Have a great, sunny day! And if you aren't a mother then go say hi to your mom. Say happy Mother's Day and spend some time with her. Have a great Sunday and a great upcoming week! Because there will be a Psych: The Movie coming out this December! And cuz it's always good to celebrate

Explicit Content in YA Books and Why it Needs to Stop

So this has been on my thoughts and heart a lot lately... I'm just going to come out and say it. I love Sarah J Maas' A Court of Thorns and Roses series. If you've been following my blog for at least a year now then you know that I really love her writing, I love this series, and the characters. The characters themselves, their arcs, the intricate plot, the relationships are all so masterfully done. It's breathtaking and sweeps you off your feet and into the world of Prythian. But (yes there's a but) if you've been following me, then you also know I disagree 100% with a lot of the content she puts into her books. I find it disgusting and gross and wrong. See there's this line that authors, Young Adult authors especially, shouldn't cross. There's the innocent kiss, a few heated scenes, make out sessions, scenes that are on the brink of really should not be in a Young Adult book. I may not agree with it and I may not even want the on-the-brink-of-

Friday in Review: In Defense of Iron Fist

Sooo, I've been thinking about doing a post about Iron Fist since I watched the show, especially with all the hate going out about it. First I have to say I have a friend who loves Jessica Jones but I didn't watch it because I knew just from the trailer and premise that I wouldn't enjoy it. I was told Luke Cage wasn't good at all by the friend who loves Jessica Jones and by my mom, along with several others. And practically everyone who loves the MCU adores Daredevil but to my chagrin I cannot seem to get into the show. I do like Matt Murdock and his alter-ego Daredevil, I like his character and his stories and I have tried several times but I just can't get into the show! It sort of drives me crazy that I can't like it. But then they revealed the Iron Fist trailer and I was like oh ya! This is so going to be good! I know quite a bit about Danny Rand from just years of picking up odds and ends about him, plus (I know this isn't exactly a good source of inf