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April Monthly Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! So Infinity Wars is officially out!! My mom and I are going to go see it this Friday and I've been warned that it's going to be a difficult, emotional movie. The anticipation is killing me! Anyways, here's my April monthly wrap up! April Writing: What writing did I do this April? I worked on Silver I'm pretty sure. Wrote four new short stories and revised them for a class assignment. I started a new book/project about a wendigo and a girl and the occasional vampire. I had planned for it to be a novella, but I think it's going to end up being longer than a novella. For some reason I can't seem to write in-between books. I can either write short stories or full length novels, but novellas and novelettes are hard for me because I'm like if I'm already twenty thousand words in, might as well go all in with the story, right? Anyways, so that's what I've been working on. I also have decided to just go for it and start working on finis

Friday in Review: Marvel Movies Ranked

Hey! So I haven't written a review in a while! I'm working on a review of Ready Player One but with Infinity Wars coming out this week (by the time I post this it will have already come out) I thought I would do something in honor of the Marvel movies. These are the Marvel movies ranked from my favorites to my least favorites. But truthfully, I love all the characters that are in these movies. Some of these movies may not be my all time favorites or ones that I would watch over and over again, but I love every character, every hero, every antihero, every villain. They all brought this universe to life and did something that has never done before. Not even Star Wars is this big. Marvel and its Avengers franchise has surpassed even Star Wars! It's truly something incredible and like nothing that has ever been done before, tying movies together one after another, setting up an entire world where all these characters live side by side and then smashing them all into one gia

Revising Is Hard

Look, I have some ideas for blog posts... but I don't know how to write them. I know what I want to write about but the words won't transfer from my brain to the computer screen... so instead of figuring out how to write what I want to write about, I'm going to procrastinate by writing this blog post about writer's block. Honestly, its a Sunday, I'm tired, my brain feels kind of fried and I'm not feeling the motivation to write even though... I want to write? I don't know if any other writer has felt this way but sometimes I just get this itch to write. This need to write something, to transfer what I'm feeling right now, all this pent up writerly energy, into a story. But I don't know what story! Because I definitely feel no draw or motivation at all to continue writing revision scenes for Silver... I'm still waiting on Project Hellion beta readers before working on that. I just wrote like four short stories that I have to revise. I don't wa

A Whole Lot of Book Ideas

So, a friend recently asked me if I have any other books planned, anything rattling around in my brain and I thought, since I happen to have a lot rattling around in my brain, that I should share all that here! Just for the sake of writing it all down, keeping myself organized and giving anyone who cares an update. Book #1: Project Hellion! If you don't know yet, I have a book out right now called Weapon Icean . This book, Project Hellion is the sequel to that and will be the last of the duology. This is one of those books that is taking forever to get out into the world... I've been thinking a lot about all the different options I can take for this book. I'll either do what I did with Weapon Icean and Of Magic and Mayhem and self-publish on Amazon, or I will try to submit it to a small publishing company and see what happens. Honestly, despite the fact that my sales aren't great, I'm still pretty content with self-publishing. I have a mom who is amazing at mak

Weapon Icean Sale!

Hey everyone! So I had planned to post a lot on here in March buuut life happened and then writer's block happened and I'm still working through the writer's block, so I'll be back soon with more posts. But for now, Weapon Icean is on sale for 0.99 for the next two days!! Get it now while it's still on sale!! Click  HERE  to get it! After being injected with a serum that gives sixteen year old Delphi icy cold abilities, she is thrown into the world of the Protectors. The team of superheroes that watches over Amparo City and protect the world from enhanced criminals and villains. Soon after she wakes with her strange new powers, her world is flipped upside-down again. Her parents and older brother are revealed as super-powered villains and a new dark organization rises from the shadows to enact their long awaited plan against the Protectors. Can she trust the Protectors or the handsome, winged Eros and his sinister telepathic boss, Tremble, who believe

Monthly Wrap-Up: March

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter Jesus conquering the grave! Sunday was a good day. This was the first Easter I’ve celebrated at our new church, Harvest. They had confetti exploding everywhere during worship, popcorn, and doughnuts in the lobby and a photobooth thing. I hear the children got to go crazy with celebrations too. Overall, it was a really amazing, celebratory, triumphant atmosphere. We had a day on Saturday with family and then on Sunday we had an Easter egg hunt (of course) and lots of candy was eaten. Anyways, as the weekend came and went so did March! I didn’t even realize it until I looked at my phone and realized it was April 1! March was a great month, not just because it was my birthday month, but because it was just… good. There’s no real particular reason why. Maybe because it wasn’t too busy near the end of the month. March Writing : Writing-wise, I think it was the beginning of March, end of February that I sent out Project Hellion to b