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A Few Quick Questions

Happy Friday!  So, I've been thinking a lot about how I can utilize this blog more. I love this blog and I love writing on this blog, but at the end of the day, this space isn't for me, it's for you! So I thought what better way to get an idea for how I can make this space even better then to ask those who read my posts!  First of all, I want to say thank you so much to everyone who has followed me through the years and to everyone who is new to following me on here. You're comments and your views and you clicking the follow button on here means so much to me and I'm so glad you've decided to be a part of my journey. I hope my posts and my writings have been encouraging to you and will continue to be uplifting to you.  Years ago, back in 2014 I think it was, I started this blog not really having any idea what I was doing. I do that a lot - or I used to at least - I dive into something with no idea how to do what I'm doing. I guess I'm a learn as I go kin

January Wrap Up

 Happy Wednesday!  Look at that! We made it through the first month of 2021. There some hard things that happened this month, but also some really good things. Going into January I had decided to take all expectations and pressures off myself. I went into this year feeling depressed, burnt out and tired. And now, because I let myself breathe and just be and figure some things out, I feel better going into February. Writing: One of the biggest things I took the pressure off of was my writing. Going into 2021, one of my goals has been to publish one of something. I had no idea what that something would be and to be honest, I was lacking ideas big time. I got the point where I was praying for God to give me something, to lead me to something. Some idea or an idea. I ended up stumbling across a novella I had written back in 2019 and then feeling the urge to write a slew of short stories and flash fiction. A writer friend and me partnered together to write a flash fiction or short story eve


  Happy Wednesday!  I'm just going to be honest, the beginning of this year hasn't been amazing. I'm glad that I wasn't under the impression that the minute 12 o'clock hit on January 1st that the world would be a better place and that things would get back to normal. I would have been very disappointed.  Within the first week of 2021, I've been hit with the pretty personal blow of losing a very close friendship. Not only that, but then having it confirmed that our president for the next four years is going to be someone I'm not a fan of. There were riots and lots of people with lots of opinions about said riots on social media. It all sort of rubbed me the wrong way and just frustrated me. My depression and anxiety has been pretty bad all month.  I learned in 2020 that the world can feel - and is - an unfair place. A frustratingly unfair place and unfortunately, 2021 is proving that to me yet again. The world is an unfair and a broken place.  But amongst all


Happy Wednesday!  Last August a word that wouldn't leave me alone was starting. I wrote a blog post every week with the theme of starting behind it during that month. August was the start of the last five months of 2020 and for some reason, for me, that felt significant. I was starting my Fall semester, I was working on Unearthed and preparing for that to be published by December. My family and I were moving into a new house that month. The word starting felt right for that month. Even though we only moved less than ten minutes away from where we originally lived, something inside of me felt like it was more significant than just stepping into a new house. Since August I've felt like I'm stepping into something new. The last five months of 2020, I've felt not quite ready. Like I was balancing on the edge between one season and the next.  I could feel and see God setting up and shifting a lot of pieces in my life, and since then, a lot of it has come to fruition. He chan

Happy 2021!!

  Happy New Year!!  A new year is finally here... We've officially shut the door on 2020 and am halfway through the first week of 2021. Let's all take a minute to appreciate the fact that we made it through one of the hardest years I think a lot of us have ever had. I'll be honest, I've had some pretty rough times in 2020. Some of those rough things have even carried into the new year. A lot of people can say the same, I think. But you know what that means? The fact that you are still here, that you are reading these words right now on the very first, fresh day of 2021? You are stronger than you thought you were on January 1, 2020. Actually, our God is stronger and more sovereign that I think a lot of us perceived Him to be on January 1, 2020. I don't know about you, but there's no way I would have survived last year without Him. I'm thankful that we have a God who we can call our Rock, our Redeemer, our Deliverer, and our Fortress.  Psalm 18:1-2 says, "