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A Whole Lot of Book Ideas

So, a friend recently asked me if I have any other books planned, anything rattling around in my brain and I thought, since I happen to have a lot rattling around in my brain, that I should share all that here! Just for the sake of writing it all down, keeping myself organized and giving anyone who cares an update.

Book #1: Project Hellion! If you don't know yet, I have a book out right now called Weapon Icean. This book, Project Hellion is the sequel to that and will be the last of the duology. This is one of those books that is taking forever to get out into the world... I've been thinking a lot about all the different options I can take for this book. I'll either do what I did with Weapon Icean and Of Magic and Mayhem and self-publish on Amazon, or I will try to submit it to a small publishing company and see what happens. Honestly, despite the fact that my sales aren't great, I'm still pretty content with self-publishing. I have a mom who is amazing at making covers, I can work at my own pace and timeline. But I think I want to try something new and just see what happens. Right now, however, I am still revising it. I've been working on this book for a year now and one of my beta readers has gotten back to me. I don't think any of the others will just because it's been a long time so I'm debating on whether to just take what I got from the one reader and go with that or wait it out and see what happens with the others. Either way I definitely want to at least start finishing up revisions by the end of this month. And if I self-publish Project Hellion will likely be out at the very latest December, at the earliest I would say August or September, so be on the look out for that! You can find out more about Weapon Icean and Project Hellion HERE.

Book #2: Golden! I don't know if these titles will stay the same for my trilogy, but right now I'm calling the first book Golden, the second Silver and the third Bronze. Right now, Golden is at the point where I need to print it out and mark it up. I worked on that book for a while and got it to that point a month or so ago, but before I do that, I want to finish revisions on Silver so I can get that to the point where it needs to be printed out and marked up too. If you don't know, Golden and the two other books is a science fiction, young adult trilogy. I suck at synopsis' but its about this girl named Renee Ross, living in the future of Earth where aliens called Celests came and saved us from the apocalypse. After a series of events she realizes that two groups of Celests - the Order of Gracious and the Acolytes of Sorros - are after her for some unknown reason. Romance, space adventures and secrets unmasked about who she really is ensues. This book is really special to me because Renee and I are so alike. She's a different kind of Four, but still a four at her core. Throughout this trilogy, I've really loved creating an arc for her that allows her to go from believing she is unlovable, has no purpose in life and will never be good enough for anyone or anything, to being confidant in herself and realizing that she has a destiny and a purpose greater than any other. It's been really fun to get to write a character like that and an arc like that.

Book #3: Silver! This is the second book in the trilogy, the sequel to Golden. This book is most on my mind right now. Like I said, right now I'm working on revisions so it can get to the point where it's good enough to be printed out and marked up. I just finished practically an entire rewrite and now can go through and do micro revisions, like making sure all the information makes sense and the different scenes I added or copied and pasted from different drafts line up and flow. Golden was sort of a passion project for me and Renee has become someone that I see myself in a lot... it's almost scary to think that I may publish these books one day soon and people will read about her. With Golden, I learned what the quote "to be a writer all you have to do is sit at the typewriter and bleed" means. You pour your heart and soul and most vulnerable parts of yourself out onto the page, sometimes without even realizing it. Silver, on the other hand, has presented a new challenge for me. I've never been amazing at worldbuilding, so since most of that book takes place on an alien planet, it's been quite the learning process for me to create an entire alien race complete with a history, religions, traditions, different architecture and clothing and everything. There have been a lot of helpful books and TV shows that I've drawn from to help me figure out this thing called worldbuilding and how to create a complete culture and planet as diverse in people, religions, opinions and passions as Earth is.

Book #4: Weapon Icean! I made a few small changes to Weapon Icean a few months back and while I successfully uploaded the new version to the Kindle, Createspace has been giving me problems and I just now managed to buy two proofs before I upload the new version onto Amazon again. They'll be here next week on the 26th so I'll update the blog when the hard copy of Weapon Icean is on Amazon again.

Project #5: Short Stories! For my capstone class for college I'm supposed to do a project that showcases what I've learned during my time at Ivy Tech and because I was having some writer's block and not feeling very motivated, I decided to challenge myself by writing four new short stories. I wrote them all in the span of a week and now I have to revise them and stuff, so I actually do have a deadline for those and have to get them done soon. The theme is supernatural and right now I'm calling them Of Legends and Lore (just to keep with my short story collection theme like Of Magic and Mayhem). Each one has a different supernatural creature in them. I'm still working on titles, but one has a siren, the other features werewolves, there's a kitsune short story and then a wendigo one. I'm also going to put my short story about Sebastian, my vampire from my vampire hunter book, in there too. So all together there's five. This week I really do need to get a few of them printed out so I can mark them up and then get to finishing up revising them so I don't end up running around panicking a week before their due.

Project #6: Idea/Side Project I'm Working On! Because as if I don't have enough to think about and work on, that wendigo short story I wrote for class really touched me. I really connected with the main characters Tullah and Dakota and I was feeling really out of it and just out of practice and craving some original writing time outside of Silver and Project Hellion, so I decided to continue Tullah and Dakota's story beyond the fifteen page short story I wrote. So far, I'm really liking it. I've wanted to write a wendigo story for a long time (kind of like how a werewolf and vampire book is still on my to do list) so I'm excited to get to explore this. When I saw like a werewolf and vampire book is on my to do list I mean that the story and the characters haven't come to me yet. Well... the vampire one has, Tabitha and Sebastian are also on my to-do list, but I'm not ready to work on them yet. I've enjoyed researching wendigos and the Native American lore and history around them. Tullah is also from Native American descent so it's been fun getting to research all that and even researching Native American tribes that used to live in the area around where I live.

So yeah, that is everything that I am either working on or is on my mind right now. For sure, Project Hellion will be out this year. Golden may be out very later this year but I'm taking my time with that because it's my special passion project and I want to make sure it's perfect. It's also going to take some time to build up the courage to let anyone read it. Silver and Bronze will not be out this year. But, since I really like the short stories I wrote, I'm thinking I may put them up on here and Wattpad or maybe even publish them cuz I do like the idea of having a book called Of Magic and Mayhem and a book called Of Legends and Lore... It would just sound cool... As for my wendigo project, I'm thinking it'll be a novella and if it is, then I will share it on here and Wattpad whenever it is that I finish it.

Have a great week everyone!!


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