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Khione Duology (Book 1)

After being injected with a serum that gives sixteen year old Delphi icy cold abilities, she is thrown into the world of the Protectors. The team of superheroes that watches over Amparo City and protect the world from enhanced criminals and villains. Soon after she wakes with her strange new powers, her world is flipped upside-down again.

Her parents and older brother are revealed as super-powered villains and a new dark organization rises from the shadows to enact their long awaited plan against the Protectors.
Can she trust the Protectors or the handsome, winged Eros and his sinister telepathic boss, Tremble, who believes the Protectors are prejudice against those who look different from "normal" Supers. 

Maybe, for Delphi, fitting in and living up to impossible superhero standards is overrated.

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Khione Duology (Book 2): Project Hellion

Delphi is ready to fight back. Two months have passed since Delphi acquired her icy abilities and the Shadows have kidnapped her and revealed her to the world. She’s fallen into the rhythm of a semi-normal life of friends, school, and training.

But after a mission where something goes terribly wrong, her cousin and Boy Wonder, leader of the Young Protectors, benches her from the team. Delphi runs away to stop the Shadows on her own, sick of the Protectors holding her back, and allies herself with the one person she never wanted to see again: Tremble. As she digs deeper into the history of the Shadows, dark and surprising secrets are revealed. Project Hellion, a sinister scheme set into motion by the Shadows longer ago than anyone thought, is the final piece of the puzzle and Delphi is the only one who can stop it before it’s too late.

In the final chapter of Delphi’s story, lines between good and evil are blurred, and Delphi finds herself in a role she never thought she would play. Maybe being a villain wasn’t so bad after all.


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Operation Revelry (Khione Duology 2.5) 

Operation Revelry finds Astoria a few years after Project Hellion.

 After graduating high school, Astoria moves to Starling West with her father after things didn't work out so well for her in Amparo City. In Starling West she has a chance to start over. Create a new life for herself where she attends a few college classes by day and works some slightly illegal jobs for a few wealthy clients by night. Everything is all well and good for her. She's found her new rhythm, a place where she can get by and use her abilities without anyone hassling her. 

That is until Asher shows up the night she steals some state of the art tech for one of her best customers and claims that said customer plans to blow up part of the city with the nanodroids she just handed over to him. Suddenly Astoria finds herself having to partner up with the guy who broke her heart and re-steal the nano droids from her villainous client before it's too late.

St. Croix Falls ~ Book 1: Wayward

Mia Avery is a city girl through and through. She loves the hustle and bustle of the city and is perfectly content with her life there. So when her mom up and moves them all of a sudden to the small seemingly boring town of St. Croix Falls, she's understandably miffed. 

Only… When she befriends her new neighbor Angie and meets Rhett, the attractive but jerkish boy next door, Mia realizes there's more to this town than meets the eye. The Fae are real, and they’re trapped in St. Croix Falls. They're unable to truly live in the human world but also unable to ever return to their true home and Mia may just be the key to unlocking the door back to Faerie. Mia must confront her feelings for Rhett and find out the truth before it’s too late.

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St. Croix Falls ~ Book 2: Cursed 

When Mia Avery moved to the small, seemingly sleepy town of St. Croix Falls with her mother and meets Rhett, she was thrown headfirst into the dangerous and dark world of the Fae. She discovered that she was far more connected to their world than she could have ever imagined. 
While Mia works at recovering her lost memories and figure out her feelings for a certain Unseelie prince, she also has to deal with two Seelies breathing down her neck. Ryker and Joelin aren’t the most patient of Fae’s. The sooner they can get Mia’s magic in order, the sooner she can open the door to Faerie and help stop her terrorist father before he hurts anyone else.
As if all that wasn’t enough to deal with, a new threat looms over St. Croix Falls. A curse is on the loose in town. It’s sucking the life out of the Fae one person at a time. The only way to stop it is for Mia to gain control over her newfound magic and stop it before it can hurt anyone else.

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All Castian Nite wants is to protect his father, his best friend and the people of Iflheim Woods from the cruel Lars who continues to wreak havoc on the Unseelie Court. Ever since the battle between the two courts and the closing of all portals to the mortal world, Lars has been slowly conquering and taking over parts of the Unseelie Court… and he's finally made his way to Castian's lands.

Castian and his best friend, Shia, have a plan. They will go to Lars instead of waiting around for him to come to them and make peace with him before it's too late, hoping to stop any further bloodshed. But it turns out, Lars is far craftier than either of them could have imagined and both Castian and Shia end up getting in way over their heads. Can they stop Lars and make peace before it's too late?

The explosive and revealing third and final book in the St. Croix Falls series!
Mia Avery never thought she would end up in Faerie under the leadership of her manipulative and psychopathic Fae father, Lars. A month ago, she hadn't even known about her father at all. And yet here she finds herself living in his camp and biding her time. Three weeks have gone by since she opened the door to Faerie. Three weeks since Lilac stabbed Rhett and shoved Mia through the portal and into Faerie. Three weeks of training under her father and learning a new and terrible power she wished she could forget, three weeks since she got her memories back and three weeks since her and her newfound friends, Castian, Shia and Quilla, have come up with a plan to thwart her father. All Mia must do is to survive in his camp of treacherous and slippery Fae long enough to enact their plan and stop Lars before it's too late.

Rhett Alder almost died thanks to Lilac and now that he's awake, all he wants to do is plunge into Faerie and find Mia before it's too late. There's only so long someone can live in Faerie under the protection and teaching of Lars before that person is never the same again. But things don't go exactly to plan and before Rhett can save Mia, he must face his past and step into his role as king.

Secrets from Mia's past and Lars' plans for the future are unearthed and the only way they're going to be able to stop him from getting everything he wants is together.

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Of Magic and Mayhem

Of Magic and Mayhem is a collection of ten short stories. These stories have everything from vampires, to magic, to goblins, to ghosts. All of them tales of magic and love and danger and even a little darkness.

This collection will take you from the colorful, vibrant world of Avalon in Magic and Mayhem to a contemporary city where magic and mythic creature are the norm in Infinity, The Invisible Thief, and Knox. You get to know the undying love of two brothers in Of Moonlight and Tombstones, learn that sometimes love can be dangerous in the Pool of the Lost, and that love isn't always peaceful in Peace at LastThe Rain Boy and Sky-Crossed Lovers will break your heart and make you soar above the clouds with tales of grief, and monsters, and thunderstorms. Enter a valley of magic and darkness in The Lonely Child and meet a thief and a ghostly princess in The Wolf's Blessing.

Delve into the bite sized worlds in Of Magic and Mayhem and let these tales whisk you away to dangerous and enchanting places of the imagination.

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Firespot The Red Panda

Thomas moved to Myanmar with his parents. When he and his parents go for a hike in the jungle, Thomas finds an injured baby red panda. Can Thomas and his family find a way to help this hurt orphan?

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