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Join the Dark Side: We Have the Cool Characters

Hello everyone! Hope your all having a great week. I woke up this morning to snow covering everything outside so of course we'll all be out sledding and playing later today. Anyways, last week I was talking to my dad in the car and he loves the show Supernatural but I don't watch it so usually he just tells me what's been happening and he started talking about the two main characters Dean and Sam Winchester. I don't watch the show so I don't know who's who but he was saying how at the beginning one of the brothers was like the sort of "bad brother" and the other was kind of the "good brother" but as the show went on each of them started to show different qualities and the "good brother" ended up having some darkness in him. Then after we went to see The Force Awakens (amazing movie. You have to see it!) I was saying how much I loved Kylo Ren and my dad is always like why does everyone love the bad guys. Why does everyone lov

My 2016 TBR List

Here's a list of books that I can't wait to read this year. (Along with some books that I didn't get around to reading in 2015.) The Bureau of Time by Brett Michael Orr (His debut novel I believe that I can't wait to get around to reading.) Cassandra Wright is a Timewalker – a teenager with a genetic mutation that allows her to manipulate the flow of time. But her inexplicable powers have made her a target for Adjusters – monstrous assassins from a parallel universe. Saved from almost certain death, Cassie is pulled into a secret agency sworn to defend our timeline against these threats: the Bureau of Temporal Integrity, Monitoring, and Execution. Cassie’s life soon becomes entwined with Shaun Briars – a reckless Timewalker with an alluring smile and dark suspicions about the Bureau itself. When Cassie and Shaun cross into the parallel universe, they discover a world in the grips of nuclear winter, with a new war threatening to spill over into our universe. With t

Doctor Who: A New Fan is Born

I could only think of one way to start off the new year and that is with two words: Doctor Who. So, I am a new fan. I've heard the words Doctor Who uttered on the lips of many and half the people that I call friends watch the show. A while back I had no shows. To have no shows to watch is like... having no air to breath or water to drink for me. It is critical for my sanity that I have shows to watch. And so I found myself surfing through Netflix and Hulu in desperation. Doctor Who stuck out to me like it has countless of other times but I scrolled past because I had already promised myself I would never watch it. Never! It sounded too weird and whack for me -- and that's saying something because I live on weird and whack! -- and besides I like my main characters to look the same and be consistent through the show. Doctor Who didn't do that. The main character the Doctor changed faces, personality, and voice every few seasons! And I thought that would drive me craz